A WHALE of a Tale!

Evolutionists say all life began in the SEA! You and I, they say, began as a simple, one-celled organism which resulted from a "chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia!" Those simple cells ultimately became sponges, then fish, then mammals, which came ashore, climbed trees, and then some of them slithered back into the oceans to become toothed whales and dolphins! But some of them "branched out, " to become apes and eventually man! Is evolution true? For, if it is, then your Bible is nothing but a collection of ancient Hebrew fairy tales and myth! Here is a sometimes humorous look at the utter IMPOSSIBILITY of macro evolution, and how the fact of symbiosis; two or more totally different species living together, each dependent on the other, shows evolution to be nothing more than a ludicrous myth!

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