Here Is Why Many Deny
GOD Exists!

Some of the most fascinating programs on television are those dealing with wildlife. In our modern day of marvelous inventions, millions of us may sit in our own living rooms and see dozens of kinds of animals in Africa; lions, giraffes, wildebeest, hyenas, jackals, elephants or we can be taken into the depths of the seas to watch whales or dolphins, or to see the frightening charge of a great white shark against a diver in a cage. Invariably, sprinkled through the narration, we will hear how all these creatures "evolved." Evolution is ubiquitous in all education and wildlife documentaries. It is infused into our children's minds from their earliest days in formal education. Yet, evolution is completely false; totally unproved; an empty theory! No mention of God as the Creator ever accompanies the marvels of creation displayed by the technological genius of man. As we view a flock of migratory birds winging their way across thousands of miles of trackless seas, we are not told of the great Creator who instilled instinct into all creatures. Why? WHY such anti-God bias? WHY do otherwise intelligent men deny the existence of the Creator? Are there any motives for denial of God? Here is the truth about WHY so many deny God!

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