"Murder" --Or An Act of War?

In the Jerusalem promenade where the bombs exploded Saturday night, December 1, 2001, only a week or so prior to the bombs, a Fox news correspondent stood in the midst of a vacant Pizza parlor. It was open for business. But no-one was there. It was the scene of another horrendous act of barbarous terrorism only a few months earlier, when another suicide bombing attack killed and maimed Israeli teenagers who were "hanging out" there. Likewise for other restaurants in the area.

The attacks were deliberately coordinated to coincide with a visit to Israel by an American official who is attempting to get the "peace process" (a sham of a name) back "on track," and with Ariel Sharon’s visit to the United States.

When he was told of the attack, President Bush called it "an act of murder."

But was it an act of "murder?" Or was it an act of WAR!

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