to Unanswered Prayer

"O God, where are You when I need You?"

     Each day, millions pray. In China, Japan, Southeast Asia, prayers are recited in Buddhist temples, Shintoist pagodas; prayer wheels turn in dozens of Nepalese streams. In Europe, Central and South America; across the United States and Canada, millions pray each day. What happens to all those prayers? Where do they go? Does anyone hear them? Are very many of them answered? Do you pray? Are your prayers answered?

     During World War II, Catholic mothers in Germany and France prayed that their sons would be granted safety, and victory. Priests recited petitions in the same language, (Latin), to the same God, asking for the same thing. But, during the German advance into France, those prayers went up to God from opposing sides. Wasn't this a little confusing to God?
     Each Sunday, tens of millions go to church; tens of millions more see religious programs on television. They pray. They engage in responsive readings; millions recite the "Lord's Prayer" each week. How many of those prayers are answered—really answered, in a definitive, perhaps even a spectacular way?

     What about you? Do you pray? Are your prayers answered in a tangible, positive way, leaving absolutely no doubt in your mind?

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