It’s time you met the real Jesus.

Few know that Jesus was not born on or anywhere near December 25;

--that, as a boy, Jesus learned a profession; that He became the senior member in a construction partnership; that He owned at least one and probably two homes of His own; that He paid taxes.

--that Jesus slept indoors most of His life and frequently spent the night in the homes of very wealthy people, including Romans as well as religious opponents.

--that He was a personal friend of con artists, soldiers, fishermen, cheats, liars, thieves, crooked politicians, religious leaders and prostitutes.

--that Jesus did not come to save the world some two thousand years ago, that He has not been trying to save it since, and that He is not trying to save it today.

--that Jesus did not die of a broken heart; that He was not crucified on “Good Friday”; that He was not resurrected on “Easter Sunday”; that neither Jesus nor His disciples ever celebrated (or taught anyone to celebrate) Christmas or Easter.

--that Jesus had to prove to doubting disciples by incontrovertible evidence that He had truly been resurrected.

--that Jesus Christ is alive today, is planning to return to earth and has actually begun His “countdown” from heaven!

If your own values are those of the common person, the real Jesus may insult you, shock you, please you, challenge you, inspire you, surprise you, make you wonder. But He will never bore you.


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