This end-time Work of the Watchman has a well documented history and tradition. It began with my Grandfather, some 70 years ago. All involved or familiar with this Work know of his lifelong contribution; and of the long and productive Work of his son, my Dad; Garner Ted Armstrong.

Watching today's current news, in the light of Bible Prophecy is very interesting indeed! Wars in the Middle East. Europe's new currency, the Euro, gains steadily and dramatically against the dollar! Leading members of the European Union ally themselves with the Vatican to bolster their posture against the United States. Germany invokes patriotism as justification for leading the pack economically and in the creation of a European Military. A military power Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong warned would become stronger than that of the United States! During a long career of writing, speaking and broadcasting, Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong kept abreast of current events as they unfolded, pointed them out and always showed their relevance as they applied to events your Bible says will presage the end of the age, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.


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