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Surfing the Internet Friends or Family Monthly Letter
TV Cable Radio
I-Network [ION or PAX]
Canada, CHEK-TV
Cape Girardeau, KY FOX 23/KBSI
Chicago, IL, WJYS
Los Angeles, CA KHIZ-TV
New York, NY, WRNN-TV
Sacramento, CA, RCC-TV
Springfield, MO-KCW
St Louis, MO, KDNL-ABC
Tampa, FL, WTTA-My TV

Austin, TX-Cable Access
Bentleyville, PA-INFORMATION
Charleston, WV-Charter cable
Cincinnati, OH-INSIGHT TV
Durham, NC-Public Access
Ft Wayne, IN-Cable Access
Jackson, MO-Galaxy cable
Lexington, KY-Public Access
Macon, GA-Public Broadcasting
Norfolk, VA-WTVZ
Olympia, WA-TCTV cable
St Louis, MO-KDNL
St Paul, MN-SPNN

Brandon, MS-AM-970
Daleville, AL-WTKN
Fordyce, AR-KBJT-AM
Temple/Waco, TX-KTEM
Wheeling, WV-WWVA-AM


Print Media
Global TV-Canada
Australia TV
Long-time Listener


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The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association