By Garner Ted Armstrong

An oft-repeated slogan — a favorite of the anti-war protestors — is, “It’s all about oil!”

There are many such slogans, along with dozens of editorial comments, such as “Cheny was the CEO at Haliburton,” or “Bush was in the oil business.”

Rumors are spreading just now that Haliburton has already been given oil contracts. This is not true, but the rumor spreaders don’t care about that, any more than the anti-war protestors really care about the war.

Alas! The protestors’ worst predictions did not come true. “Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis will be murdered,” they shrieked. “The US is killing babies!” they ranted. Millions of shocked and awed Arabs looked at one another in bewilderment once they learned how quickly Saddam’s rotten regime fell. Had they not been told time and time again about the size and effectiveness of Saddam’s elite “Republican Guard” divisions; about all the thousands of “Fedayeen” who were flocking into Iraq from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and other Arab countries?

Had they not been told by the Iraqi Information Minister about all the Iraqi victories; about the “fact” that “There are no US forces anywhere near Baghdad,” when in fact they were a mere 200 yards from his office?

Now, as the Arab street witnessed scenes of cheering, waving Iraqis greeting US and UK forces, they were stunned. Perhaps shocked and awed. This was impossible. This could not be happening! As testimony to how outraged some of them were, two clerics in Basra were reportedly set upon and murdered by a crowd. Was it because the riotous crowd accused their clerics of lying to them about how “Allah” would prevail against the “Crusaders”?

As the plaintive, dying shrieks of the anti-war protesters become a bewildered whimper; as millions of street Arabs try to cope with their disbelief and disappointment, perhaps it is time to admit, YES, to an extent, it truly IS “all about oil”!

It is all about oil in Russia. It is all about oil in Germany. It is all about oil in France. It is all about oil in Japan.

Recently, it became glaringly obvious it was all about oil when the “G-7,” that is, the seven wealthiest and most industrialized nations in the world, met to deal with how each of their member countries would work on policies in their own economies that would promote growth and how such policies would produce growth elsewhere in the world. The war in Iraq had not even been a part of the agenda for the meeting, but quickly emerged as the dominant topic!

Just prior to the meeting of the G7, the leaders of France and Germany scooted over to Moscow to put their heads together with Vladimir Putin, wondering how they could bring sufficient pressure to bear on the US to get them to agree to a new UN resolution which would grant full authority to the UN (led by Russia, Germany and France, of course) to lead in the “reconstruction” of Iraq.

All this was, and will be couched in “humanitarian” terminology, of course. The “poor, suffering Iraqi people” will be mentioned often. But the real reason for all this maneuvering is OIL! It must have been a bitter pill indeed for the foot-dragging French, Germans and Russians to see how quickly the Coalition forces seized the Iraqi oil fields. Bitter sweet, that is, for, contrary to much-publicized word that Saddam would pursue another “scorched earth” policy, and set all his oil wells on fire, only about seven wells were actually torched (and those were put out within about two weeks), and both the southern and northern fields were captured virtually intact.

Alas! The bewildered French (whose major oil companies had already signed contracts with Saddam which would have meant billions of euros) saw that the coalition was smart enough to not only secure the oil at its source, but had also seized critical off-shore pumping stations, along with pipelines, storage tanks, and the key port of Umm Qasr. As mine clearing would allow humanitarian ships to dock, so would mine clearing allow tankers to come in and fill up.

Now, the French, Germans and Russians want to have a say on just whose tankers should be first in line. Initially, the US resisted a role for the UN in rebuilding Iraq, preferring instead that the IMF and World Bank – in which Washington is a lead stakeholder – take the leading role.

The word was that when Bush met Blair at Camp David, Blair succeeded in talking Bush into once again going to the UN. However it came about, it seems the two major coalition partners decided it was best to kiss and make up with Europe. It now looks like the two will once again go hat in hand to Kofi Annan. It galls. When the G7 meetings were over, they said the IMF and World Bank should play their “normal role in rebuilding and developing Iraq.” They condescended, “Global lenders should recognize the need for the Iraqi people to decide their own future.”

But just who will be the new Iraqi leaders? What will be their commitments? Who will be their sponsors? Where did they receive their language skills? What is, or what will be, the source of their private wealth? No matter how many homegrown Iraqis participate, will the Arab world ever believe the new government is not a puppet of the West?

And, should an actual IRAQI government be formed – one which represents Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites alike – and should such a government put in place democratic reforms; allowing women to participate, for example, will the Arab street EVER believe such a government is genuine, and not one imposed by the West?

While the US will receive the lion’s share of criticism and outright blame (“The Americans are setting up a puppet state so Haliburton can get all the oil”), it will be the French, Germans and Russians who will stand to benefit. And they will not be the targets of anti-war demonstrators. How can they be, when they backed away from participating in the war? One must wonder whether their respective defense ministries are going to stop chewing their nails short of the elbow as they try to overcome their amazement at how quickly the US and UK conquered the country. 

Oh, by the way, the G7 also called for the involvement of the Paris Club of creditor nations in addressing the issue of Iraq's debts – a painful subject because much of the debt is owed to G7 participants such as France and Germany! But if they make such a concession, it will only be because they fully expect to get it all back, and more, as the oil starts to flow.

When the three foot-draggers met in Moscow, leave it to the French leader, Jacques Chirac, to make the incredibly arrogant and stunning assertion that the rebuilding of Iraq “is a matter for the United Nations and for it alone!” Chirac, remember, is the one who said no matter HOW any new resolution was worded, he would use his veto to stop it. Now that victory is in hand, Chirac makes a typically French assertion! It cannot help but remind me of how Charles de Gaulle demanded that all US troops leave French soil shortly following World War II, which is how the bulk of them went to Germany. Though tens of thousands of US troops had died there, helping liberate the French people from Nazi tyranny, the French leader wanted the US troops out! “Vive la France!”

As outrageous as Chirac’s demands are, they are being treated with considerably more seriousness in Britain than in Washington.

Tony Blair, after all, is a member of the EU. America is not. Blair wants to smooth things over with Europe. How? Give in to their demands for the UN to be involved in Iraq. When Blair and Bush met in Belfast, Bush made a non-specific promise that the U.N. would have a “vital role” in Iraq. How sad. How demeaning.  Will the US once again compromise its very sovereignty, and go hat in hand to the so-called “United Nations”?

We SHOULD trust in GOD for our future. We should THANK Him for the mighty victory He has given us; for His intervention in world affairs; for His protection over the bulk of our fighting forces, and then depend on HIM, and Him alone, for the policies we pursue against our enemies. After all SYRIA is a member of the UN. So are all the other hating, angry, virulently anti-American Arab states! And we should go to THEM and ask THEM to help with the “rebuilding” of Iraq?

God characterizes such activities as spiritual fornication. It is as if His people seek “lovers” among the nations; depending upon pacts, treaties and alliances. Like the NATO alliance, where Turkey, a major signatory, committed to coming to the aid of any other NATO country which asks its help, blatantly refused to do so when the US needed help, and asked for it.  Turkey’s day is coming, as God says, “Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, that dwellest in the land of Uz; the cup also shall pass through unto thee: thou shalt be drunken, and shalt make thyself naked...he will visit thine iniquity, O daughter of Edom; he will discover thy sins” (Lamentations 4:21,22). Read the little book of Obadiah, and see how the Turks, who have vacillated and played both ends against the middle during two World Wars, will eventually incur the wrath of God.

All over the world; from the heads of state to the man on the street, there is widespread belief that the US is only interested in Iraqi oil. The truth is that ALL the major nations are interested in Iraqi oil.

Meanwhile, as I have written previously, there could be a major, underlying reason for Bush’s adamant insistence that Iraq will undergo a regime change. That reason is found in the move Iraq made prior to the war to sell its dollars and buy euros, and demand that henceforth all oil payments be made in euros. If Nigeria, Mexico, Venezuela and all of OPEC were to also insist upon payment in euros, it would flood the global economies with dollars, dropping the currencies’ value to around 40 to 50 per cent. That would mean the collapse of the US economy!

Is a subliminal message being sent to the other oil producers – “do not demand payment in euros”?

Is it “all about oil”? To a large extent, if one overlooks the hideousness of a torturous regime, yes. But the question is, “whose?”

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