“Dear Kofi:
Now that we have conquered and occupied Iraq, may we please have permission to govern it for one year?” Signed: the US and Britain

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Can you believe it? According to recent press releases, the United States and the United Kingdom have sent a draft resolution to the UN, asking for permission to govern Iraq for one year!

A leading British newspaper said, “Britain and America yesterday asked the international community to grant them a sweeping mandate to rule Iraq as ‘occupying powers’ for at least a year, effectively relegating the United Nations to an advisory role.”

For some obscure reason, it seems the governments of our two countries are fixated on getting back into a smarmy, loving relationship with the United Nations. It is as if a lover’s quarrel took place; the UN was bitterly hurt and disappointed when the Bush and Blair governments failed to cancel their war plans and acquiesce to UN demands that the likes of Scott Ritter and Hans Blix be sent back into Iraq for some interminable period of time in order to search out any “weapons of mass destruction.”

Unfortunately, perhaps tragically, every day that goes by without a “smoking gun” being found in Iraq, meaning clear evidence not only of the former ability to manufacture WMD, but actual stockpiles and methods of delivery, those who charged that the war was “about settling old scores,” or “all about oil” have their false charges seemingly justified!

Now that shocking information has come to light concerning French President Jacques Chirac’s close relationship with the Saddam regime – that France actually gave Saddam inside information concerning private talks at diplomatic summits – now that the world knows the “French Connection” included not only oil, but close cooperation to the point of providing French passports to Iraqi officials, it is all the more ironic that the US and UK should grovel before Kofi Annan, Chirac, Putin and Schroeder, asking their “permission” to rule Iraq!

Permission? The US and UK have tens of thousands of armed soldiers on the ground in Iraq, do they not? The cities in Iraq feature hundreds of Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles; soldiers at checkpoints; soldiers at intersections; soldiers guarding vital facilities and infrastructure. In the swiftest and most complete victory in the history of warfare, with precision munitions and (comparatively) low casualties on both sides, the US and UK, along with the token contributions from the “coalition of the willing” defeated Saddam’s third-rate army, and either captured or chased into hiding his regime.

So what do Kofi Annan and the UN have to do with it?

Like a bad little boy who knows he did something mother didn’t like, the US and UK now seem bent on “making up” by humbling themselves and creeping back, all apologetic and remorseful, while pretending the UN has some validity; some actual relevancy!

Meanwhile, the UN and its many organizations, among them the “U.N.’s Economic and Social Council’s Commission on Sustainable Development” seeks world rulership! Yes, world rulership! The commission strives to CONTROL THE WATER, ENERGY, HEALTH, AGRICULTURE AND “BIODIVERSITY” IN ALL THE WORLD! And that, folks, is nothing short of WORLD RULE! If some UN agency has control over your drinking, bathing, swimming, and agricultural water; if it has control over your energy sources, whether atomic, steam generated (Ugh! Those nasty coal stacks, devouring up to 100 rail cars of coal each day to provide electricity in the American west) or hydroelectric; if it has control over your food, medicines and drugs; if it controls your agriculture, and advocates “biodiversity,” then it CONTROLS YOUR LIFE IN ALL ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS!

And our two governments want to return to this?

In a recent article by Henry Lamb, posted on May 12 on “World Net Daily” (which I view every day, and highly recommend to all my viewers and readers) the author said, “For 11 years, this collection of delegates has been meeting in exotic places around the world, at taxpayers' expense, egged-on by thousands of representatives of NGOs (non-government organizations) – again, largely at taxpayers' expense – expressly for the purpose of figuring out how to control the lives of everyone on earth. They know how they want to do it, and they are making great strides toward achieving their goal.

Think about it: If this commission can control water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity, they control the people who rely on these resources. Can they actually control these resources? They're trying.”

Lamb then proceeds to show how the ESCCSD tried to control the world’s water, along with other vital resources.

Time and time again, I have shown how the “disunited non-nations” are working to promote GLOBALISM, multi-culturalism, socialism, and the surrender of national sovereignty.

Someone once said a camel is a horse designed by committee. While Arabs may point out that camels are far better adapted to their harsh desert sands than a horse, the point is well taken. The UN is founded on the nonsensical principal that vastly different races, cultures, religion, languages, and governmental structures can agree on solutions for the problems of mankind. They can’t. They never have. They never will. The utter failure of the UN is written in the blood of millions of slaughtered humans from Cuba to Cambodia; from Rwanda to Nigeria. 

An example of how noble; how far-sighted is the UN in its attempt to solve humanity’s pressing problems is how the UN put nations like Libya and Cuba in charge of “human rights”; while ousting the United States from the human rights commission! Simply unbelievable!

The UN accuses the US of being the worst violator of human rights! They accuse the US of being the foremost polluter of global water and air! They accuse the US of being the “most dangerous regime on earth today,” and many of their leading member states’ populations believe and loudly say, in riotous demonstrations, that “George Bush is more dangerous than Saddam Hussein!”

Of course, the UN does not like the new draft resolution, since it not only calls for the complete cancellation of all sanctions against Iraq, but clearly lays claim to total control of Iraq’s oil revenues as the only logical source for financing the rebuilding of Iraq.

This makes France, Russia, Germany, and many other UN members seethe in rage! It means the cutting off of hugely lucrative contracts they enjoyed under the “oil for food program” and shoulders them aside from control over Iraq’s oil.

Look for a fight. Kofi and his sycophants will not give up easily. They will use every artifice, every attempt to wield world public opinion against the US and UK in order to oust the US and UK from control.

There is another old Arab saying. “If you let the camel put his nose under the tent, he will soon be inside the tent.”

The UN was designed by a committee.

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