And Now... Terrorists As ‘Insider Traders?’

By Garner Ted Armstrong

If the program had only been initiated earlier, think how the conspiracy theorists would have been shrieking if it had been revealed the Bush and Cheney families had “bet there would be a war in Iraq within two years!”

Now, the U.S. Department of Defense says it will plunge headlong into the stock market, allowing traders to “BET ON THE POSSIBILITY OF FUTURE TERRORIST ATTACKS!”

Let’s see now — just how many contacts, how many sleeper cells, and how much money does Bin Laden have? Naturally, he would assume the vast majority of Americans, and, for that matter, British, Europeans and the rest of the world, would bet their bottom dollar there will be terrorist attacks against America within a reasonable amount of time. The new program, which emulates financial markets, would place Bin Laden and his ilk firmly in control of the entire global economy!

Bin Laden could instruct his sleeper cells as follows: “Step up your ‘chatter’ on cell phones, and via the Internet. Drop hints ‘something big’ is going to take place in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, and New York. Keep the chatter going for several months. While you are doing this, billions will come into the market betting a terrorist attack will take place! We will bet hundreds of millions there will be no such attacks! We order you to cease and desist from any attacks during this period! We hereby call a hiatus until after the expiry date on the predictions! Then, we will ATTACK!” Not only will we once more cause a huge shock to the American economy when we destroy major buildings, nuclear power plants, dams, bridges, and military installations, we will reap a HUGE profit from the market!”

Remember how Bin Laden’s cohorts reaped a killing in the market based upon their “insider knowledge” about the upcoming 9/11 attacks?

The concept of letting people “bet” on political trends and conditions, including whether or not a terrorist strike will occur, is simply one of the dumbest, most asinine, idiotic notions to ever come out of government agencies! If stupidity were to cause a rash, those coming up with this idea would be immediately quarantined, suspected of being afflicted with smallpox, chicken pox, German measles and hives all at the same time!

But, believe it or not, the Defense Department intends going ahead with the program!

It is called “The Policy Analysis Market,” which would enable traders to trade, just as in the stock market, buying and selling “futures” about specific political, military, economic, terrorist-related events! It is called the “brainchild” of the Defense Department’s “Advanced Research Project Agency.” Brainchild? More like brainless idiot! “Advanced?” More like ‘hopelessly retarded,” or, in politically-correct double speak, “mentally challenged!”

Allegedly, bidders could “profit on events” such as a potential missile attack by North Korea; the overthrow of Jordan’s king; the assassination of Yassir Arafat, or any other such event, like a repeat of 9/11, or the bombing of a nuclear power plant.

Arguing in defense of this defenseless idea, Defense officials say such a market-based system could provide a “highly accurate assessment of political and civil stability, economic health and military disposition of Middle East countries.” According to a shocking article published by “World Net Daily” (, a highly recommended Internet news site, the system would also be “designed to shield the identities of traders, and access to their funds is protected.”

That way, the Koreans, using any number of undercover agencies in the US, could spend a few paltry millions, buying up “futures” which say there will be no missile attack within the calendar years of 2004 or 2005, then launch such an attack in January of 2006, after suddenly selling all the previous “futures” and buying different futures which predict an attack within two weeks!

In an unusual response (for a Democrat) to the proposal, Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota said, “I think this is unbelievably stupid...[and] that is a gentle thing to say about a program that is so devoid of value.”

Even a Dem from the most liberal state in the country, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said, “The idea of a federal betting parlor on atrocities and terrorism is ridiculous and grotesque.” Wyden claimed the Pentagon had already spent over a half million dollars on the project, however.

Their reasoning is that the market has been fairly successful at predicting such things as the outcome of elections, or which summer movie will gross the most at the box office!

Gigantic losses due to fraudulent insider trading and the cooking of books by CEO’s should be sufficient to send a warning to these unconventional dreamers. But are such warnings of any value?

Apparently not, for the program opens to the first 1,000 traders in September!

Pay attention, Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il — also the governments of Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Venezuela might want to send some signals to their interests in the US.

One is not really accustomed to being shown that fools are present in the Pentagon.

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