High School For ‘Gays, Only’?

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Can you imagine the shrieks of outrage from liberals if some group announced they were opening a new high school for “straight kids only?” Think about it.

One can see an immediate outpouring of scathing condemnation from the entire liberal press; lawsuits; placards and marches; interviews from outraged leaders of the “gay rights” movement — the protests, oral and written, would become an avalanche of angry rhetoric only eclipsed by the Civil Rights movement of the ‘60’s.

Yet, according to an article published recently in the New York Post, the new “Harvey Milk High School” [named after the slain homosexual politician from San Francisco] currently is undergoing a $3.2 million publicly funded renovation [emphasis added]. The homosexuals-only program has operated with just two classrooms for two decades, but now is expanding.

The Post article said a “gay rights” group called “The Hetrick-Martin Institute” is helping finance the school.

Depending upon the structure of the school; whether the final three grades from the 10th to the 12th, or sophomores to seniors, or whether including 9th graders, the young people attending — both “gays” and lesbians — would be from 14 or 15 to about 18, and perhaps as young as 13. Can you imagine 13 and 14-year-olds being tasked with deciding just what their “sexual orientation” is? This is abominable; disgusting; atrocious! It is soundly condemned in the word of God!

The principal, one William Salzman (no word on his “sexual orientation” in news reports) says the school will “specialize in computer technology, arts, and a culinary program,” this, no doubt, so future “gay marriages” contracted among graduating students can expect one or the other “partner” to manage the kitchen as they search around for a child to adopt.

The Post quoted Salzman as saying, “This is a not a touchy-feely situation. We intend to have 95 percent of our students go on to college. We have a lot of talent coming into the school. We want to steer these kids in the right direction.” The right direction? Not a “touchy-feely” situation? The man will soon find out just how much touching and feeling is going on in his school, but then, one is led to assume he will welcome this!

Let’s face it, the establishment of such a school means that every “gay” or lesbian youngster there knows it is open season on every other person there! Gone will be the subtle little approaches used by homosexuals “in the closet” who do not wish their sexual advances to result in scornful dismissal, or, worse yet, a beating. Now, by their very presence there, each student is advertising openly to every other student, “I’m a homosexual, and I would like to try you out!” This is Sodom in action. Open, unabashed homosexuality, which will determine hair and clothing styles, accepted mannerisms (the “mince” walk will be definitely “in”), speech, facial expressions and conduct. “Groping,” boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls even in the hallways and classrooms — no holds barred — “We’re gay, and proud of it!”

One shudders to think of what will take place in the restrooms and gymnasium.

Further, there will be those youngsters who are merely curious about the “gay life style,” who will enroll, just to determine if they wish to emulate the mannerisms of others there. Like a recruiting station for the gay movement, there will no doubt be a number who will be drawn in, and whose lives will be ruined, when, if they had remained in a normal school, they could have developed normally.

What if there were schools for white males only? What if there were schools for black females only? What if there were schools for: Korean-American only; Japanese-American only; obese kids only; kids requiring glasses only; pregnant girls only; HIV kids only; married students only; kids with acne only? The potentials are endless.

Of course, this is segregation and exclusivism in its most blatant form. One wonders when the first “straight” kid will sue the school, demanding entrance, on the basis of “discrimination?”

I have written extensively on the subject of homosexuality in America; how we are gradually (in ever accelerating fashion) plunging into the perverted morass of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. For what GOD says about all this, see my previous article, “They Declare Their Sin As Sodom.”

Oh yes, and Salzman, the proud principal, said to the Post, “This school will be a model for the country and possibly the world.” He will face his Maker in the judgment.

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