When Will They Admit Who Is Really Responsible For Global Terrorism?

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Surely, one would think the hideous truck bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad would have supplied officialdom with the naked truth about just who is really behind the vicious mass murder.


The governments of this world, including those of Britain and the United States, have swallowed the incredible lie that Islam is a “religion of peace,” which seeks only to experience love, brotherhood, dignity and prosperity; that it is a compassionate religion of charity and non-violence. Somehow, lurking in the midst of all these good-hearted, peace-loving Islamic people are little groups of “fanatics” who try to cloak themselves in the religion, but who, like the KKK or White Supremacists and American Nazis who cloak themselves in both the flag and the Bible, are aberrations, exceptions, and not the normal Islamic convert.

Always, when officialdom seeks to place the blame, they name any of the dozens of terrorist organizations. It was the Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, or Al Aksa Martyr’s Brigade, or Black September, or Al Quaeda and Bin Laden, or Hizbollah, or one of the other dozens of such organizations. All of these, they say, are “evil people” who have evil political and social motives.

They demand that Israel get out of the West Bank and Gaza. They demand that the “Great Satan,” the United States, get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. They resent the presence of the Western military coalition in Iraq. Always, the media informs us, the goals of these “evil” people are social and political. They are wrong.

The bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad should serve to wake up those who cling to the false notion that suicide bombings come from poverty, squalor, frustration, hopelessness, and anger stemming from the Israeli “occupation” of Palestine, along with US military incursions into the Middle East.

Always before, it was the “cannon fodder” of fanatical Islamists, their hateful zeal fanned by the imams in the mosques, who were sent out by their leaders to perish for the cause. Sometimes they were like so many vagabonds from Saudi Arabia, as in the case of the hijackers of 9/11, funded by Saudi millionaires. Sometimes, they were young women, whose families were promised bonuses by Saddam Hussein if they boarded Israeli buses and blew themselves up, or young teenage men, who strode into shopping centers in downtown Jerusalem, killing themselves, and as many women and children as they could.

The latest bloody carnage was wreaked upon both Jerusalem and the UN building in Iraq by two separate suicide bombers, who are nevertheless linked, no matter which one of the dozens of terrorist organizations eventually “takes credit” for the hideous mass murders.

Consider: The UN has consistently attempted to thwart any “unilateral action” of the United States against Iraq. Even as war clouds darkened, and the George Bush ultimatum neared its final expiration, the UN demanded “more time,” more resolutions, more time (months and months of it) for Hans Blix and his ilk to “do their work.”

The top level members of the UN, France and Germany, along with Russia and China, decried the impending US invasion, and did everything they could to block it, even sending top level diplomats to see Hussein personally at the eleventh hour.

But the war came, and the US and Britain, along with the so-called “coalition of the willing” (who were all but invisible during the war) wiped out Saddam’s vaunted Republican Guard, sent Saddam and his henchmen underground, fleeing for their lives, and occupied the country.

Guerilla attacks are completely understandable — needing no more justification than nationalism; supporters of the Baathist Party and Saddam; former Iraqi military and the palace guard doing what they can to retaliate in a futile attempt to force the US occupiers to go home.

But a huge truck bomb blasting the UN building?

Notice what UN officials decided concerning security. One Salim Lone, the UN spokesman in Baghdad admitted the UN “'did not want a large American presence outside.”

No unsightly M1-A1 Abrams Tanks; no Bradley fighting vehicles; no Humvees with armed US troops. Oh, no. The humanitarian do-gooders of the UN could not afford to commit such an effrontery to their beloved “Iraqi People” as to appear they had anything to do with the war; that they either approved of it, or the occupation which followed.

They made a big mistake.

Why officials in the Bush Administration cannot face reality is utterly mystifying. The reality came in the videotaped statement of the vicious suicide bomber who boarded that bus in Jerusalem. The video showed the man, who had a Master’s degree in education, and who was a high school teacher, holding an AK-47 in one hand, and the Koran in the other! Only a blithering fool can deny the connection. Apparently, there are plenty of those in the UN, and in many a national government which struggles against terrorism.

During the latter months of World War II, thousands of fanatic young Japanese became suicide pilots, flying the “Oka,” a flying bomb, along with several types of other aircraft, including bomb-laden Zeros, against the massed US fleet off Okinawa. Their parents proudly made shrines in their homes of their pictures, cutting off their hair and fingernails; decorated white hair bands with slogans of devotion to the Emperor as a direct descendant of the Sun God, and their own blessing and swelling pride in what their sons were about to do.

After all, as they took out as many of the hated “Gaijin” (Foreign Devils) as they could by their own death, would they not immediately be admitted into heaven?

The other day, the wife of the vicious, hate-filled religious fanatic who disguised himself as an Orthodox Jew and boarded a bus filled with women and children, said she was “very proud” of her husband, who had “martyred himself.” No comment from her on how she felt now that hubby was allegedly in paradise cavorting about with all those young virgins. She was just glad he was there.

The American government did not take the view that we were waging war against only a few fanatical Japanese; that the Japanese people were, by and large, peace-loving, decent people who believed in universal brotherhood. No, we were at war against Germany and Japan! We knew that both populations had been wholly fanatisized by their leaders; that Germany under Hitler was a crazed, fanatical enemy who would not be satisfied until the world lay under its heel; that the Japanese would not be satisfied until the “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” had been an accomplished fact. 

We did not accept the suicide bombings of US carriers off Okinawa as merely a “temporary detour along the road map to peace,” and issue a statement that even with the loss of many ships and thousands of young American lives, we would bring freedom and prosperity to the Okinawans, and all Japanese. No, we went after their bases. We bombed their homeland.

We destroyed their cities. We dropped Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima (from which many suicide pilots came) and Nagasaki. We destroyed the Japanese war-making industry, and subdued the Japanese people!

The utter devastation of that huge, global struggle so exhausted our enemies that there WAS NO GUERILLA WARFARE against our occupying forces in Germany or Japan! While General MacArthur treated the Japanese people with dignity and respect, and allowed the Emperor to remain, he required the Emperor to broadcast a message to the Japanese people, denying his “divinity.”

Millions of Japanese sobbed and wept as they heard the high-pitched, squeaky, quavering voice of their revered Emperor, Hirohito, admit he was human after all, and call upon them to be subject to MacArthur and his forces.

What a contrast with Iraq! Our forces have so far proved ineffective in finding the bloody tyrant, Saddam Hussein, while managing to kill his two brutal sons, and capture even his “Vice President” just the other day. While Saddam lives, the Baathist party afficionados and other assorted Islamist terrorist groups will continue to wreak all the death and mayhem they can.

Today, they carry out sabotage against their own people; bombing oil pipelines, water mains and infrastructure, while US forces seek to restore such services!

No matter how long US and coalition forces remain in Iraq, the elusive dream of a “Free, Democratic Iraq” will remain as distant as ever.

This morning, I heard yet another retired top-echelon military man tell Fox News, “We must win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.” Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Democratic Americans “winning the hearts and minds” of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds? Americans winning the hearts and minds of Muslim Ishmaelite Arabs?

It will never happen.

No matter what kind of coalition government is pieced together by the US forces, the vast majority of the Iraqi people will always shriek that the government is a “puppet of the West!”

How that Iraq has had its military destroyed; much of its Baathist party apparatus dismantled; now that Qusay and Uday are dead; now that no weapons of mass destruction have been found, no matter how intensive the search, what yet remains to be done? Find Saddam, certainly! But will we ever?

Yes, the US military, along with professional law enforcement officials, are attempting to jump start an Iraqi police force. This, in the altruistic notion that the Iraqi people can be controlled by a police force.

But consider: Terrorists now attack terrorists; almost every day. These fanatic, wildly insane murders are now blowing up the very means of survival of their own people, in the perverted hope that a major, massive uprising of the whole civil population will occur, forcing the US and coalition forces out! They will fail, but they will continue their evil work, nevertheless!

What our government, and the western world is not willing to admit is simply this:


Simply walk away.

If the US were to simply LEAVE Iraq, it would be the ultimate punishment for those who seek to destroy us! Like some poorly matched mates who marry, and of whom others say, “Well, they deserve each other,” we could cynically say, “The Iraqi Islamists and other terrorists deserve each other. Let’s get out, and leave them to their own devices. And when the civil wars erupt, with Kurds, Sunnis and Shias at each other’s throats; with another round of massacres into the hundreds of thousands — after they have exhausted themselves, and attempted to either put together a patchwork government, or divide the region into three countries, called ‘Sunnia,’ ‘Shialand’ and ‘Kurdistan,’ perhaps the world will have been granted another 20 years before we have to go in and conquer them again”!

But we won’t do that. No, we will stay committed, under the aegis of those “poor, suffering Iraqi people,” and the need to make sure Saddam can never return to power, all the while working hard to get that OIL flowing again!

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