“Those Nettlesome Jews!”

The Europeans wish the Jews would go away. Millions of Americans wish the same thing. The major news networks are obviously tilted in favor of the Palestinians, who are increasingly portrayed as “victims” of “Israeli aggression.”

Tempers are short concerning the Jews in Israel. The other day, a friend and neighbor, involved in a brief discussion concerning the Middle East with a group of four, upon being told that “The United States is the only country in the world that has not persecuted the Jews,” said, “Well we ought to persecute them!”

When I very strongly braced him on it, he later said he had used a bad choice of words.

But the sentiment came out before the more thoughtful apology.

When you are tempted to be irked at the Israelis for their alleged atrocities in Jenin and other West Bank Palestinian towns, think about the latest “alert” here in the US. Apparently, every veiled threat from one of Bin Laden’s top lieutenants in custody sends the FBI and the Homeland Security people into another frenzy. Now, we are being “warned” about being cautious and alert in our shopping malls and super markets.

Are such warnings credible? One thing is sure. They cost countless millions of dollars to the economy. Security forces cost money. Shoppers staying away costs money to business.

Suppose suicide bombers were routinely blowing themselves apart, along with dozens of their victims, in the United States; in our restaurants, our night clubs, our shopping malls, our buses — in our sports stadia; our churches. Suppose those responsible came from among the Arab minorities inside our country. What would we do? What would be our response?

President George W. Bush has espoused what is now labeled “the Bush doctrine.” It says, simply, that we have declared “global war against terrorism;” that we will “root them out.” Repeatedly, he has said “they can hide, but we will find them.” He has warned other nations, “You are either with us [in our war against terrorism], or you are with the terrorists.”

When the vicious terrorists smashed those airliners into the twin Trade Towers and the Pentagon, we sent our armed forces half a world away to destroy the government that harbored, funded, trained, and protected them — the Taliban of Afghanistan. We are still engaged there, hunting for Osama bin Laden and other members of his “Al Qaida” organization. American forces are in the former Soviet Georgia, in Uzbekistan, in the Philippines, in Yemen, and tens of thousands of them are garrisoned in Korea, and are aboard dozens of ships at sea.

Obviously, there is no place on earth that is considered “off limits” to US forces as they pursue terrorists and those who support them.

As I have mentioned in the past, and as many talk show hosts have opined, the incredible hypocrisy of President Bush’s demands that Israel “immediately withdraw” from the many Palestinian towns and neighborhoods was a weak attempt to placate so-called “moderate” Arab regimes in the region, preparatory to a possible US attack against Saddam Hussein. The Powell trip was an utter failure, yet was being billed as “a success,” simply because Sharon promised to begin withdrawing “soon,” (except from around Yassir Arafat’s compound in Ramallah, and from Bethlehem, and the Church of the Nativity).

The Israelis are attempting to root out terrorists in their very midst. We are attempting to root out terrorists in Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Yemen. Yet, our government demands that the Israelis cease and desist. This is as ridiculous as if our own forces were searching for terrorists in Springfield, Illinois, and the Israelis demanded we cease and desist!

Now, the Europeans are wearing the hair shirt, breast-beating, and bewailing the poor, victimized Palestinians. So is the liberal American media. But if American troops were seeking terrorists in Peoria, or in Atlanta, or in Chicago, or in Seattle, would the Israelis be demanding our forces withdraw from such places? Would Europeans be wringing their hands, and start sending “investigative” missions to Peoria, to assess the damage? Presumably, if our government discovered that terrorists were operating from a specific mosque in any specific American city, they would have license to go after such terrorists, would they not? And would such action bring down the wrath of the world, and require Kofi Annan to send blue-helmeted troops into the US to “stop the violence?”

How strange it is that it is ONLY THE JEWS who are scathingly indicted for daring to root out terrorists from their own midst! How strange it is that it is ONLY THE JEWS who are to be denied territories won by force of arms in several DEFENSIVE wars! Much of the world agrees with the Arab regimes, such as Saudi Arabia, which has never recognized the right of the Jewish state to exist, in wishing those “nettlesome Jews” would just “go away!”

As a direct result of the ongoing violence in the Middle East, indeed, coinciding with Israel’s attacks against terrorists, many Europeans have begun attacks against Jews.

Today, authorities say anti-Semitism in Europe is “worse than at any time since World War II.” In only two weeks, there were a documented 360 anti-Semitic incidents in France!

The Chief of Police in Berlin had to issue an apology the other day for having said, in response to increasing attacks on Jews, that perhaps the Jews would be better off it they did not wear religious garb or insignia (such as skull caps and the star of David) in public.

Now, older generations in Germany are saying to their children, “This is just like it was before World War II.” In Belgium, Germany, France, and other countries, attacks against Jewish businesses, synagogues, and defacing of graveyards is occurring. In Belgium, a Jewish bookstore was burned to the ground, and there was a shooting at a synagogue.

Young “skinheads” are not the only perpetrators. There is an entire generation of young Europeans, principally in Germany who DO NOT BELIEVE HITLER EVER KILLED A SINGLE JEW! There are many thick books, with color jackets, published by “revisionists” who have re-written history, claiming the concentration camps either did not exist, or were for prisoners of war. Some go so far as to say the Allied forces gathered up soldiers killed in battle, dressed them in prison garb, and piled them up for photographs, claiming they were Jews.

Because of the pro Palestinian tilt in European media, hundreds of thousands of Arabs who are emigrant workers in Europe have been emboldened to launch attacks against Jews. But it is not only Arabs who are engaged in such attacks. Many youths, especially in East Germany, hate Arabs, Vietnamese, Turks and other emigrant workers just as much as they do the Jews, and frequently attack their homes, businesses, social and religious centers.

High unemployment in eastern Germany fuels the anger.

Believe it or not, you are seeing the beginning of a bizarre repetition of the very events which led to World War II in the 1930's.


Millions of young, impressionable Arab and Islamic children revere the memory of Saladin, who wrested control of Jerusalem from nominal Christian crusaders. When President George Bush inadvertently used the word “crusade” in his description of America’s war on global terrorism, it inflamed, beyond any other word he could have used, millions of people in Islam.

Major weekly news magazines have highlighted the history of the crusades, showing the total difference in perspective between the western nominal Christian civilization and that of Islam. As most will remember, Osama bin Laden was preaching against US presence on “the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia” as if modern crusaders — western infidels — were desecrating Islamic holy land, and holy places.

What is happening today is nothing short of another collision between nominal western Christianity and Islam. It is, in fact, a war. It is an ideological and religious war, not merely a political and military one. As it always has, Islam seeks to bring the entire world under the banner of Islam. It views any other religion, be it Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other as totally bogus, and not worthy of consideration. It seeks nothing short of the destruction of ”decadent western civilization.” Bin Laden and his gang sought to do even more damage than they did; costing the global economy more than a trillion dollars in loss; shocking the global stock markets, paralyzing global travel for a time, creating uncertainty, fear, and terror.

Since 9/11, it has become clear Bin Laden and his Al Qaida organization have sought to bring down the American economy, and, along with it, that of Europe and the western world.

They are still at it. They seek to destroy nuclear plants, poison water supplies, wage chemical and biological warfare against the west, and, when they are ready, to unleash nuclear attacks. They dream of deaths in America and Britain in the millions, not the thousands.

They have “demonized” the west. Daily, in the mosques of Islam, the believers are treated to horribly twisted, untrue stereotypes of westerners; to lies about history; about current affairs. Impressionable Arab children are told that Jewish soldiers eat the livers and drink the blood of their victims; that the Jews are worse than the Nazis of Hitler’s era, deliberately carrying out genocide against innocent Arabs. They see Israel’s reaction to suicide bombers as a deliberate attempt to destroy the would-be Palestinian state.

In such a climate, it is utterly futile to believe that “trading land for peace” and the creation of a Palestinian state is all that is needed, and peace will prevail in Palestine and Jerusalem.

You Bible does NOT prophecy peace for Jerusalem! Instead, the prophecies of Christ predict the DESTRUCTION of Jerusalem in a horrifying war, as I have continually warned in these commentaries, and in major booklets on the subject.

Incidentally, if either Jewish or Christian soldiers had shot their way into an Islamic Mosque, where they were holed up with their injured and dead for weeks, what would the reaction in all the Islamic states be? One has yet to hear shrieks and cries of outrage from Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Congregationalists, or any major Protestant church over the “desecration of the place of Jesus’ birth” by Palestinian gunmen! What if it had been the other way around?

Garner Ted Armstrong
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