Creating A Frankenstein Monster!

In classic twisted logic, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain believes that Europe should become a super power so that it could be the “strategic partner that America needs and wants!”

In an Associated Press release from London, the British Prime Minister called for the creation of a “SUPERPOWER ON PAR WITH AMERICA!” His words are absolutely prophetic! For many decades, I have predicted this very thing! All through the decades from the ‘50's and ‘60's until today, I have continually warned that a future superpower, probably called a “United States of Europe” would emerge in the heartland of Europe; that it would eclipse the United States of America, and become an ENEMY of America and Britain!

I had to laugh when, only a week or so ago, I heard well-known teacher and author Hal Lindsay say on a radio interview that he had predicted a “United States of Europe” in the 1970's, and was scoffed at as a “False prophet.” Where do you suppose Hal Lindsay got such an idea?

When the gentleman was a young boy, my father and I were continually predicting the creation of a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE! The difference is that Mr. Lindsay, along with a number of other well-known religious teachers, believed Russia, nee the Soviet Union, was the BEAST of Revelation, and that RUSSIA, not the United States of Europe, would invade Palestine!

During the depths of the Cold War, and even during the Kennedy-Khrushchev Cuban Missile Crisis, I was telling my radio audiences over hundreds of radio stations that Russia is NOT the Beast; that war between Russia and the United States was NOT predicted; that Russia would NOT invade Palestine until much, much later, at the “Battle of Armageddon.”

Since I had been predicting for decades the reunification of Germany, and had specifically named the eastern European nations which would come out from the Iron Curtain, and would form a part of the prophesied beast power, I was NOT SURPRISED when the Berlin Wall came down, and when, in rapid succession, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Rumania came out from under the Soviet heel of domination!

But the CIA, the FBI, the White House and the State Department WERE SURPRISED!

They DID NOT KNOW what I knew, for they did not believe Bible prophecy, nor did they understand the vital KEY that unlocks much of prophecy — the IDENTITY of the United States of America and the British Commonwealth in the Bible!

When I knew the wall was coming down, I rushed to Germany with two of my three sons, Mark and David. Matthew, my youngest, remained in Tyler, working in the office. I went with our television and still cameras to “Checkpoint Charlie; to the “Charlotten Strasse,” and to “The Brandenburg Gate,” major gaps in the wall, through which thousands were pouring; doing stand-up television programs, and interviewing passers-by. We were watching the greatest celebration I had ever witnessed! Hundreds of thousands of east Berliners and other east Germans were being reunited with their west German relatives and brethren in a delirious, joyful outpouring of emotion: coffee shops, fruit stands, restaurants were handing out free food; even police stations set up snacks and drinks outside; banks were handing out money in free subsidies so the impoverished prisoners of decades of Communism could purchase things they had so long desired!

We witnessed young east Germans joyfully holding up bananas, which they had never seen before; fruits, drinks — singing, shouting, walking arm in arm down the streets in happy confusion! Free beer everywhere; dancing, laughing, talking! It was a scene we will never forget!

As segments of the wall came down, my two sons and I helped chip away at it with hammer and chisel. We brought home several small sacks of chunks of concrete, with the colorful graffiti still visible (the west Germans had for years painted slogans and epithets against the Communist east German government — calling for freedom), which I later had on my desk for a time, and which I held up for our TV audiences to see.

East German border guards were giving away and selling their uniform caps and badges; were divesting themselves of their insignia, which were happily snapped up by celebrating West Germans. If memory serves, my sons brought home some such souvenirs.

Had my father been alive, he would have said “I TOLD YOU SO!” But his successor, who has since died of cancer, merely wrote a “personal” in the Plain Truth about “no magic words,” which had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HUGE PROPHETIC EVENTS TAKING PLACE IN GERMANY! I couldn’t believe it!

I did what my father WOULD have done! I immediately researched dozens of old Plain Truth, Good News, Tomorrow’s World magazines; I researched my own magazines, published since 1978, and had many of my sermons and campaign messages researched. I wanted to PROVE to the readership that we had predicted the reunification of Germany for over FORTY YEARS!  

I brought out a special January, 1990 issue of my magazine, with an article I wrote from Berlin. Subsequently, I turned that article into a booklet, which is available on our web site under the title, “The United States of Europe, How Soon?

NO-ONE ELSE, for a period of well over thirty years, was saying that a kind of “United States of Europe” would form in the heartland of Europe; the same area where the old “Holy Roman Empire” once flourished! NO-ONE!  Here is the proof from my research!

The following list of quotations come from articles, booklets, or sermon excerpts from my father, some senior writers for the PLAIN TRUTH magazine (when it really was the “Plain Truth” and not just commercial religious advertising) and mostly from myself. I published them previously, in a major booklet written just after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989:

The Plain Truth, June 1952, p. 11: "The 10 'horns' the 17th chapter [of Revelation] ... will be ... the revival of the BEAST, the Roman Empire, 'out of the bottomless pit,' by a 'United States of Europe,' or federation of 10 European nations within the bounds of the old Roman Empire" (that includes Eastern Europe!).

The Plain Truth, September 1952, article: "The BEAST is Rising Up," p. 1: "Paris, France, While the eyes of the world are focused solely on the danger of Communism, America is completely overlooking the greatest danger the world has ever known: —a NEW power to rise up in Europe—a combination of TEN nations, that will crush out Western civilization!"

The Plain Truth, September 1953, p. 1: "...This [riots had occurred in East Germany], is the beginning of an East German revolt against Red tyranny. Czechoslovakia, Poland and other conquered nations behind the Iron Curtain have witnessed similar uprisings in recent weeks. It will take time, but Russia is going to lose out in some of these countries..."

The Plain Truth, November 1954, p.2: "...And now, a short nine years later [after Churchill had said the Western Allies should insure all German industry capable of producing arms be eliminated], behold the spectacle of Washington and London making every possible diplomatic effort, backed by AMERICAN DOLLARS, to do TWO THINGS: Create a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE, and to REARM GERMANY ... there is only ONE nation that possesses the INDUSTRY, the energy, the PURPOSE, and the POWER to provide leadership within the new European Empire, and that is GERMANY. And once they rise to leadership within a new united European Empire—once its great, preponderant MILITARY FORCE is created and united under GERMAN MILITARISM, as it inevitably would be, it would be the height of folly to suppose that they would accept any further dominance from Britain or America ..."

The Plain Truth, November 1954, p.7: "Word comes from the College of Cardinals that the possibility of the new pope being chosen (when that becomes a necessity) from the ranks other than Italian is not too remote. The next pope could be the man who will unite Europe!"

The Plain Truth, February 1955, p. 1: " analysts the world over are frankly worried about what they see taking place in Germany! ... The Allied powers are spending billions of dollars to bring about the German dream of centuries—a United Europe, with Germany at its head! That is what the Kaiser wanted! That is exactly what Hitler killed millions for! AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BRINGING!"

The Plain Truth, February 1962, p.5: "On the WORLD TOMORROW program, and in the pages of the PLAIN TRUTH, we have been shouting to a heedless world for (many) years this was going to occur ... it would come as an ECONOMIC force, bringing unprecedented prosperity to Europe. But also, it is to become a political and military combine—a gigantic third power bloc in the world, that will include more population, greater man power, and possibly even greater military resources than either the United States or Russia. When this giant combine—a United States of EUROPE—finally emerges as such before a startled and dumbfounded world, it will last only a very short time. It will fight against Jesus Christ at His Second Coming!"

The Plain Truth, March 1962, p.26: "Fascism in Europe is about to be reborn in respectable business attire, and the Treaty of Rome will finally be implemented to its fullest extent ... the dream of a Holy Roman Empire returning to power to dominate and direct the so-called forces of Christian mankind of the Western world is not dead, but still stalks through the antechambers of every national capital of continental Western Europe ... IN THE DETERMINATION OF THE LEADERS IN THE COMMON MARKET NATIONS TO RESTORE THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE WITH ALL THAT THAT MEANS! [Northwest Technocrat, Vol XXV, No. 205]. United within ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire; united by the common spiritual bond of universal Catholicism; united in a burgeoning and booming industrial economy that dominates today's world; united geographically in the most productive and industrial complex on earth—at least TEN NATIONS OF MODERN EUROPE WILL MARCH ONTO THE SCENE OF WORLD HISTORY AS THE GREATEST SINGLE HUMAN FORCE EVER SEEN BY MAN!"

"This United Europe will form a non-aggression pact or political alignment of some sort with the Soviet East. This United Europe will then consolidate its gains..."

The Plain Truth, May 1962, p.9: "With all eyes on COMMUNISM, and its threat to the peace of the world, a little-recognized new threat is rising up in Western Europe!"

The Plain Truth, May 1962, p. 45: "And how about the West, which has succored and supported the Germans so long? How about NATO and the string of other pacts which bind West Germany to the West? Dr. Mende [then leader of German Free Democratic Party] doesn't say it in so many words. But what he implies is quite clear. The West can go to the devil ... Germany wants (1) reunification of East and West Germany, (2) the recovery of the Eastern territories lost after the war, (3) security from being attacked from the East, and (4) more trade! The Germans well realize that only the Russians can offer a united Germany. The reunification of Germany is only possible through an agreement of some kind with Russia."

The Plain Truth, November 1962, p.9: "Forming ... is the great power in Europe we foretold years ago ... the coming United States of Europe—foretold in these pages when the ... world scoffed!"

Ibid., P-10: "Just as certainly as we restore Western Europe to economic prosperity, and then to military power, a successor to Hitler will emerge, gain control of this power through a 'United States of Europe,' which we [the United States government] are also encouraging, and we shall then wake up, too late, to realize we have restored our fascist enemy the power to destroy us! ... battlefields are becoming economic, just as we said they would ... the movement is ... forming toward complete political solidification!"

The Plain Truth, November 1962, p.21: "Listen, now, to some of the most shocking news releases of recent times!

"ONLY THOSE DEAF TO THE SOUND OF HISTORY can fail to be excited by the French-German rapprochement and the steady movement toward the 'making of Europe'...Historically, political union over so great a space came only from conquest or from the spread of a common culture. Where, in modern times, Napoleon, Bizmark, Hitler and Stalin failed, reason and mutual necessity are succeeding. A European political union would mean little if the ultimate power of deciding whether it fights—and dies—is going to rest with the Americans."

Ibid,. p. 22: "In recent address at Harvard University, Professor Walter Halistein, President of the European Economic Community, said ... the ... Market is ... highly political. He considers it the substructure for a hoped-for United States of Europe. He said, 'I want to stress that ... it is political, not just that it tends toward a political goal.’"

The Plain Truth, January 1963, p.5: "Daring new plans for monetary reform and economic planning are on the drawing boards. These will so inextricably mesh the economies of the Six, reports Time, that they will 'clear the way for the final goal of a POLITICALLY UNITED EUROPE.’"

Ibid., P.28, 29: "So Germany—not atheistic, communist Russia—is ultimately going to support an Arab union against the Jews and against Israel—Britain and America! This is what prophecy foretells!"

The Plain Truth, March 1963, p.3: "...a German STRONG MAN is the logical choice to ascend to the helm of the new POLITICAL UNITED EUROPE."

Ibid., p. 14: "Der Spiegel ... was especially critical of the great number of former Nazis who were being wooed by Bonn to join the government ranks. The West German Regime defended its policy of permitting former top-ranking Nazis to become an integral part of the New German Democracy."

The Plain Truth, August 1963, p-5: "...the new Germany is. ..the burgeoning giant of industry, the ultra-modern, snappy new military power of Europe, the political force and power of an emerging new empire! ... the plain facts of the Common Market, Germany's growing inroads into world trade, Germany's rising military might as the strongest continental partner in NATO, Germany's economic condition, Germany's ... lack of unemployment, and the new Germany in actual facts and figures truly IS surprising!"

The Plain Truth, July 1963, p-22: "...when you see a revived, remilitarized Germany, at the head of a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE ... MARCHING INTO PALESTINE-then ... the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS BEGINNING!"

The Plain Truth, December 1963, p.3, article, "The New Germany-Friend, or FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER?": "It's a brand-new, pulsating, glittering, glamour world of modern industry in Western Europe that is destined to change the course of your life! You would be amazed, if you could see with your own eyes the ... New Germany ... Only a few short years ago, in the ... recent memory of so many of us, Germany was a ... beaten nation ... cities in twisted, wasted rubble! Yet in just an amazingly short time, West Germany now challenges even the gigantic industrial power of the United States in most world markets!"

The Plain Truth, December 1963, p.48: "So long as present German prosperity continues ... the Nazi takeover will not be possible!

"But—should any severe threat to that hard-won prosperity come—the picture will change ... VIOLENTLY in Germany ... your Bible predicts a great TRADE WAR between the economic power in Europe and the United States. It predicts terrible financial collapse of this country ... Germany ... would not escape unscathed in a hot trade war between the Common Market and the United States. Terrible economic disasters would result ... and ... a new Nazi Germany!"

The Plain Truth, May 1964, p.3: "Think of it! The age-old enemies of Europe, burying their historic differences, uniting into one DYNAMIC GROUP, a new 'UNITED STATES OF EUROPE,'...Germany is destined to lead that union of nations."

The Plain Truth, August 1964, p.3: "Now the spectre of a united Europe is suddenly looming up ... the United States is oblivious to this new threat to its power. When will we wake up and realize that what is shaping up in Europe is the revival of Fascism under the cloak of European unity?"

The Plain Truth, September 1964, p. 17: "The 'German Problem' is not dead. Germans are thinking more than ever of an undivided Reich—and of an undivided Europe!"

The Plain Truth, October 1964, p.48: "Germany—a UNITED GERMANY with her former territories restored—is ready to emerge as the strongest nation on earth at the head of a revitalized ... Europe! This power colossus is then going to deal a death blow to the United States and Britain..."

The Plain Truth, November 1964: "East Europe is on the march. Reports of a deep economic crisis are pouring out of Czechoslovakia. Tidings from Poland and East Germany reveal widespread dissatisfaction with Communism."

The Plain Truth, December 1964, p. 16: "...God shows that in this end time He is going to use the modern Assyrians ... the Germans—to dominate a United Europe."

The Plain Truth, April 1965, p.19: "In spite of Mr. Churchill's farsightedness, [written just after Churchill’s death] he could not see far enough into the future to visualize the outcome of a United States of Europe. He did not know from Bible prophecy that it would be comprised of ten nations, dominated politically by a Roman-Fascist-like system and religiously by a great universal, militant church. He could not foresee that this great politico-religio-economic power bloc of ten nations not only would refuse Britain membership [in the final United States of Europe—the ten], but would ultimately prove the undoing of the Anglo-Saxon people of America, Britain, and the Commonwealth countries."

The Plain Truth, June 1965, p.8: "Germany already is the strongest nation in Europe. Under the aegis of religion it will dominate a coming United States of Europe (comprised of, not six, but ten nations; Revelation 17). They will ultimately out-trade our nations [Britain and U.S.] ... finally bring us to our knees in economic and military defeat..."

The Plain Truth, June 1965, p.42: "The real strength of Spain lies in EUROPE! For years we have said on the WORLD TOMORROW program [of which I was the voice for about twenty-five years] and predicted in these pages that a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE was coming!"

The Plain Truth, July 1965, p.27: "this ecclesiastically dominated European commercial power bloc will try to—and for a short time will succeed in—dominating the entire Western world!"

The Plain Truth, September 1965, p. II: "...Germany is once again going to rally around a 'strong man.' But this time as part of a United States of Europe."

The Plain Truth, September 1965, p.29: : " thing we can know. Neither the Germans nor Europe in general will wait forever. Soon, now, the German masses—and all Europe—are again going to be carried off their feet and delightfully persuaded to follow the man of the hour—to lead Germany and Central Europe into a new 'glorious golden age."'

The Plain Truth, October 1965, p.7: "GERMANY TODAY PRODUCES ONE-FIFTH OF ALL THE WORLD'S GOODS. But at the same time, the Germans are becoming increasingly bitter as vacillating allies and their own bickering democracy push reunification of their country further out of reach."

The Plain Truth, December 1965, p.17: "German ambitions are revealed in a new book written by...Strauss entitled The Grand Design ... Strauss proposes a United States of Europe ... and equal NUCLEAR FORCE!"

The Plain Truth, March 1967, p. 15: "To the Germans this [increased trade with Communist bloc countries] is the first major step in changing the status quo of Communist Europe. By establishing trade and political ties with the Russian satellites, West Germany is weakening the Communist bloc."

Ibid., p.26: "By uniting Europe first, then the two Germanys second, the Germans will outsmart the Russians. And the Americans, to their consternation, will find themselves totally unable to control Germany any longer! The whole world will stand aghast when this finally happens!"

The Plain Truth, May 1967, p.4: "Second to building up a strong Germany, Adenauer's efforts [written upon his death] were dedicated to the establishment of a United Roman Europe—a union of Germany with those lands once within the confines of the Roman Empire."

The Plain Truth, September 1967: "A coming United Europe is going to astound this whole world ... but the new 10-nation revival of the old Roman Empire will not be a force of peace."

The Plain Truth, October 1967: "...the memory of the unity and strength of the Roman Empire has begun to fire the imagination of Europeans. A ten-nation united Western Europe with its ... influence reaching around the world is prophesied to become the vital center of world trade and political-religious affairs. Rome is destined ... to play a most important role in the political and religious future of Europe and the whole world..."

The Plain Truth, August 1968, p.42: "The 17th chapter of Revelation plainly describes a spiritual-political union of TEN KINGS, ten military/political leaders, and a great spiritual leader. For decades ... (we) have been proclaiming the eventual creation of some form of united Europe ... we have proclaimed repeatedly that the ultimate unifying force would be religious."

The Plain Truth, September 1968, article titled "The United States of Europe Coming Soon?": "To find Europe becoming a totally integrated political power; to find Eastern European nations emerging in full industrial, economic, and eventual political union would be met with shouts of joy and exuberance in Western Europe. It would mean an end to the hated wall—an end of a tense, seemingly endless Cold War .. and an end to [then] Walter Ulbricht's Communist regime in East Germany."

The Plain Truth, October 1968. I had just returned from Munich and Bonn, and interviews with head of the Christian Socialist Union of West Germany, Franz J. Strauss. Quoting him, I wrote on page 6: "One of our major conditions is that the desire for admission to the Common Market is not based upon the motivation to impede political integration. We want ... members who are ready and prepared to join us on the way toward a political integration with the long-run goal of the United States of Europe." Later he was quoted, "I believe the Europeans should take more responsibility for their defense..." The article pointed out how Strauss had been a fierce advocate for a united Europe with its own nuclear weapons.

Ibid., p.42: Strauss was quoted: "...I see as the only chance ... that of building up a Europe—integrating the Federal Republic of Germany into that Europe and building bridges from an attractive, economically powerful, political and influential Europe which can defend herself—including a nuclear potential—to add to the power of the Europeans."

During the seventies, many, many more articles were written, but space does not permit including them all. We now come to the late 1970s, when I had been forced to begin anew, about a year after the incorporation of The Church of God, International. The same message continued to be published.

Twentieth Century WATCH magazine, first edition, Summer 1979: Under the cover article showing a West German tank firing a missile, and titled, "A Monster Stirs; West German Military Power Increasing," I wrote, "Hitler imagined a 'Thousand-year Reich' with himself ... at the pinnacle of power, and dreamed of a millennial reign of 'German Supermen' over the world, as if he applied these prophecies [of a coming "Messiah"] to himself. This new leader of a united Europe, who will probably be a German, will attempt to fulfill the very same dream, proclaiming himself a great leader over the other 10 'kings' (in today's terminology, they could be presidents, premiers, prime ministers, etc.) and so wield power over a 10-nation combine, which will be the greatest power bloc the world has ever seen."

Twentieth Century WATCH, Winter 1984: Cover story pictured Berlin Wall with East German border guards; lead article, "Will Germany Reunite?" I wrote, "A West German official recently said, 'I get mad when Americans and others dismiss it [German reunification] as an impossible dream.' Said a 42-year old engineer in Munich, 'Why can't we be like others, proud of who we are, without everyone calling it New German nationalism?"' On page 29, I wrote, "There may be no such thing as the remotest dream [in 1984], in the mind of a living German, that a reunited Germany, at the head of a future United States of Europe, could ever conquer the United States of America. But, even as many Germans understand, the current world situation is not the last chapter, either in European history, or in American history. The future will too soon be upon us."

Twentieth Century WATCH, July/August 1988: Under cover story, "Superpowers in Decline; How 'Glasnost' and 'Perestroika' presage a 'United States of Europe,"' I wrote, "Today, Eastern Europe is in ferment ... for decades, I have been proclaiming the eventual creation of a United States of Europe ... specifically, that several Eastern European countries would eventually come out from behind the Iron Curtain, joining this new supranational power bloc. I was saying this over television and radio, and before large audiences numbering into the many thousands ... during the ... Cold War; during the Kennedy era ... I wrote, and preached for years, that Russia and the United States would NOT go to war; that a new and unexpected enemy would emerge from the ashes of defeat; that Germany would reunite and lead European unification! How could I have known, [written July, 1988] that Eastern European nations would come out from behind the Iron Curtain; link themselves, first economically, and then politically and militarily with Western Europe?"

Sermon Transcript, July 12, 1980: "...notice one foot [of Nebuchadnezzar's image] is planted here and a foot is planted there. There are five toes on each. I speculate that might mean ... a ... Europe of five nations on the Eastern side, including the reunification of Germany... and five nations on the Westerly side..."

Sermon Transcript, Tyler, Texas, May 22, 1982: "...we may see a strange alliance between the Soviet Union and Western Europe ... an alliance of nations including Germany, and a 'United States of Europe."'

Sermon Transcript, April 25,1987: "Many of you in this room have heard me saying that the prelude to World War III is going to be the collapse of the present day world economy, followed by the emergence of despots, dictatorships, and ultra-nationalists governments in countries all over the world, especially (in) Germany. The reunification of Germany in the context of a unified Europe and the creation of a ten nation central bloc ... will become the United States of Europe, and challenge the United States of America."

Sermon Transcript, Charleston, South Carolina, May 16, 1987: "...some understand that Adolf Hitler was trying to put together the dream of German geo-politicians like Haushofer and Makinder ... to create in the heartland of Europe ... a United States of Europe, a vast trading combine which would embody all of those industrial...inventive…people from the Urals to the Atlantic ... the Poles, Czechs ... the Germans and ... East Germany ... Adolf Hitler was nothing more than a weak revival of a prophesied seven resurrections of (the) ... Roman Empire which was predicted to exist ... until the time of the Second Coming of Christ ... 10 kings are going to fight Christ at His coming..."

Sermon Transcript, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 18, 1988: "My son reminded me that when he was a little boy, right at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, I was saying before many live audiences and repeatedly on television and radio to millions ... that the Soviet Union and the United States would not go to war. How could I have known that in 1963, '64, '65-how could I have known that in 1958? ... How could I have been saying back in those years that a United States of Europe is going to become a super-giant, a third power bloc in the world; and that it will include major Eastern European nations? ... I believe that the Japanese empire is once again going to emerge as a super giant of nuclear and conventional technology; is going to put to sea an ultra-modern, super powerful navy ... and we are going to see a bizarre repetition of .. events that took place just prior to World War II."

Sermon Transcript, Chicago, Illinois, July 16, 1988: "Some people in this audience were there in ... Texas in the early 1960s and late 1950s when I talked about a coming United States of Europe and said ... it will include nations now behind the Iron Curtain ... I have never failed for twenty-five solid years to continually hammer home that theme!"

And now, the Prime Minister of Britain is calling for A UNITED STATES OF EUROPE to become a SUPER POWER to rival that of the United States! His reasoning is that such a power would be forced to have a much greater voice in such world disturbances as the ongoing strife in the Mideast; that this would deflect the noisy criticism from Europe against US policies concerning Israel; that it would also deflect European criticism against George Bush for his outspoken determination to remove Saddam Hussein, which is resisted by Germany, France, and other European nations.

For Europe to become a SUPER POWER means the European nations would have to begin producing the same kinds of super sophisticated military technology now possessed by the United States; laser-guided “smart bombs,” cruise missiles, missile-carrying submarines (which Germany and France already have), long-range bombers, IRBM’s and ICBM’s with nuclear warheads; “stealth” fighters and bombers — an entire panoply of weapons, thus becoming the GREATEST MILITARY POWER ON EARTH!

WATCH to see when such a super power decides to INTERVENE in the Middle East!

Without realizing it, Tony Blair is calling for a FRANKENSTEIN which will turn on him, and on the United States! Truly, prophecy marches on!

Garner Ted Armstrong
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