Heavy Sits The Crown...

Do you think families in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. are living in fear? Perhaps they are, with a vicious, cowardly, brutal killer on the loose, shooting victims at random. But the individual who lives in minute-by-minute terror is the arch terrorist himself, Saddam Hussein.


It was reported by Pravda, in association with World Net Daily, that a kamikaze pilot deliberately crashed his Iraqi air force jet into one of Saddam Hussein’s “palaces” last week, hoping to kill the Iraqi dictator. Iraqi news sources clammed up; no confirmation whatsoever from Iraq.


It is known that Saddam utilizes several doubles; that these look-alikes actually stand in for him in meetings with heads of state and other political and social functions, thus insuring that Saddam himself will not be the target of assassination attempts.


Each day, doubles travel here and there in duplicate limousines, complete with armed convoys, faking trips to various of Saddam’s many palaces, to government buildings or military bases. The real Saddam may be in any of them or none of them, perhaps, instead, being driven to his destination in some nondescript civilian vehicle.


Saddam never sleeps in the same place twice in succession. Only his closest, most trusted family members and “advisers” (read “bootlicks,” “lackeys,” and “sycophants”) are allowed to know where he is, or to remain close to him. He has food tasters who must sample his food and drink in his presence; people who check out his boots and clothing; people who are heavily armed, and on duty night and day. When he sits down with a room full of his own military generals, a body guard stands just behind him, surveying the men, who have all had to pass several security checks prior to entering the room, including close body searches. Saddam sits at a “U” shaped table, at the head, and there is invariably an open door just to his right and behind him, next to the armed guard, so he could instantly slip out of the room in case of trouble.


As I learned many decades ago, dictators do not groom successors.


Yet, Saddam has entrusted his life, his power, his huge fortunes and his control to his two sons, Uday and Qusay, who control virtually every major function of the Iraqi government, such as transportation and communication (all radio and television). Little do Saddam’s two most trusted sons know the precarious positions they occupy. Not a day goes by that Saddam is not brooding about possible conspiracies and plots, you may rest assured. His most constant fears are those of betrayal, of assassination, of a major coup d’ etat. As if to underline that fact, Pravda from Moscow also reported that a recent attempt on Saddam’s life resulted in the summary executions of 14 plotters. Just how they died is open to speculation.

Earlier, in January of 2000, the opposition in Iraq tried to arrange an assassination, which was leaked. All conspirators, thirty-eight of them, were executed. There is no information as to how. But Saddam, who enjoyed watching a traitorous military officer being lowered shrieking into an acid bath, could hardly be expected to simply stand them before a firing squad. Adolf Hitler had the conspirators who tried to blow him to bits at his East Prussian “Wolfschanze” (Wolf’s Lair) hung up on meat hooks through their lower jaws, there to slowly strangle to death. One could hardly expect Saddam Hussein, bloodthirsty, cowardly brute that he is, to be less inventive. 


This is why neither Uday or Qusay seem to be interested in overthrowing daddy. They have participated in many of the bloodiest and cruelest tortures and deaths of Saddam’s adversaries, and could be expected to have intimate knowledge of just how Saddam’s two sons-in-law were put to death after having defected to Jordan, and then foolishly believing Saddam’s expressions of forgiveness, and, like stupid cattle, returning to Iraq.


Today, simple-minded, foolish people in the US government; especially some Senators; whimper and wail about whether we will, by launching attacks against Iraq, “push Saddam over the edge.” Their empty-headed reasoning seems to be that if we leave this monster alone, he will be quiescent, but if we irritate him, he will lash out with his stocks of chemical and biological weapons. They fail to acknowledge that he has already done so, against Iran during the 8 long years of waging war against his Islamic neighbors, and against his own citizens in many Kurdish villages.


During Hitler’s last days, as he cowered in his concrete bunker deep under Berlin’s streets, the mad dictator was ordering non-existent armies to non-existent fronts, spewing out irrational, crazed epithets against his own people who, he claimed, had “betrayed” him! He deliberately played out the final scenes of his favorite opera, Wagner’s “Gotterdammerung” in refusing to surrender, as the fiery destruction of the great city of Berlin took place under the onslaught of several Soviet armies. Eventually, he took the coward’s way out — that of suicide.


One can expect Saddam Hussein to do the same thing, unless the crafty dictator is also such a spineless coward that he has already arranged for a dozen or so escape contingencies, including a private or military jet to some other Islamic country, such as Libya, Sudan, or Syria. It is known that Saddam has squirreled away billions in Swiss and off shore bank accounts, siphoning off monies earned from illegal oil sales, and skimming funds which are supposedly intended to feed starving Iraqi citizens. His sons also oversee the national economy, and see to it that the Saddam clan is insured against all eventualities.


Dealing with mad dictators has always been the bane of western nominal Christian civilization. Americans were treated to horrifying scenes of a blasted “baby milk factory” which had been turned into a civilian bomb shelter during the Gulf War. CNN cameramen and reporters dutifully went to the scene, escorted by Iraqi military, and filmed the horrifying sights of all this “collateral damage” as the result of an American laser-guided bomb.


Americans issue orders to their military, “Go ahead and wage war, but don’t get anybody killed — and do not dare kill a single civilian on the other side.” Americans, now completely propagandized by the dizzying array of super-sophisticated “smart” weapons in our arsenals, expect to be entertained in front of their television sets in the coming war with Iraq by seeing dozens of GPS guided bombs going down elevator shafts, inside windows and doors, and in the precise “X” marked centers of aircraft hangers, ammunition dumps, command and control facilities, and, of course, all of Saddam’s “palaces.” They will be doomed to disappointment. “Collateral damage” is inevitable in warfare, and you may rest assured Iraqi TV, if not CNN, will play it to the hilt.


What if the situation were reversed? What if some of the leftist liberals had their way, and forced the government to wait until Saddam had a thousand nuclear weapons and the ICBM’S with which to deliver them half a world away in about 30 minutes? He could well be there in another 3 to 5 years — not long to wait.


Saddam would then blackmail other nations, especially the US, by saying either we would bend to his will, or he would obliterate every major US city. You see, mad dictators do not care about human life. They care not about women and children; about helpless, unarmed civilians.

Our dilemma is that we do.


So, instead of issuing an ultimatum to Saddam, backed up by America’s own large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, as well as our thousands of NUCLEAR weapons,  many of our leaders insist that we play Saddam’s game.


It is simply unthinkable to the nominal Christian West to say to Saddam, “Either you disarm completely in the next thirty days, or we will turn Baghdad into glass! If you attack Israel, or any US forces with chemical or biological weapons, we will unleash vast chemical and biological attacks against all your cities.”


No, it is simply unthinkable for any US commander in chief to issue such an ultimatum.


The US and our so-called “allies” are following a completely different philosophy today than that followed during World War II. Then, once Hitler had bombed Coventry and London, the entire nature of warfare changed. It was the entire German people who were held guilty. The Americans and British waged war against “Krauts” and “The Hun.” Never was there any large scale movement among the American or British populace to lay the blame solely on Hitler and a handful of cronies, saying “but we have no quarrel with the German people.” No, warfare had become total war against total populations for total stakes!


Daily, the US Eighth Air Force dumped thousands of tons of bombs against civilian targets; the major city centers of Mainz, Koblenz, Berlin, Mannheim, Wuppertal, Koln, Essen, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, and dozens more. There were no screams of outrage about “collateral damage,” since Londoners had been experiencing the “blitz” for many months in 1940, where thousands of civilians died. Americans and British simply did not care about the thousands of German civilians being killed. They were merely “getting what they deserved” for supporting Hitler.


In Japan, Curtis LeMay’s B-29 bombers, staging from Islands wrested from Japan in the Pacific, dumped fire bombs on Tokyo, killing over 100,000 civilians in a huge fire storm which actually took more lives than the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima. This, in the belief that fanatical Japanese would fight to the last man; that they were suicidal (as proved off Saipan when huge squadrons of Japanese kamikazes hurtled themselves against dozens of American ships). Truman made the decision (according to his own words “like that!”) to drop the bomb on Hiroshima in the belief that the killing of a hundred thousand men, women and children in Japan would save perhaps a million American lives.


The entire concept of warfare has changed. As the weapons of war have become more precise, and ever more deadly, civilians have come to expect that only the most important military targets are hit, and that “innocent” civilians are exempted. It does not matter to families in Kansas that millions of Iraqis — fundamentalist Islamic and therefore hostile to the “Great Satan” — were dancing in the streets upon hearing about 9/11. So far as most Americans are concerned, “the Iraqi people” are good people, just temporarily in the control of a mad dog dictator. This naive concept spills over into the White House, and into the Pentagon.


Even though it is known that “human shields” were used in the Gulf War, and that the Islamic fundamentalists have traditionally hidden their military assets among civilians and in civilian neighborhoods, the public demands that there be “no collateral damage” (a term unheard of during World War II).


It will be marvelous to behold how our media rushes their cameras to the first bedside of the first injured child once the bombs start to fall.


Meanwhile, heavy indeed is the crown on the head of the world’s greatest coward; the mad dictator of Iraq. How I would hate to be in the shoes of Uday or Qusay, who should be aware that the “evil eye” is fixed squarely upon them, and upon all they do. The world’s greatest terrorist is truly terrified. May he live in protracted fear.

Garner Ted Armstrong  
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