Though we act as if we were, the United States is not a world-ruling empire. Though we assume it, we are not the world’s policeman. Even though the government and the media have told us over and over again that we are “The World’s only remaining super power,” we are not.


There is another great power in the world today — that of the emerging United States of Europe. Soon, there will be yet another — Japan.


With the announcement from Pyongyang that the North Korean Government had scrapped their agreement not to produce plutonium from their nuclear reactor; had taken down the Atomic Energy Commission’s surveillance cameras, the Bush Administration found itself facing yet another crisis.


Like Peter and the Dike, with only two thumbs and far too many holes, the administration finds itself challenged from many quarters. Long ago, I wrote that the Chinese may well seize the opportunity of US involvement in the Gulf to invade Taiwan; that the North Koreans may seize the opportunity to invade South Korea; that there are many gangster nations in the world, as well as dozens of terrorist organizations, who desperately desire to see the United States brought down.


Now, your daily news contains interviews with politicians and military officers speculating about North Korea. They are asked, “Can America fight two wars at the same time”?


Some say yes. Others say no.


Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20. Today, the US finds itself threatened, and in the case of Iraq, deeply involved in attempting to write finis to situations which should have been put to rest a very long time ago. In the Gulf War during the senior Bush’s administration, then President George H.W. Bush seized upon the “100 hour war” concept, and, even though the road lay wide open to Baghdad, called a halt to the conflict, leaving the most dangerous man in the world alive and well, fully capable of continuing his policies of aggression, and the building of weapons of mass destruction.     


Sickened by pictures of the carnage along the “highway of death” as thousands of Iraqi soldiers tried to escape Kuwait with their pillaged loot; leery of the outcry from all Islam if an “American puppet government” were set up in Iraq, the decision was made to stop the fighting.


Now, because of the mistakes made then, hundreds of thousands of young Americans face the imminent possibility of war with Iraq, this time with the policy of “regime change” clearly annunciated. But no matter how much publicity is given to Iraqi dissidents headquartered in London; no matter how many leaflets are dropped; no matter how effective “psy-ops” (psychological operations) are against Iraq, if and when the US overthrows Saddam and his cronies, the entire Islamic world will believe “it is all about oil,” and believe that any alternative government, even if staffed by Iraqis, will be a US puppet government.


France and Russia, along with the European community, see an underlying motive of the Bush administration of wanting to seize control of all that Iraqi oil. Millions of our doubtful “allies” and our enemies gossip about “Bush was in the oil business,” and about how Vice President Cheny was CEO of Haliburton. Though unreported, a part of the reluctant agreement to underwrite the much-edited UN resolution demanding a return of the weapons inspectors was that the Russians and Europeans be given a “level playing field” when oil companies descend on Iraq to strike deals in a post-Saddam era.


So today, the very concerns about world public opinion, and Islamic public opinion in particular which led the senior Bush to halt the war are now waived, and war threatens — a war not papered over by the avowed purpose of rescuing a tiny occupied state, but a war based upon the suspicion that Saddam has large caches of weapons of mass destruction.


So far, not surprisingly, the weapons inspectors have found none. At least, not that they or  the media have reported. Mr. Bush would be well advised to come up with the “smoking gun” and present his evidence in hard, cold, incontrovertible form to the world community before the first guided missile finds its target, or millions in many nations will sagely nod their heads, and say “I told you so — it’s all about oil.”  


Korea is another painful case in point of wars unfinished; of objectives un-achieved.


The Korean war is often called “the forgotten war.” That is because vast percentages of the American public know nothing about it, and two generations of young Americans know nothing of it whatsoever. Yet, it was one of the bloodiest wars in history. Approximately one million South Korean civilians were killed, and several million were made homeless. Over half a million US and South Korean troops were killed or wounded, and over one million six hundred thousand Communist Chinese and North Korean troops were casualties.


Stupidly, the White House granted safe sanctuary to the enemy in Manchuria. Blinded by the irrational fear of the Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal, and anxious not “to start World War III,” President Harry Truman ordered General MacArthur not to bomb the Chinese industrial base. About 85 to 90 per cent of China’s industrial capacity was located in Manchuria, within easy reach of US air force bombers based in Japan, or Navy aircraft aboard our carriers offshore.


For the first time in history, a limited war, with limited political objectives, with an enemy granted safe sanctuary was fought. Consequently, more young Americans died after the so-called “peace talks” began at Panmunjom than died in the earlier fighting. The most notable battles of “Porkchop hill,” “Bloody Ridge” and “Heartbreak Hill” in which thousands of young lives were lost took place while the diplomats and military men argued over their divided table.


With the explosion of the first Russian hydrogen bomb in 1950 came a policy which pervaded the White House from the Truman administration until the implosion of the Soviet Union in the late 1980's. Both Korea and Vietnam were fought along an imaginary line drawn on a map by cartographers which recognized no strategic rivers, mountain ranges, bays or estuaries; no important cities or towns. In each case, troops were committed piecemeal, fighting an enemy granted safe sanctuary.


In Korea, after all the bloodletting, all is as it was. A North Korean dictator rules with an iron fist, spending much of his GNP (such as it is) on his military, while millions of his subjects starve. US troops sit in their revetments and bunkers along the 38th parallel, knowing full well that the North Koreans have used all these years to dig huge tunnels, many miles long, wide enough to accommodate two or three tanks abreast, and that those tunnels are waiting only for the final few feet of earth and stone to be removed before allowing virtual super highway access to the south Korean landscape well south of the parallel.


Seoul, the glittering, bustling metropolis that is the capital of South Korea, is within easy range of North Korean artillery and missiles. It was quickly overrun when the NK divisions attacked in 1950.


As in the case of Saddam Hussein retaining power, the North Korean nation, under the totalitarian regime of the son of the dictator of the 1950's, continues its policies of the development of the engines of war; the research and development of weapons of mass destruction, notably nuclear weapons. Within the past few days, it has been proposed that North Korea already has at least one nuclear bomb, and could develop five or six more within a few months.


North Korea is well known for having missile technology, courtesy of Russia and China.

It already has missiles capable of hitting Tokyo with a nuclear weapon.


And in this lies the stark reality of what will happen from here on.


For decades, I told my audiences that the time would come when Japan would go nuclear; that she would put to sea a nuclear armed, nuclear powered fleet; that she would once again become a great regional, if not global, power.


The catalyst which could bring about a sudden rush to produce nuclear weapons, even though its post-war constitution forbad it, is now in place. Today, as I write, South Korean and Japanese top level diplomats are visiting Washington to discuss the Korean situation.


If America truly were the global policeman; if we were truly the kind of global empire we seem to assume, we would do what the Israelis did in 1981 to Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor at Osirak, near Baghdad. The Israeli government sent a flight of F-16 fighter-bombers to Osirak, and blasted Saddam’s nuclear plant out of existence! They didn’t ask the Russians. They didn’t worry about Arab public opinion, since they are universally hated by all Islam in any event. They didn’t even ask their friend and sometimes mentor, the United States. They simply destroyed Saddam’s nuclear plant, which delayed him by at least twenty years in his aims.


The other day, as my wife and I stood in the stands watching the first units of the famed “Tournament of Roses Parade” pass by in Pasadena, California, America’s huge, bat-like stealth bomber flew directly overhead, followed by two F-117 stealth fighter-bombers. It was an unreal, awesome sight. The thunderous roar of those engines shook the shouting crowd of perhaps one million people lining Pasadena’s streets. It was a moving, sobering demonstration of awesome power! I could not help thinking that, IF the United States were truly fearless of that vague, unrealistic thing called “world public opinion” then what is the problem with North Korea? America would not need to worry itself about whether it can fight two wars at once if that huge bomber were used for something other than overflying parades.


Now, WATCH JAPAN! Watch for another round of a nuclear arms race in Asia!


Truly, we are living the times Christ described in His “Olivet Prophecy” of Matthew 24 and Luke 21! Our news is FILLED with “wars and rumors of wars” today!



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