A Time Of World Troubles Is Here!

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Jesus Christ warned this world would enter a time of world troubles; a time of "distress among nations," of natural disasters; of "wars and rumors of wars," and a time of great fear.

Consider:  NATO is deeply divided, as member states France, Germany and Belgium rebuffed fellow NATO member Turkey when it asked for help defending itself against anticipated attacks from Iraq if war breaks out.

The European Union is in disarray, with member states squabbling over the Iraq crisis; over sagging economies; over unfair government subsidies.

War looms at any moment as massive forces gather in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas, and in US bases in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Diego Garcia and Turkey.

The Turks demand MONEY in order to cooperate, true to the prophecies in Obadiah, which reveal the nature of the Edomites, or Esau, against his brother Jacob.

Saddam Hussein is moving his jet aircraft to widely dispersed Western Iraqi bases in an attempt to make it much more difficult for US and British warplanes to destroy them; has dispersed tanks and armored vehicles in residential areas, and around mosques; is allowing peace protestors to voluntarily use themselves as "human shields" around key military installations; is pretending to "ban weapons of mass destruction," while depending upon the growing anti-war movement all over the world to swing public opinion in his favor. Here in Australia, there were massive anti-war demonstrations recently, which threatened the very survival of Australia's Prime Minister, Mr. John Howard. Australia is sending its sparse contingent of US made F-18 Hornets to the Gulf, but is actually supplying only 1 per cent of the total force.

Most Americans were not told of the real casualties in the first Gulf War; few knew that a significant number of US aircraft were shot down, including the super-sophisticated F117 stealth fighter-bomber. While they might remember Saddam's SCUD hitting a US barracks in Riyadh, they remember little about the actual cost in US lives. This time, Saddam is tearing a page from the Japanese on Okinawa, who did not contest the US landings, but hunkered down in the infamous "Shuri Line" and stubbornly resisted US advances for several months, bringing the casualties on Okinawa to more than double those of Tarawa and Iwo Jima combined. Saddam is deploying his less skilled troops in an outer ring around Baghdad, and his loyal "Republican Guard" in an inner ring, hoping to draw the US into a house-by-house, block by block fight in the inner city, inflicting heavy casualties.

Because of US outrage over so-called "collateral damage," meaning the accidental killing of innocent civilians, and the reaction of the US public upon seeing the bruised faces of even one captured airman, let alone their revulsion at body bags, it may be safely assumed that the anti-war sentiments will mount into a fever pitch not unlike that of the Vietnam War.

Now, the US holds war games with about 22,000 of its 37,000 man garrison in South Korea, while the North Korean dictator screeches that the US is "getting ready to invade." Both South Korea and Japan are saying they are going to "rethink their nuclear option," which means they will be working feverishly to build their own nuclear arsenals and the means to deliver them.

LOOK at this sin-sick, afflicted, war-torn world today! Constant strife between the Jews and Arabs; a "war against terror" which is global in scope, involving more than one hundred nations; an imminent war in the Gulf; a threat of war in North Korea; NATO crumbling; the EU in disarray; the global economies tottering; drought, heavy snow storms which actually bring the US capital to a standstill; floods from melting snow; horrifying fiery death in crowded night clubs where mindless "heavy metal" blasts ear-destroying noises into the ears of drugged and drunk people who seek the ultimate orgiastic thrills and pay with their lives; mass murder; pedophilia; and, in the middle of it all, the mad search for physical, sensual satisfaction and temporary pleasures.

This morning, here in Sydney, my son Mark and I had two different "Newspapers" delivered to our hotel door. I was astounded. I had to page through SIXTY TWO PAGES of scandals, love trysts, a man denying he had "fathered her baby," the latest "celebrities" news, styles, fashion, society, diets, entertainment and travel, until finally, near the back of the thick Sunday edition I found only a page and a half about the possibility of a war in the Gulf! The front page was a HUGE color headline and picture, blasting "HE'S OUT!" It was about an Australian cricket player who had taken drugs!

As never before, God's people need to WAKE UP, and WATCH and pray as this world speeds toward the brink of upheavals unprecedented in all of world history!

Read Matthew 24 and Luke 21 again, and try to convince yourself you are NOT living in the times described there!

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