Ugly Anti-Americanism In France And Germany – Where Will It Lead?

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Everyone knows there is a huge amount of anti-American sentiment in France. Most should know that sentiment is also keenly felt in Germany, and, for that matter, elsewhere in Europe.

As a matter of fact, it is worldwide in scope.

Today, America and Britain are hated around the world. We are hated by the Islamic countries for our so-called “unjust war of aggression” against the “peace-loving Iraqi peoples.”

We are hated by the impoverished “third world” nations because of our wealth, and our affluent life styles. We are hated by the non-Christian religions (and by many nominal Christian Catholic countries) on religious and philosophical grounds.

That anti-American and anti-British sentiment is turning very ugly – especially in France.

Just today, I saw the disgusting and shameful picture of a monument for 11,000 fallen British soldiers in France disfigured by a swastika and words such as “Dig up your rubbish. It’s fouling our soil.” There were other equally ugly and hateful slogans: “Death to the Yankees” and “Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood.”

As you well know, xenophobia and racism are alive and well in MOST human hearts and minds. Traditionally, nations have had ugly and hateful slang terms for those of other nations.

Slurs like “Polack, Wop, Slope, Gook,” and the like have been commonly applied by those who hate the Polish, Italians, Vietnamese and Koreans. British and American troops during World War I and World War II referred to Germans as “Heinies,” or “Krauts.” The British called the French “frogs” from as far back as the Napoleonic wars, because of the French passion for eating amphibians and snails. For their part, the French and Americans, derisive of the British red coats, called them “Lobsters.” Today, a favorite slang term for the British in France is “Rosbeef,” or “Roast Beef,” again, in reference to national diet.

Of course, “Yank” is a common term for Americans. The vandals who defaced the British cemetery wrote, “Rosbeefs go home!” They also called both Bush and Blair “war criminals.” A spokesman for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission was quoted in a leading British daily newspaper, The Sun, as saying, “We are deeply offended. This is the strongest language and most vile graffiti I have witnessed at a war graves cemetery. The suggestion that the bodies of soldiers who died for France should be dug up is particularly foul.”

The Sun article pointed out that the cemetery holds those who gave their lives fighting on behalf of France at the Somme and at Ypres during World War I, as well as those who died on French soil fighting against the Nazis. Referring to the fact that the dead soldiers had been decorated for bravery, some by the highest possible French medal, Mr. Roy said, “Almost every British regiment has war dead here. This insults just about the entire British Army.”

Anti-British feeling has been whipped up in France since President Jacques Chirac refused to let the UN back action against Iraq.

Shockingly, a recent poll revealed that about three quarters of the French population hope the US/UK led coalition will lose the war against Saddam!

Of course, apologists are quick to point out that such polls can change dramatically with events, that they are not always reliable, and that they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the government itself. That is true to a degree in the US, where vicious and mounting anti-war protests are taking on a distinct anti-American hue; with various and sundry special interest groups from Marxists/Leninists to gays and lesbians; from abortionists to animal rights activists; from leftist liberals to “green” environmentalists. So long as the demonstration expresses dissatisfaction with the government any number of anti-government people gleefully jump on the bandwagon.

Anti-Americanism is particularly virulent in Germany! Michael Burkert, an officer in the US Army stationed in Germany, has submitted many articles which have been published in our church newspaper, The Intercontinental News. Living and working among the German people, he is particularly well aware of that sentiment; sees it every day.

He also sees a continual growth, once again, of anti-Semitism; the defacing of synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, and the support both from government and the private sector for the Palestinian cause.

The German Defense Minister, Joschka Fischer, has a checkered past. At one time, according to an article written by a top Rumanian undercover agent, Fischer was involved with such known terrorists and terrorist organizations as “Carlos the Jackal” and those who had been a part of the infamous “Bader-Meinhof Gang,” which carried out terrorist attacks.  In an article by William Horsley, BBC’s European Affairs Analyst, entitled “Joschka Fischer’s Three Lives,” Horsley wrote, “He opposed the Vietnam war, and mixed with the likes of ‘Danny the Red’ – the radical student leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit – as well as figures such as Hans-Joachim Klein, a suspected kidnapper and murderer who is now standing trial for his part in the 1975 attack on an OPEC oil ministers meeting in which three people died.”

Fischer, now on his fourth marriage, was involved in the German “Green” party.

In his book, Berlin’s New Anti-American Axis, Ion Mihai Pacepa, former secret agent of the Rumanian government, writes how what he calls “Fischerism” is spreading in Germany. He said, “On February 10, 2003, the government of Germany began building a new, anti-American Berlin-Moscow-Paris Axis. As one of the former Soviet bloc experts on German matters (and chief of a bloc intelligence station in West Germany), I had been waiting for something like that to happen ever since October 1998, when Joschka Fischer became Germany's foreign minister.”

Pacepa had been active in underground activities during the Communist control of Rumania, and had known Fischer personally. He said, “Fischer is an indirect product of the old anti-American intelligence community to which I once belonged. In 1975 Libya's dictator, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, informed Romania's tyrant, Nicolae Ceausescu – through me – that he was preparing a terrorist attack against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and asked my boss to provide him with blueprints of OPEC's temporary headquarters in Vienna. Ceausescu agreed, and the Romanian espionage service (the DIE) complied. The December 1975 takeover of OPEC's headquarters in Vienna resulted in the seizure of 60 OPEC officials and staff members as hostages. The kidnapping was organized by Qaddafi and the infamous Ilich Ramírez Sánchez – ‘Carlos’ or ‘the Jackal.’”

In his upcoming book, Pacepa implicates Fischer as having had ties to Sanchez, or “The Jackal.” Fischer has of course denied any ties.

Recently, the BBC reported that Fischer had “...stirred new passions over Europe by proposing the ultimate creation of a true "European government" for a federal Europe, with a much smaller role for the nation states.”

This is not new, but it resonated in the minds and hearts of many Europeans, who long to see the creation of a European Super State, able to challenge the United States and Britain; able to assume what they believe to be “Europe’s rightful place” in world affairs.

The French hope to lead any such union. So do the Germans. So do the Russians. However it plays out, and the ultimate “United States of Europe,” if it adopts that title, is created, it is most likely a man who is specifically approved by and given the blessing of the Pope in Rome who will be the president of the new federal Europe.

Many years ago, in October of 1968, I wrote of an interview with a predecessor of Fischer’s; Mr. Franz Josef Strauss, conducted in his office in Bonn. The late Mr. Strauss was, like Fischer, known for his brashness. He once had the editorial staff of the German publication “Der Spiegel” arrested and thrown in jail for publishing what Strauss perceived as anti-government charges. This Nazi-like activity cost him, temporarily, his political career in Bonn. Known as “The Bully of Bavaria, and the Gentleman of Bonn,” Strauss told me, “One of our major conditions is that the desire for admission to the Common Market is not based upon the motivation to impede political integration. We want ... members who are ready and prepared to join us on the way toward a political integration with the long-run goal of the United States of Europe. I believe the Europeans should take more responsibility for their defense...”

Strauss said to me, “I see as the only chance ... that of building up a Europe – integrating the Federal Republic of Germany into that Europe and building bridges from an attractive, economically powerful, political and influential Europe which can defend herself – including a nuclear potential – to add to the power of the Europeans.”

As I wrote in an earlier commentary, growing anti-Americanism and anti-British sentiments are going to become significant influences in helping drive a much wider wedge between the US and Europe; between the UK and Europe!

A United States of Europe is coming! It will be a HUGE SUPERPOWER, able to challenge the US and UK for world dominance! It will fulfill prophecy! Read my many earlier commentaries along this same line, and do not forget to read my book “Europe and America in Prophecy.”

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