After Saddam, Then What?

By Garner Ted Armstrong

In a post-Saddam Iraq, all will not be rosy. While millions of Americans and Britons will sigh with relief especially those whose loved ones will be coming home alive and while the non-stop coverage of television cameras of billowing smoke, fiery explosions, burning tanks and dead bodies will fade away, chaos lies ahead.

Already, numbers of exiled Iraqis have moved from northern Iraq to the south, around Basra, ostensibly to be on the ground floor in order to form a "provisional government." The US is reportedly not enamored with these men. Instead, they have appointed a US general to head up such a provisional government, in President Bush's words, "until the Iraqi people have proved they can govern themselves."

Do not believe for one moment that when the bombs stop falling and the US and UK troops have won the day that the dying will stop. There will continue to be suicide bombings, sporadic ambushes, sniping, and Iraqis killing Iraqis in vengeance killings.

There is an old Lebanese saying that goes like this: "There is a stick lying in a barnyard. It is thoroughly covered with barnyard offal. If one desires to pick up the stick, it does not matter whether with two forefingers on each end, just thumb and forefinger in the middle, or with the whole hand, one will nevertheless get that offal on one's hands."

After Saddam, the US and UK face the sticky problem of dealing with a people who will smile and appear to cooperate, simply because they have seen (in their minds) the replacement of one government from the barrel of a gun with another government from the government of a gun. Shiites hate Sunnis. Sunnis hate Shiites. Kurds hate them both, and both hate the Kurds. Yet, any government which represents the "Iraqi people" will have to include representatives of all three, plus representatives of many other tribes and clans. It will need to include women anathema to the male-dominated Islamists of the Mideast, but necessary from the point of view of western governments who are well along the road to the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy, "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them" (Isaiah 3:12). Women's rights; women's lib, etc., through the UN, already being invited to participate, will rule the day.

Prepare yourself to see the US inheriting yet another virtually endless involvement in a volatile country which is filled with anti-US, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hatreds; a country to which "Jihad" is a way of life.

As in Afghanistan, where sporadic attacks are still targeting Americans, Iraq will prove to be a Lebanese stick in a barn yard.

It is vitally important that the US forces uncover absolute proof of the presence of weapons of mass destruction; proof which cannot be denied, and which is plainly shown. Even then, of course, millions of Islamic people will believe it is a hoax, and deny it. But the leadership in Europe, Russia and China needs to see the proof.

As I write, Iraqis are sorting through the rubble of a restaurant which received four 2,000 pound precision guided bombs, blasting a hole 60 feet deep, in which it was believed Saddam Hussein, his two sons Uday and Qusay, and other top officials were meeting. Unless US troops can have western forensic experts on the ground to identify the bodies, it may never be known for sure that they managed to kill Saddam.

Again, unless it is proved to nervous Shiites in Basra that Saddam is truly gone, they will continue to be reluctant to participate wholeheartedly in any post Saddam reconstruction efforts, remembering what happened following the first Gulf war, when their uprising was brutally put down by mass murder by Saddam's troops.

A Lebanese barnyard stick, indeed.

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