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10 Worst earthquakes in 2016
Times of India

Here is a list of 10 biggest earthquakes in 2016, by magnitude. Of these, the worst were the ones that struck Indonesia, Ecuador, Russia, US and Japan. The most fatal, so far, have been those that struck Ecuador, Japan, Taiwan (6.4 magnitude so it does not feature on the list) and India.

7.8 Ecuador 16 April
7.8 Sumatra 2 March
7.2 Kamchatka 30 January
7.1 Alaska 24 January
7.0 Japan 15 April
6.9 Myanmar 13 April
6.9 Vanuatu 3 April
6.7 India 3 January
6.7 Japan 14 January
6.7 Vanuatu 6 April

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