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Alone in a World of Enemies

Israel jittery after US-Saudi Arabia multi-billion dollar military deal
Paul McLoughim

Israel has voiced concerns about a $110 billion arms deal signed by the US and Saudi Arabia on Saturday, saying it wants answers from President Donald Trump.

The deal will see Riyadh gain some of the world's most sophisticated military equipment, and underlines the warming in relations between Saudi Arabia and US - Israel's key backer.

Yuval Steinitz, a close aide of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, said that Israel must "hear the explanations" of the deal when President Donald Trump arrives in Israel on Monday.

Arms for the region

Trump is in Saudi Arabia for his first overseas visit as president where the multi-billion dollar arms deal - which could stretch out to $380 billion over ten years - was signed.

Secretary of State Rex Hillerson signalled that the weapons were meant to strengthen Saudi Arabia against its regional rival Iran.

Despite this - and Israel's own rivalry with Iran - Steinitz said it is imperative for Israel to have a military advantage over others in the region.

"[Saudi Arabia] is not a country that we have diplomatic relations with... it is still a hostile country and nobody knows what the future holds," Steinitz said, according to AFP.

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