Another Collapse!!

Grave Danger To Temple Mount Structural Integrity


It has been almost a year ago that my Dad, Garner Ted Armstrong, wrote the booklet “When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down...” His attention to this matter was the result of reports of a structural bulge in the outer wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is the site of the “holiest places” to both the Jews and the Arabs. As many of his faithful readers and listeners will remember, this large bulge (covering 2045 square feet) was regarded with great alarm and seen as having potentially great significance for a whole host of reasons. He told of the racial and political tensions over the delicate matter of whose engineers would assess the damage and manage the repairs.

For political reasons it was decided that Jordanian engineers would attend to the repairs and assess structural deficiencies. He asked the following question related to using political considerations to select engineers rather than relying on the most knowledgeable and qualified regardless of race or nationality, “But suppose the effort not only fails, but their work causes a collapse?

“Suppose it were to occur when thousands of Muslim worshipers were adding their weight to the stone pavement atop the wall...”

You get the idea. Many may have the booklet. If not, we intend to keep it in print, possibly expanding the contents as he would have and updating it as events warrant.

And now there has been a secondary collapse! This time an interior wall near the Islamic Museum.

My Dad wrote the following words, looking forward to future structural failure or collapse. “Who would be blamed? Israel, of course even though they are going out of their way to insure only Muslim engineers are involved.” How right he was! Witness the following quote from yesterday’s World Net Daily article, “The Islamic Waqf said the failure was the result of ‘the Israeli intervention in our work and preventing us from maintaining it after we stated it was in urgent need for a rapid action to prevent its collapse.’”

So, Israel brought in the Jordanian engineers but refused to grant them the access necessary to fix the problem!?! Again, Dad’s words ring clearly. Dr. Eliat Mazar, Israeli archeologist of the Hebrew University and a member of the Committee Against the Destruction of the Antiquities on the Temple Mount, was quoted liberally in my Dad’s booklet. He is again quoted in the most recent WND article saying, “It looks terrible. This collapse might cause a terrific series of collapses.”

As my prolific, articulate, and fearless father often pointed out, Jerusalem is the focal point of world history and of biblical prophecy. He sent me there as a representative and correspondent for a period of a year and a half in the mid 70’s, because the post was vacant, and because he thought it would be of lifelong educational value. The booklet he wrote just under a year ago cites the clear biblical passages which detail the enormous events, the violence, the political, religious and supernatural future which lie ahead for Jerusalem.

I noticed in one of the most inaccurate reports I saw on my father’s life and ministry, (from a paper which is getting quite a reputation for inaccuracy) the characterization of his message as one of gloom and doom. They obviously never read “The Best News..,” or for that matter, the Holy Bible! There is some bad news ahead, and there is no need to read or request the booklet “When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down... unless you have the fortitude for what the Bible has to say about the events to come.

Mark Armstrong

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