Will Appeasement Save the Day?


At a time when nearly all America's allies (save Britain and Australia) and enemies alike are calling on the Bush administration to pull out of Iraq and turn governance of the country over to the UN, the UN is PULLING OUT!!

Maybe just out of Baghdad, and maybe just temporarily, they say. What if our troops did that? Maybe just 'till things cool down a little.

The terrorists in Iraq are targeting not just U.S. soldiers, but the RED CROSS, the UN office complex, and police station full of Iraqi policemen. What kind of mindless hatred drives these people? ABC News reports that U.S. troops "are suffering an average of 33 attacks per day," and that 117 have been killed since the initial invasion, during which 114 were lost. Will the U.S. lose its resolve?

It is obvious that Iraq would descend into total anarchy if American forces were to pull out now. Maybe Saddam would resurface and murder his way back into power. While the reports of constant attacks against U.S. military and international civilian targets give the impression that Iraq is already a quagmire of anarchy, a U.S. congressman just returning from several days in Baghdad reports that everyday activity there is surprisingly normal.

The war in Iraq is THE major political football here in the U.S., and is being used by many to set the tone of debate leading up to next year's Presidential elections. Those wishing to assure that George W. Bush will be a one-term President want us to believe there were no "weapons of mass destruction." The whole thing was a deception. A political ruse designed to boost support for an unpopular administration. It had nothing to do with "the war on terror" or September 11.

U.S. intelligence, so maligned by current political contenders, now reports that careful study of satellite images during the months leading up to the U.S.-led invasion reveal "...convoys of Iraqi trucks that poured into Syria in February and March 2004," according to WorldTribune.com. There is also some suspicion that weapons may have gone to Iran.

How could Iraq have transferred or concealed these weapons? We only telegraphed the invasion for one full year! Openly begged, with hat in hand on bended knee, the United Nations and "former" European allies to support the War in Iraq, but to no avail. There were many months for Saddam Hussein to transfer and or conceal his deadly agents or toxins.

The next bombshell coming down the pike is legislation for U.S. taxpayers to ante up $87 billion, never to be repaid, to be spent on rebuilding Iraq, and another $65 billion to maintain troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Are We Winning the War on Terror?

News reports tell us we remain under the constant threat of attack. The headline on World Net Daily today reads, "al-Qaida Training Manual Shows Seaports Top Target." Another article details fears associated with an al-Qaida suspect and missing reactor materials, which could be used for a "dirty bomb." Another deals with evidence that power grids are being sabotaged.

Meanwhile, in keeping with the administration's stance that "Islam is a religion of peace," and "We are not at war with Islam," Muslim clerics have been offering up prayers from inside the White House! The current administration, for all its strengths, seems bent on placating enemies. We've watched it unfold in the political arena with ever-increasing Big Government programs. We've seen it on the international scene, not only at the United Nations, but also with our so-called allies who have funded and armed enemies of the United States in the Middle East.

It is a policy designed to blunt criticism, but it never works. George W. Bush is still maligned and hated by political opponents. Europe remains condescending toward the U.S. and treats Americans overseas with contempt.

Recent history has some sobering lessons to teach us regarding the appeasement of enemies. The example of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler seems too extreme to apply. Then again, isn't it possible that the formula we see at work – with our involvement in the Middle East, supporting Israel while trying to convince the Arab world that they are "moderate" and not our enemies – is leading inevitably toward a scenario that even the best political and military advisors cannot foresee.

As my Dad, Garner Ted Armstrong, wrote in his recent column, "ISLAM IS AT WAR WITH AMERICA, Europe and Israel. But we are NOT at war with Islam!"

The alignments shaping up, with Europe opposing the U.S. and Israel, and remaining passive toward radical elements in the Middle East over financial and OIL concerns, may well comprise the beginnings of a Third World War. Does that sound sensationalist? I'm not the first to say it. And it won't be the last time you'll hear it.