The NEW Anti-Semitism End Time Factor?

By Michael Burkert


Something has changed! After the horrors of World War II, people in the western world believed that it could never happen againHowever today, the evidence is unmistakable that anti-Semitism is dramatically on the rise once more.  The torching of European synagogues, homicide bombing terror in Israel, the relentless comparison of the Israelis to Nazis, the paranoid post-September 11 Internet-bred conspiracy theories, the Holocaust denial literature spreading throughout the Arab world, the calumny and violence erupting on American college campuses.  THERE IS NOW, THRUST UPON US, A NEW ANTI-SEMITISM THAT IS WIDESPREAD, AND ACCEPTABLE.


Have you ever wondered what it is about Jews that makes people dislike them so much?  How is it that the ancient Tribe of Judah, one of the original Tribes of Israel, still recognizable by the adherence to the weekly Sabbath, the annual Holy Days, and other Biblical founded doctrines of faith is thought of as “evil, cunning, or sneaky"?  As anti-Semitism once again rises to new levels in Europe, can the rest of the world be far from adopting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes, policies and actions?


With the exception of the Golden Age of Israel, when all of the tribes enjoyed world domination, the Jews have been outcasts, pariahs and treated as the scourge of mankind.  Since the early times of human civilization and during much of the history of mankind, the Jews have been vilified, hated, persecuted and murdered.  Yet they have survived every attempt of annihilation.  The Jews survived the persecution of Rome and the armies of Titus.  They survived the hard wandering years of the Diaspora.  They survived the Inquisition brought upon them by the Roman Catholic Church; they survived the pogroms perpetrated in Czarist Russia.  UNDER THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE ODDS, they survived the Holocaust of 1933-45, forced upon them by the Nazis. 


How is this possible?  Nearly every society since the time of Jesus Christ has absolutely HATED the Jews, yet they remain a viable, vibrant element of western civilization.  The Jewish State of Israel, which more accurately should be called the State of Judah, remains a strong, democratic nation in the Middle East.   In fact, Israel is the ONLY democratic nation extant in the Middle East.


May 1945 ended the Second World War and Hitler’s Third Reich.  The defeat was absolute.  Not only had the victorious allies destroyed the German nation’s ability to wage war, the NATIONAL WILL to wage war was destroyed as well.  The aftermath of the war seemed to once and for all, be the end of German militarism, and the desire of Germans to be a domineering nation.  For fifty years, there existed a great national remorse for having caused the Second World War, and the near destruction of European Jewry.  That time is now at an end.   


A new generation is coming of age in Germany.  The new generation of Germans is tired of seeing their country constantly vilified for things that happened 60 years ago. They’re tired of being told that their grandfathers were butchers and evil men.  They’re tired of seeing their nation denigrated in Hollywood movies as always being the “bad guys.”  They are particularly irked over Hollywood’s propensity to insert evil, nasty and cruel GERMANS into non-World War II historically set movies and television programs where in reality, there were never any Germans present, let alone evil, nasty and cruel Germans.  This has fueled an increasing anti-American attitude, coupled with the growing anti-Israel attitude.    


Young Germans, who will soon assume the reigns of power in this nation, are also tired of endless reparations being paid to Israel, and to Holocaust survivors.  There is anger growing over the way Germany and Germans are still treated as a result of their loss of the war.  Most are beginning to think that enough is enough.  Yet in reality, what’s emerging is something in the national psyche.  The ages old desire for greatness.  There exists today a burning hope of a renewed, invigorated and once again powerful Germany.  The old slogan, Deutschland Wird Gross Wieder, or GERMANY WILL BE GREAT AGAIN, is being whispered amongst not only the elderly, but also the young!  Unfortunately, there is another slogan that is rearing its ugly head, and that is, “Die Juden Sind Unser Unglück,” or THE JEWS ARE OUR MISFORTUNE.     


Negative feelings toward the Jews did not die with Nazi Germany.  Anti-Semitism simply went dormant for a few decades, as there were relatively few Jews remaining in Germany after 1945.  The population had been decreased from a high of 500,000 to only 25,000 by wars end.  Many of those fled the shattered nation of their birth for new lives in Israel, the United States and a few other nations willing to accept them.  Towards the turn of the 21st century, there were still around 25,000 German Jews living and working in Germany. However, the Deutsche Blut Rechte, or Blood Law, the original “right of return” instituted under Kaiser Wilhelm I, guaranteed that Germans (Jews not- withstanding) could always find a home in the German Fatherland.   Today, many Russian Jews who claim to be of German blood flock into Germany.  Jews are coming from other eastern nations, much as they did in the late 18th and 19th Centuries.  They are coming back seeking the same opportunities they always have.  A place to build a life for their families.  A place where they have the opportunity to succeed and live in peace.  Unfortunately, Germany will most likely be unable and unwilling to allow them to fulfill their aspirations. 


The rise in the Jewish population is not setting well in some segments of German society.  While the overall Jewish population is not much over 130,000, the Muslim population stands at over SEVEN MILLION.  Accordingly, much of the anti-Jewish activity is not related to the neo-Nazis who hope to one day rule this country, but to the dissatisfied, disenchanted Muslim population.  Millions of disgruntled immigrant Muslims will not take kindly to seeing immigrant Jews prospering where they have failed.  


Anti-Semitism equals the sum of anti-Israelism, anti-Americanism and anti-Britishism.  The three elements of anti-Semitic activities and hatred in Germany are summed up as stated.  In the years that I have lived in Germany, I have never witnessed the degree of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred that I see today. 


Anti-Semitism is not something that Germans wear on their sleeves anymore.  There are laws that are supposed to make anti-Semitism something of the past.  So, the majority of spoken anti-Semitism is under the table, so to speak.  It’s in comments about “Jews this,” or “Jews that.”  It is widely believed that Jews arranged for the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  It’s also widely believed that the normal complement of Jews working in the Twin Towers was close to 3,000 people, and that they ALL called in sick on the morning of September 11, 2001.  The fact is that there were Jewish as well as Muslim men and women who died on 9/11. 


The Germans widely believe that the United States is “controlled by Jews.”  Did you know that “George Bush took us to war, because some Jew ordered him to do so?”  To me, these beliefs are most comical.  Yet many Germans and non-Germans alike have bought in to such theories.


The number of anti-Semitic political parties is increasing.  The numbers of new members in all right-wing parties is on the increase as well.  Make no mistake about it; they aren’t all punk rockers or “skinheads” anymore.  Anti-Semitic politics is gaining broad legitimacy in Germany due to the number of professional, academic and business people who are taking a new look at a very old idea.    


Something has changed.  The revulsion once a given in the nation that murdered more Jews in the shortest period of time ever, is once again leaning toward the same philosophies, doctrines and attitudes that led to the destruction of their nation in 1945.

A German school teacher I once spoke with at our local Volkswagen garage so decorously stated, “Why should we protect a few Jews, and INFURIATE our much vaster MUSLIM population?”  I see his point, as I also am here to witness the growing “Islamization” of not only Germany, but also Europe as a whole.  So what’s to become of Germany’s Jews?  What of France’s Jews or the rest of the Jewish populations of the so-called “liberal democracies”?  Will the current tide of anti-Semitism end soon?  Will the peoples of Europe FINALLY allow the Jews to live in peace and security?  Hardly.  Will the Jews ever be safe in Germany?  Can they ever be safe in Europe?  Sadly, the answer is no.


The tiny nation of Israel is the only safe haven for the vast majority of Jewish people.  Outside of the United States, which also has a growing anti-Semitic problem, where else can Jews live in peace, freedom and security?  Israel is the only place, yet support for Israel is on the decline.  In fact, support for Israel is in a nosedive.  Israel is ABSOLUTELY HATED by BILLIONS of people around the world!  That hatred is not on the wane.  Quite the contrary.  The partisan press in our country, allied with the anti-Israel, anti-American and a growing anti-British world press continues to vilify the Israelis, while sugar coating the atrocities perpetrated against Israelis by the Palestinians. 


The World Court, under the auspices of the United Nations has ruled that the security wall Israel is building, to protect her citizens, must be torn down.  Apparently, it’s more palatable to the “esteemed justices” of the World Court to count dead Jews, than to protect them.  The General Assembly of the United Nations voted to demand that Israel tear down the security wall.  Only SIX member nations, one of which was the United States, voted in Israel’s favor.  That General Assembly vote said much.  IT SAID THAT ANTI-SEMITISM IS ONCE AGAIN POPULAR, IN FASHION, AND ACCEPTABLE!


That we are in the End Times is becoming more and more obvious every day.  How much time do we have?  It’s hard to say.  The 25-nation European Union is unlikely to be able to sustain itself.  The European Union is a liberal socialist union, which emphasizes the individual getting something for nothing.  Social welfare programs are not decreasing in the EU.  Driven largely by the French, social welfare benefits are on the increase.  However, fewer people are working.  Due to confiscatory tax policies, German industry is stagnant, and old line German firms such as Mercedes Benz, Walther Arms, Zeiss Cameras, and others are re-locating manufacturing facilities to nations where favorable tax laws and less restrictive employment regulations favor doing business.  Due to such high salaries, and low productivity, Lufthansa, the German National Airlines, is considering moving ALL of their scheduled maintenance facilities to a location outside of Germany.


The current unemployment figures that the German government will admit to, exceed 9.5 MILLION WORKERS.  That’s nearly double the unemployment figure when Hitler was VOTED into office.  What made it possible for Hitler to become the Chancellor of Germany was ECONOMIC DISASTER.  There’s one on the radarscope now. 


Anti-Semitism may well become a rallying cry for a new German leader to rise up out of the European Union, and once again set Germany and a final coalition on course.  Most of the woes and worries may again be blamed on the Jews again.  You don’t think it can happen?  Did you ever think you’d see the Berlin Wall come down?  Despite Garner Ted Armstrong insisting that it would, I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.  Yet that wall came down.


The problem with anti-Semitism is that discrimination against one religious group rarely ends there.  You can count on rising anti-Semitism in Germany, the rest of Europe and eventually the United States. 


It may well play importantly into the end time scenario predicted in Bible prophecy.


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