by Michael Burkert


Although our pessimistic, partisan media would have you believe that only gloom and doom will result in Iraq, there are many indications that great progress is being made.  Thousands of Iraqis now have clean water available, for the first time in years.  Electric service has been restored to many parts of the nation, where it had been sorely absent.  Life in many aspects is returning to normal.  Iraqis themselves line up to join the new Iraqi Army.  They volunteer to serve as policemen, a most dangerous profession in this terrorist infested nation.  A new internationally recognized currency has been launched.  The foundations of a new post-Saddam Iraq have been laid down.


That old B’aathists and Al-Qaeda operatives still exist in Iraq is a problem, but one that the Iraqis themselves will most likely resolve.  Make no mistake about it; there are dark forces in Iraq and the entire Gulf region who do not want democracy to take even a small hold in Iraq.  The Shiite faction, supported by Iranian Ayatollahs and Mullahs are not at all easy at the thought that the Shiite majority in Iraq just might get a chance to live in freedom.


Eventually, the Iraqi people themselves will have enough of terrorism, and make every effort possible to eradicate this scourge from their cities and towns.  The key to winning against terror in Iraq is the participation of the Iraqis themselves.  Human intelligence can only be obtained by Iraqis who report the movements, activities and intentions of terrorists.  No western soldier can be infiltrated into an Iraqi neighborhood to glean such information.  It has to come from the Iraqis, and it will.


Additionally, for an insurgency to survive it has to have several elements in its favor.  First, it has to have the willing support of the indigenous population.  The current insurgency does not enjoy indigenous support.  The Iraqi people are fed up with the terrorists.  Second, it has to have OUTSIDE supplies of weapons, cash and political support.  If the United States, and the new Iraqi government can cut-off the outside resources being furnished to the terrorists and insurgents, the insurgency will eventually fade away.    


What is becoming more and more apparent to the military in Iraq is the amount of aid and assistance the terrorists are receiving from next door Iran.  There are many reasons why the Mullahs are supporting terrorism in Iraq, the most commonly discussed reason is the threat of Sunni Muslims, once again ruling over a Shiite majority.  The Mullahs are not going to stand by idly, and allow that to happen.  Another reason is that Tehran is keen on seeing another Shiite Islamic theocracy created in Iraq.




Iran feels threatened, and rightfully so.  United States conventional forces overwhelmed the vaunted Iraqi army twice, before their very eyes.  The Mullahs, despite their deceptive rhetoric know that the same fate might be waiting for them, if they don’t act.  For this reason, the so-called “holy man” and Muslim cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr has received support from Tehran.  He no doubt would love to become the next Caliph of Baghdad.


Iran is surrounded by nuclear-armed neighbors.  Russia, Pakistan AND Israel are all potential enemies.  The presence of United States military forces are also reasons for the Mullahs to live in a state of panic.  They realize that there is a way to avoid confrontations and hostilities, but they fully believe that for them to do so, they would be betraying Islam as they know it.  For this reason the not-so-secret quest to become a NUCLEAR ARMED country has created a well known SENSE OF URGENCY to Iran’s Mullahs. 


The “holy men” are flat out scared!  While they know that they can thumb their noses at an impotent, corrupted and ineffective UN, a body that they hold in contempt, the threat of an American invasion is ever on their minds! 


As was the case for Iraq, both Washington and London could anytime adopt a REGIME CHANGE policy regarding Iran.  Surely there is justification for such a policy.  Iran is a KNOWN SUPPORTER of international terrorism.  Iran is KNOWN to be helping terrorist insurgents in Iraq.  It’s also well KNOWN that Iran has funded and supplied Hezbollah, the sworn enemy of Israel, for years.  The Muslim theocracy extant is brutal, intolerant, and hostile to its neighbors.  Most certainly, a nuclear armed Iran will flex its muscles by creating a situation of NUCLEAR TERRORISM, if not outright nuclear attack!


The United States knows that it can’t count on the UN for assistance in this part of the world.  Therefore, it’s highly likely that the US Armed Forces will be ordered to rectify the situation.  There will be a situation soon, where a critical decision by the US President will have to be made.  Do we deal with Iran WITHOUT NUCLEAR WEAPONS, or do we wait and deal with Iran WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS?  That will be the president’s dilemma.  An agonizing dilemma at that. 




That an effort to neutralize the Iranian nuclear program is in the works cannot be discounted.  The recent announced sale of “bunker buster” bombs to Israel is a clear sign that something is in the works.  The Mullahs remember well, the successful 1981 Osirak air-raid conducted by the Israeli Air Force against Iraq.  That raid essentially ended Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program for years.  Could such a raid flown against Iran’s nuclear facilities be in the offing?  It is most likely to happen.


The end of the Mullahs stranglehold on Iran may soon come to pass.  IRAN MAY BE THE NEXT member of the “Axis of Evil,” to be eliminated as a threat to the family of nations. 


The Israelis are convinced that the mad clerics in Iran would happily launch nuclear strikes against Israel if they possess the capability to do so.  Israel can’t allow that to happen.  The United States can’t allow that to happen.  The UN is helpless to stop the Iranian nuclear program and the rest of the world realizes this fact.




That we live in a troubled world is ever apparent.  Mankind is simply never going to bring about any semblance of a lasting peace.  The deceived multitudes of this earth’s peoples will never settle down and enjoy life together.  Garner Ted Armstrong preached for 50 years, that in the End Times, the times we now face, life will become very unstable for most of this world.


Prophesy is unfolding around us at an ever increasing pace.  The Book of Daniel reveals to us that at the time of the end, troubles in the Middle East will serve as a precursor for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.   The Bible is a Middle Eastern Book, and End Time Events will revolve around this very volatile region.


Jesus Christ Himself told us in Matthew 24:7-8, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.  All of these are the beginnings of sorrows.”


Jesus also said in Matthew 24:21-22, “For then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor shall ever be.  And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved; but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”


End time events will soon usher in a new age.  It will be a new age in which Jesus Christ will rule this world.  Only then will we have peace on earth.  Your Bible clearly explains what is in our future.  It is going to happen, and it’s going to happen soon.  

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