LONG FACES IN ROME                              


By Michael Burkert


An amazing event occurred on October 29, 2004 in Rome.  Representatives of all 25 nations of the European Union signed an agreement, which will establish a constitution for the multiple nations of the EU.  As fireworks lit the evening sky in Rome, I witnessed no exuberance or any other type of excitement here in Germany. 


It was actually a “ho-hum” day in Germany.  Nobody paid any particular attention to the latest European Union event.  In short, there was no enthusiasm or excitement at all, where I live.  I asked several of my German neighbors if they were excited about the new EU Constitution, and they exhibited nothing but non-concern.  The comments I heard were that the events in Rome, “were those things arranged by the French.”  So goes the “exciting” new constitution that if ratified, will constitute the law in Europe.


I did notice that absolutely no excitement whatsoever was displayed by the many prime ministers, presidents, and other heads of state that attended the signing of the agreement in ROME.  What I saw were many scowls, many looks of sorrow and many looks of desperation.  I saw long faces in Rome, the look of little or no hope, the look of despair.  Why?  Why weren’t the men and women present for this historical event jubilant, excited and forward-looking?  After all, the European Union has crossed a critical threshold toward the final establishment of the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.  Or have they?


German’s Deep Disregard For France


Regardless of what you see or hear in the very partisan press in our country, the Germans do not like the French.  There is an extremely deep dislike and distrust of the French.  The average German man or woman has a deeply ingrained antipathy for France and the French.  It doesn’t matter that Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is currently the “best buddy” of French President Jacques Chirac.  The average German has absolutely NO USE AT ALL for the French or anything French.  They do like the wine, but beyond that, I can’t think of much else that Germans appreciate about their next-door neighbors. 


Most Germans believe that the French have a deep desire for naked power, and they intend to rule the European Union, AND USE THE GERMAN NATION AS THE MEANS OF DOING SO.  The average German on the street has no illusions about what the French REALLY are all about?  France intends to rule all of Europe, and the Germans know it.  Despite Liberal Socialism extant, France has long, been the traditional enemy of Germany, and the Germans also, realize this fact.  So what of the new constitution?  Does it have a chance of being ratified and in place by 2007?  Probably not.


The bottom line is this: The EU Constitution was signed in Rome on October 29, 2004.  It requires ratification of all the 25-nations.  Nine or more of the current 25-nation union plan to put the charter constitution to a national referendum.  That doesn’t include Germany.  In Germany, the government decides for the people.  Whatever Chancellor Schröder decides for the German nation, the German people will have no choice or option other than to follow the lead of Schröder.  In this manner, the Schröder government has raised taxes 49 times since assuming power from the Christian Democratic Union, (CDU).   


This has already raised the ire of such political parties as the CDU, the main opposition to Schröder’s Socialist Party (SPD).  Interesting to note is that the National Democratic Party (NPD) of Germany recently won over six percent of the vote in Saxon-Anhalt, in the eastern part of Germany.  This has propelled the NPD into the state legislature of Saxon Anhalt.  This is a first for the NPD, but most likely only a beginning. 


I have read some of the NPD’s proclamations and the party will no doubt be heard from more in the future, as End Time events continue to unfold.  The NPD may well play a key part in the rise of a great dictator and his universal church cohort in Germany and Europe.


Specifics of the EU Constitution


The preamble of the new EU Constitution reads as follows:


“Europe is based in equality of persons, freedom, respect for reason, and draws inspiration from the cultural religious and HUMANIST [my emphasis] inheritance of Europe.  The people of Europe are determined to transcend their ancient divisions and united, ever more closely to forge a common destiny.”


Much to the chagrin of Pope John Paul II, nowhere is the word “GOD,” or the words “Roman Catholic Church,” found in any of the articles of the constitution.  This has also raised the ire of many nominal Christians in Europe, that God apparently has no place in the European Union.    Accordingly, Vatican support for the ratification of the EU Constitution will most likely be somewhat diluted.  The Vatican may withdraw ALL support for the new EU Constitution unless GOD and the Church of Rome are given a piece of the action. 


Fundamental rights are included in the 50-article document.  The rights identified include the right to freedom of speech, religion, and sexual preference as well as the right to shelter, education and collective bargaining.  Included is the “fair working conditions clause.”  This will no doubt prove to be a subjective clause, and the courts will have a heyday with this one in the ensuing months and years.   


The EU Constitution declares that the flag, the symbol of the union will be the blue background, 12 golden circled stars.  The Union Anthem is declared to be Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”  Despite the new song, there appears to be little joy in Europe.  Naturally, the constitution provides for a European President.  The president is not to be chosen by the people in a European election, rather the EU Council will choose the president for a single five-year term of office. 


Overshadowing the signing of the intent to consolidate European law under a single constitution is the dispute over the makeup of the next EU Executive.  The problem is the conservative Italian nominee, Rocco Buttiglione.  The majority of the 732 member EU Parliament opposes Mr. Buttiglione because of his outspoken attitude toward homosexuals.  He has expressed his opinion that the homosexual lifestyle is a sin, and an abomination in the eyes of God.  Mr. Buttiglione is a confidant of the pope, and has opined that women are better off married to men.  Consequently, the homosexual-oriented EU Parliament opposes his continued tenure.  EU governors are NOT GOING TO FORSAKE THEIR HOMOSEXUAL CONSTITUENCIES


Under the terms of the new constitution, national vetoes will end.  Majority votes will determine the course of the entire union.  This will extend to all aspects of the EU, including defense, taxes, social welfare programs, immigration and cultural matters.


It is highly doubtful that all 25-nations in the EU will ratify the constitution as it’s currently written.  Think about this for a moment.  Although disdain for the United States is at an all time high in Britain, will the British nation forego their national sovereignty?  Will the Queen of England, the Empress of Great Britain and Northern Ireland soon be relegated to a status determined by the EU Parliament? 


How about the other nations of Europe?  Will the people of all of the 25 nations currently members of the EU willingly hand over their national sovereignty, their laws, traditions and culture, so that the French and Germans can control them? 


The Germans, the French, Spaniards, Italians and others will ratify the EU Constitution.  Those nine nations where referendums are mandated, such as Great Britain, should not to be counted on to ratify the new EU Constitution just yet.


A great debate is going to take place in several nations in Europe.  I sincerely doubt that the British and several of the Scandinavian countries will ratify the constitution.  Failure to accept the EU Constitution may well end in expulsion from the union.


For as many years as I can remember, the Work founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, and carried on by his son Garner Ted Armstrong, has proclaimed that Great Britain would NOT be a member of the final 10-nation coalition which will become the BEAST POWER.  We are now closer than ever before to seeing that prediction come to pass.  I well remember Garner Ted Armstrong telling me that Britain would NOT be a member of the final 10-nation coalition, which will constitute the seventh and final rendition of the Holy Roman Empire.   I never doubted his prediction as it was clearly based in Scripture. 


Instead of joy and gladness expressed in Rome on October 29, 2004, there was an aura of gloom.  No doubt the majority of the prime ministers, the premiers, the presidents etc. of the 25-nation EU fully REALIZE THE UPHILL FIGHT they will all face in securing ratification of the new constitution.  Only a few EU nations, such as France, Germany, Italy and Austria are in a position of simply agreeing to the terms of the new constitution, with no regard for what their people think about the matter.  THAT THE GERMAN CHANCELLOR IS ABLE TO COMMIT THE ENTIRE GERMAN NATION to acceptance of the EU Constitution, and all it entails is chilling.   Think of the future ramifications of this seemingly simple action!

Europe May Abandon the Current European Union


The current European Union as we know it will not survive for long.  Internal squabbling over issues such as homosexuals, women, defense and taxes will tear at the fabric of the union.  A great economic disaster, possibly predicated by terrorism or other external forces will likely destroy the EU and give rise to a more sinister union.  This will represent the seventh and final emergence of the Roman Empire.  THIS TIME, THE POPE WILL HAVE HIS SAY, AND HIS SHARE OF THE POWER.  


The new constitution that forms the 25-nation European Union is NOT the seventh and final resurrection of the Roman Empire.  It may have some of the trappings of the final Roman Empire but the UNIVERSAL CHURCH is sorely missing.


So far, there still exists a great amount of distrust of Germany, the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Bulgarians and others.  They have good reason to fear a powerful Germany.  However, the final resurrection of the Roman Empire will have the POPE to serve as a binder.  It will be the POPE who satisfies the fears of the final 10-nation coalition of European nations, which will constitute the BE AST POWER.


The current EU simply cannot be the final resurrection of the Roman Empire.  Europe must first once again whole-heartedly embrace the UNIVERSAL CHURCH.  As this is not likely to happen with the current EU. 


The great dictator who will forge a “grand coalition” and build an ULTRA SUPERPOWER in Europe is probably alive today.  However, he remains unknown for the time being.  Shortly, as conditions continue to deteriorate in Europe and the world, this soon-to-rise dictator will make his presence known to all. 


Once things get moving in Europe, the fulfillment of the Two Key Prophesies that Garner Ted Armstrong taught us about will be short in coming. Can the tribulation of Jesus’ Olivet Prophecy and His subsequent return be far off?