by Michael Burkert


“America is the great Satan, Great Britain is the little Satan and Israel is a blood-sucking vampire.”  Those are pretty strong words for a “holy man.”  Yet this is the type of strong anti-American, anti-British and anti-Israel rhetoric one would expect to hear coming from a Mosque in Iran, or Saudi Arabia.  The Imam who harangued his very devout congregation of Islamic fanatics was not declaring Allah’s hatred for Infidels, from the Middle East.  He was shrieking this vitriol of venomous, hate filled rhetoric from his mosque in Munich, Germany.


The Imam continued with espousing his vision for the future of Germany.  “Muslims must work quietly and steadily to bring about an Islamic Germany.”  The crowd went absolutely ballistic, when the “holy man” screamed that, “We must take advantage of this so-called democracy, to build our holy mosques and spread Islam throughout this satanic country.”  The “holy man” continued to illustrate the future for Infidels.  “Allah will not tolerate a Europe of Infidels.  Strike them with the sword of Allah’s holy cause.  Slay the unbelievers and idolaters wherever they may hide and plot against you, the believers.  Allah will surely bless you.”


The German government fully knows what’s going on in the mosques that litter the Fatherland.  About 2,500 Islamic communities exist in today’s Germany, and they’re growing literally by leaps and bounds. 


The current German government believes that the Muslim communities can somehow be pacified, and used to calm religious tensions in this, an overly secular nation.  As is normally the case, the uninitiated, those who do not KNOW what Islam truly is, simply have no concept as to the insidious nature of the religion.  The Liberal Socialist attitude is that Muslims can be “won over” to the liberal point of view, if only people will try to understand them, and to tolerate the diversity they represent.


Although the German Police and national intelligence organizations have identified about 200 or so extremely radical Islamic movements in Germany, the government is loath to take the necessary measures to stop illegal, anti-constitutional activities.  There continues to be a fear amongst the legitimate government and legal entities, that the mainstream news media will “wag the Nazi finger,” and chastise the German government for cracking down on Muslim extremism. No policeman or public prosecutor wants to be tarred with the Nazi brush!  The ever-present shadow of “political correctness” is a damper on doing what more and more German citizens consider necessary in order to maintain order.


Germany is a nation of order.  At least it always used to be.  However, the country is rapidly becoming a realm of confusion.  The ever-growing Muslim immigrant population will most likely soon, create a nation of confusion and hatred.  There is ample evidence that this is most certainly in the making. 


On the political left, German “progressives” have proposed that one German national holiday be deleted, and a Muslim holiday be observed instead.  There are a number of left-wing politicians who champion this idea, in hopes of gaining more Muslim votes.  Both Hans-Christian Ströbele and his fellow Green Party Bundestag member Jürgen Trittin are proponents of such a change in holidays.  Don’t be surprised if Muslim holidays become reality in Germany, soon. 


Sadly, nobody knows what to do about radical Muslim preachers.  Some Bundestag members have suggested that Imams and Mullahs preach in German only.  Naturally, this would be unconstitutional in Liberal Socialist Germany, and the other problem is that the “holy men” can’t speak German.  Others want to refuse Visas to known preachers of hatred and violent revolution.  Again, Liberal Socialist Germany simply has no legal basis to deny hateful “holy men” access to their growing congregations of willing and demanding followers.


Islamic “holy men” continue to espouse hatred of the United States, Great Britain, Israel and even Germany with impunity.  The Central Council of Muslims in Germany, recently published on its Website, that, “The Madrid bombings could not have been the work of Muslims, and that Osama bin Laden is actually 'an employee of the CIA.'”     


In Augsburg, Bavarian Police raided the home of a Moroccan-born radical Imam named Sheikh Mohammed Tarik.  Over 250 radio tapes were seized.  In these tapes, the Moroccan “holy man” urged his listeners, “Follow the path of holy jihad.  Allah has made it a duty to cleanse the earth of these infidel destroyers.”   The Augsburg public prosecutor filed charges against Sheikh Mohammed, only to have the charges dismissed as “unfounded,” by a sympathetic Liberal Socialist judge. 


All over Germany, such outrages are common.  While these events are not normally publicized in the German Press, people do talk!  German people are going to get to the point where they won’t take it anymore!  Already, they’re becoming aware of their impotence in the legislative process.  More and more Germans are getting fed-up with the government’s inability to solve the current economic doldrums their nation is mired in, as a result of the restrictions on free trade by the European Union, the Euro currency, and massive unemployment.  As disciplined as the German people are, they too have a breaking point. 


Since the brutal murder of Theo Van Gogh, by Islamic thugs in Holland, more and more people are speaking out against Muslim outrages.  Public support for Muslim institutions, and the continued drain on the national treasury that maintains the Mosques, allows the flow of Jihadist “holy men” in and out of Germany is coming under scrutiny.  The Federal Republic system itself is coming under scrutiny in many circles.  More and more people are beginning to realize that the post-war, allied imposed democracy has brought on a myriad of demographic problems which are now creating social upheaval in this very conservative and traditional society.


Where will it end?  Today, we are witnessing the foundation of a soon to come re-establishment of the traditional GERMAN NATION.  When the coming economic collapse arrives, the government will fall seemingly overnight.  From the sidelines, a new leader will emerge.  A powerful speaker with new ideas, new programs, for a NEW GERMANY.  You say it can‘t happen again.  Why the world would never allow Germany to once again threaten anyone with a renewed militarism, a renewed world power status.  Why, the United Nations wouldn’t stand for it!  Oh really.


Many if not all of the so-called United Nations members would certainly welcome a “new order” to rise up in Germany, and once again oppose the United States.  Europe would no doubt welcome Germany, as a second superpower.  Most of the UN General Assembly thugs, hoodlums and dictators would love to see someone come along and knock the USA down a peg or two!  So why not the Germans?  Why not the man who will soon arrive on the world scene, re-establish the seventh and final coalition of former Roman Empire nations?  The only one who can consolidate his power with a renewed, non-Islamic religion in Europe.  Millions will welcome a “new order” that will finally, deal once and for all, with the Hateful Holy Men.  

The photos above are from left to right: Abdelkader Bouziane, Dyab Abou Jahjah, and Metin Kaplan.  All are Muslim leaders in Europe.


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