Europe's Tolerance May Soon End

by Michael Burkert


In the past 40 years or so, nearly 20 million Muslims from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco, Libya or wherever, have flocked to Western Europe.  They came to Europe in order to escape the despotism, poverty, and lack of freedom that was extant in their home countries.  However, they never came to become Europeans.  Millions came to Europe, as they have in our country, to “spread Islam.”  Accordingly, Europe has an enormous problem with millions of unassimilated Arabs, Turks, Persians and other Muslims WHO WILL ALWAYS BE MUSLIMS FIRST AND FOREMOST, AND WILL NEVER BE EUROPEANS. 


Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the Europeans have slowly, yet most certainly become aware of a very disturbing fact.  Europe has become an unwitting host for a wide variety of extremist Islamic militant communities, bent on destroying the very hosts who admitted them, provided for them, and nurtured their needs, wants and aspirations. 


In France, Muslims mock their French hosts, and hold French society in utter contempt.  They know the French are weak, immoral and willing to appease their potential enemies.  Muslims in France also recognize how rotten and corrupt French society truly is. 


They are fully aware of the French involvement in the Iraqi “Oil for Food Program,” and France’s propensity to “appease” Saddam Hussein by covertly selling billions of francs, then billions of euros worth of weapons, sophisticated communications equipment and nuclear technology.


Remember too, that France was the safe haven for Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini, who successfully overthrew the Shah of Iran (with President Jimmy Carter’s tacit approval).  France, so concerned with not offending her masses of unassimilated Muslims, recently sent a French Air Force transport plane to carry old Yasser Arafat to France for “medical treatment.”  That France was chosen, as the country for Yasser to pass on to the “bosom of the prophet” was not coincidental.  It was France’s latest attempt to wave even a bigger white flag! 


The French nation may very well soon have a rude awakening.  The unassimilated masses of Muslims residing in the slums of Paris, Marseilles and other French cities absolutely HATE the French and hold no loyalty whatsoever to the nation that took them in and gave them sanctuary against the despots in their home countries.


In Germany, a recent harangue at the Grand Mosque of Berlin, delivered by Imam Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al-Amari enthused the crowds of the faithful.  German Police were able to videotape the good Imam and record his vicious anti-German comments.  He stated, “The women of this satanic land do not shave their armpits.  They sweat in their hair; they stink and do not bathe.  Allah curses them!  These Infidels deserve Allah’s scorn.  They are no better than Jews.  Allah condemns these democracies.  Democracy is the governance of infidels and Jews.”


Muslim hatred for the European countries and peoples, who have welcomed them over the past fifty years, may soon bring about a reaction that will rock the western world.  Europeans may well reach the breaking point  where they will no longer tolerate the abuses of their social systems that made the European way of life available to so many Middle Eastern peoples. 


There are indications that the breaking point may come soon.  However, it will probabaly take an economic “tsunami” or complete breakdown before the final reckoning with the ungrateful and hateful Muslim residents of Europe wear out their welcome.


European Muslims, through their refusal to assimilate and adopt European customs and traditions, are rapidly setting the stage for a backlash movement that may well see the majority of Europe’s indigenous peoples turning against the Muslim foreigners.  A terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda would be disastrous, and would create an extremely unstable environment, both politically and socially.




The one thing that Communists, Nazis and Islamo-Fascists have in common is ENVY.  They envy what our British Commonwealth cousins and we have in our countries.  They envy what the Germans, French and other Europeans have.  Instead of adopting western principles of freedom, responsibility, hard work and dependability, THEY SEEK TO TAKE WHAT THEY WANT.  For centuries, invading Islamic armies conquered their victims lands, then helped themselves to whatever it was they wanted, such as women, foodstuffs, gold, whatever.


In the period following the death of Mohammed, his biography, the Koran, the Haddith and Sunna were all fabricated in order to justify Arab imperialism.  Most of what the early Arab conquerors coveted, were land, gold, women and slaves.  Mohammed showed the way to all of these things and the so-called “holy texts” of Islam continue to do so.  Fascists have their own “holy texts,” in the form of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s 1925 Bestseller which remains in print to this day.


“Thou Shalt Not Covet,” is the Tenth Commandment.  It’s unfortunate that the violation of just this one Commandment, has led to wars, massive destruction and the deaths of many millions of human beings over the course of time, since Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden. Envy is nothing more than coveting what your neighbor has.  Islam provides a convenient excuse for taking it.


The ultimate test of the tolerance that the European Union has, or doesn’t have for Muslims will soon be scored.  Turkey is demanding to be allowed into the EU.  That’s correct, Turkey is DEMANDING admission.  That Turkey is a poor Muslim country of over 70-million people is a reality that many don’t care to face.  Yet the issue is not going to go away, and eventually the EU will be FORCED to decide. 




Muslim violence perpetrated against Europe is not on the wane.  Quite the contrary.  Ugly incidents of gang rapes, hooliganism, vandalism at both Jewish and nominal Christian cemeteries, gang beatings of not only Jews, but other people as well have many Europeans up in arms.  Although the police forces in most EU countries are beefing up their efforts to curb Muslim violence, they so far have not been too successful.


As long as the Mullahs and Imams whip up their congregations with the kind of hateful rhetoric reported above, there will continue to be gangs of young Islamic thugs perpetrating violence in Europe. 


This will change when the EU as we know it falters, and is reborn as a 10-nation coalition, which may well be named THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.  The union of a great dictator and his powerful religious cohort, the leader of a vast and powerful church will solve the Muslim problem in Europe, once and for all.  Unfortunately, this coming powerful coalition will spell real trouble for the entire world. 


Garner Ted Armstrong expected that the final 10-nation coalition, which will become the biblical “Beast Power,” would come as a result of economic collapse.  I believe that Mr. Armstrong was correct in this, and as I live and work in Germany, I see it coming as well. 




However, there is a new dimension to consider as well.  That being the Roman Catholic Church.  Most realize that the pope in Rome expressed dismay that the new European Union constitution made no mention of God, or nominal Christianity.  


I was in Spain during the last week of February 2005, and I spoke with no Spaniard who was very happy with a secular EU constitution.  Many people are wary of an all-powerful GERMANY.  Although Spain was the first EU nation to hold a referendum vote on acceptance of the constitution, many people reject the idea of a non-Christian EU. 


Ultimately, the pope, (this one or the next) will likely have his way, and the church of Rome will be fully recognized as an EQUAL PARTNER in the European Union.  After all, there has not been a union of European nations since the time of Constantine that excluded the church of Rome.  Not even Nazi Germany and Hitler’s sixth rendition of the “Holy Roman Empire” was without the alliance of the church of Rome!  This will prove impossible in the near future as well.


A Catholic dominated European Union will soon become intolerant of the growing Muslim outrages on the continent of Europe.  That 20-million Muslims may well face deportation in the future is a distinct possibility.  The massive deportation of Muslims from Catholic Europe might well be one catalyst that causes the “king of the south to push at the king of the north.”


Having survived one economic calamity already, which turned Europe on its ear, and provided the means for a great dictator to assume power, Europe would not be able to tolerate an oil embargo imposed by the Muslim oil producing countries! 


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