Betrayed...By The French!



By Michael Burkert


Although politicians throughout the not-so united “European Union” are putting on the best faces possible, there is deep fear that the European Constitution is a dead document.  Stillborn, is the term I heard today.  That the Dutch may well vote no, the defeat delivered to the EU Constitution by the French electorate is looked upon as a betrayal.  After all, France is a charter member of the European Union, and how could they possibly reject the very document that would create a more unified Europe, and once and for all seal the union?  French rejection of the EU Constitution places the entire EU concept in jeopardy.


The French electorate overwhelmingly rejected the EU Constitution for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, the EU Constitution did not have the backing of the Vatican.  You won’t hear this reported in the mainstream media, but trust me when I say that without the explicit approval of the Pope, real European unity cannot exist.


The French are also upset with the failed liberal socialist policies that have created massive unemployment in France, exported jobs by French firms looking for relief from confiscatory taxes and liberal socialist labor laws that stifle growth.  Immigration laws that have created a France with the largest alien Muslim population in Europe have outraged the French.  They resent a largely hostile, unemployable, non-assimilating minority that perpetuates violent crime; rejects French culture, heritage and even the French language.  Finally, the French are afraid of an empowered Germany.   Oddly enough, the German people fear an empowered France. 


Europe as a whole has sorely learned that Muslim immigrants, for the most part, have no intention of assimilating in any country where they have swarmed.  They will always be Muslims first, and will never be Europeans.  They expect the Europeans to become as they are.   The Imams, the Mullahs and other Islamic “holy men” openly tell their followers that Europe will be Muslim, and Arabic will replace all languages.       


It is most likely that the Dutch, then later the British will reject the European Constitution.  The breakup of the so-called EU may not be far off.  That is, the European Union as we know it today.  This leads us to the question of the future for the Euro, the single European currency.  Can the demise of the Euro be forestalled, if there is no official European unification document?  Regrettably for the Europeans, this is unlikely.


End time events are stacking up, and coming to pass at an accelerated pace.  The French vote surprised many despite the poor poll figures indicating a “NO” vote for ratification.  Most believed that Jacques Chirac would somehow pull a victory out of his hat.  Many were actually shocked that the French voted down the EU Constitution despite Chirac pulling out “all stops” in campaigning for a “Yes” vote.


My German colleagues were all teary eyed today.  All voiced their resentment of “another French betrayal.”  Make no mistake about it, the majority of Germans continue to hold the French in contempt, and display antipathy for anything French.   Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder may appear on television as “best buddies,” but the typical German man or woman on the street harbors no love for the French.  One young German man that I know told me, “Sabotaging the EU Constitution is a serious betrayal to the German nation, and the whole of Europe.  We won’t soon forget this, but we should have known.  After all, we are dealing with France here. The French are our traditional enemies.”


Certainly not everyone in Germany feels the “betrayal” as hard as does this young German, but a serious tear in the fabric of the EU has occurred.  More national referendums are in the works, and it will be most interesting to see how other EU nations vote.  Some of course will not vote.  The Germans will do as their government directs.  After all, I’ve been told, you have to do what the government says…don’t you?   


The breakup of the European Union is a forgone conclusion.  You don’t have to believe me.  It’s going to happen.  Read it for yourself in your Bible.  Revelation is the best source, if you really want to know what the “end game” is.  When Jesus Christ revealed to John, the events to occur prior to His return to this earth, He never spoke of a 25-nation amalgamation of nations.  Jesus specifically stated that the End Time “Beast Power would consist of 10-nations.  Actually, a 10-nation coalition held together by both a super dictator and a false prophet.


Garner Ted Armstrong was a firm believer in the demise of the EU, as we know it because he knew what the Bible clearly reveals.  He told me once that he believed that the EU would probably come to a crashing halt at some time in the not so distant future.  I never doubted his belief was correct, and as I live in Europe, I am seeing the shakiness of the so-called European Union, and realize as Mr. Armstrong did, that the “union” is not cemented together very well.  It is a most fragile union.


Last June, I witnessed the final signing of accords in which the heads of 25 European nations approved the concept of a European Constitution.  They approved living documents, which were intended to become the law of Europe.  I observed long faces that day.  It’s obvious that the leaders of Europe suspected then, that the secular constitution they had agreed on would be a hard sell to the peoples of Europe.  That fear had great foundation.  The French have proven this to be the case.


The French rejection of the EU Constitution will no doubt result in a reshaping of European governments.  Shake-ups in France and Germany are already underway.  If the Euro crashes and the economies of Europe crumble, even more startling changes will happen, and fast!  Failed liberal socialism will no doubt facilitate the rapid economic crash that may result in drastic changes in governments.  It was after all, economic depression that ushered in the National Socialists under Hitler.  History may well repeat itself.  Many indicators point in that direction.  The successors to the old Nazis are alive and thriving.  They call themselves “National Democrats” these days.  Will they rescue a sick German nation?  They most certainly intend to do just that. 


The “Last Chapter” of European history is being written now.  There will no doubt be a new attempt at a constitution to rule the European Union.  Indications are that Pope Benedict will play a much larger role in the formation of a new constitution for Europe. A constitution that will reflect the influence of nominal Christianity in Europe and that will stress the importance and power of the church of Rome!  It is simply not possible to unite Europe without the Roman Catholic Church.  THE POPE WILL HAVE HIS DAY. 

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