Are the EU and the Euro on the Ropes?


By Michael Burkert


The very day that I returned to Germany in May of this year, the French voted “Non” regarding the acceptance of the new European Constitution.  Soon after, the Dutch overwhelmingly did the same thing.  Essentially, the EU Constitution is dead in the water!  Both Jacques Chirac and his buddy Gerhard Schröder are pretending that the “no” votes in France and Holland aren’t really that big of a deal!


They couldn’t be more wrong!  The rejection of the EU Constitution, by two European Union CORE COUNTRIES, is devastating.  Already in Italy, there are calls to abandon the single currency.  Italy is not alone.  There is a growing sense of anger with the euro across the “Eurozone,” and it’s growing in France and even in Germany!


The election of Josef Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy has had a profound effect in Germany.  German nationalism received a strong stimulant when Ratzinger stepped out on that balcony at the Vatican and “made the sign of the cross.”


As I live and work in the German Fatherland, I can tell you from personal experience, a German pope is a source of NATIONAL PRIDE in a nation that has hung its collective head low for over 60 years.  Catholic and non-catholic alike are proud as peacocks.  Naturally, the homosexual crowd and other liberal socialist extremists are most upset.  But these people hate Germany, any form of religion or morale absolutes anyway, and are most definitely in the minority.


Last night I watched a program on German television about the future of the euro.  I was really surprised as the German media is pretty much in lock-step with the liberal socialist government of Gerhard Schröder, and rarely criticize even his most blatant and obvious failures.  To say that the German media is a “free press” is stretching it a bit.


The reporter emphasized that the Schröder government will “never give up the euro,” but acknowledged that there is a tidal wave of opinion forming in Germany that the Deutsche Mark made for a better economy and a better Germany!  As the German economy continues to crumble, watch for this sentiment to grow in the ensuing weeks and months.  I’m not convinced that the Germans will, “never give up the euro.”


In France, 61 percent of Frenchmen polled believe that they were better off with the Franc.  Philippe de Villiers, who spearheaded the nationalist movement behind the popular French defeat of the EU Constitution, is now concentrating on bringing about a French referendum vote on maintaining the euro in lieu of the Franc.    




Rumblings from Turkey are being felt across Europe as well.  Due to European intransigence and a perceived lack of momentum regarding Turkey’s DEMAND for entrance into the EU, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, is looking south, toward the Arab World.  He stated yesterday that, “Turkey’s economic relations with the Arab world must be reinforced.”  Turkey, long regarded as the “sick man of Europe,” remains so, even today.  Turkey is looking for a handout, and the Arab World seems a more likely place to get it.


EU talks begin in October regarding Turkey’s demand to gain EU membership.  However, it is most unlikely that Turkey will ever gain access to the current EU, and most certainly will never be a part of the final 10-nation coalition predicted in the Bible.


Europeans are wary of the potential for hundreds of thousands of poor, uneducated, unskilled and possibly hostile Turks flooding into Western Europe where the welfare pickings are considered the most lucrative.  Countries such as Germany and France already have bloated welfare roles that are dragging down the standards of living in both nations.


The violent nature of many Muslim immigrants overshadows the majority who live in peace with their neighbors, yet yearn for an “Islamic Nation.”  This yearning for Islam is not lost on most Western European peoples.


Garner Ted Armstrong preached and taught that the current European Union will NOT be the final conglomerate of nations that will constitute the Beast Power of Revelation.  Mr. Armstrong understood well, that the 15 nation EU that existed at the time, was much too unwieldy and could never be cemented together for a common purpose.


His predictions are coming to pass, because his predictions were straight out of the Bible!  Already, Federiga Bindi, director of the European Office for Rome’s University Tor Vergata has publicly stated, “If you look at the short term, you’d be tempted to say that the European Union is dead.” 


While Mr. Bindi believes that the EU will “somehow manage to survive,” others are not so sure.  Clearly, the EU is in a crisis, and the British are again being blamed for both French and German failed economies.


Watch for increased anti-British sentiments as the continental members of the EU look to blame others for their obvious economic failures and inability to solve their individual nation’s unemployment woes.  Apparently, the Germans and the French are adopting a new slogan, “Mistakes have been made, others will be blamed.”


Watch for Turkey to move away from the EU and establish tighter economic and MILITARY ties with Arab countries.  Watch for Turkey to return to a more traditional Islamic nation.  Mr. Erdogan, a devout Muslim has already indicated that, “FOR TURKEY, ISLAM IS THE ANSWER.”


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Left: Gerherd Schroder of Germany. 
Center: EU Flag
Right: The four-part photo is (clockwise from upper left), Gerherd Schroder of Germany, Jacques Chirac of France, Tony Blair of the UK and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy.