by Michael Burkert

This 4th of July morning was like most in Germany. Quiet, unusually sunny, and warm. The Fourth, was just another workday for the Germans. Then, I am reminded that not too far from my residence sits a Mosque. It’s a Sunni Mosque and has been the scene of some extremely disturbing rhetoric shouted to the faithful by esteemed and learned “holy men.” These “holy men” are some of the most hateful, spiteful and VIOLENT men on earth today! They mean to convert or kill all “non-believers,” and say so openly.

Back in the United States, no doubt there were the normal parades in cities and towns. Proud soldiers, sailors and marines stood at rigid attention when our flag passed, and rendered snappy salutes in memory of all the fallen Americans who fought and won our many wars. The old World War II guys, their slightly younger Korean War compatriots as well as us Vietnam vets stopped and remembered those we lost in far off places. Our current heroes who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq were represented as well. Their memories are not as distant as ours are, and yet they stood the 4th of July parade this year as proud as any of their predecessors.

Sadly, there is another element in our nation. An element that could care less about the 4th of July and thinks that service men and women are all chumps, thugs and losers. They resent the United States and would gladly welcome our demise as a nation. This is an element deceived by dark forces. Dark forces that are bent on the very destruction of our nation, the United States of America. That element would rather burn our flag, than to salute it. They would rather desecrate our flag, rather than honor what it stands for.

That deceived element of our country ASSUMES we are not at war. They believe that terrorism is a law enforcement problem, and that the police need to arrest perpetrators, so that they can be represented by ACLU lawyers in liberal courts, and be afforded their “rights.”

Why should anyone believe we are at war? There is no rationing of commodities, no air-raid sirens and drills, no reminders to conserve materiel for the war effort. No, there are no reminders of the WORLD WAR we are in. Our partisan media even refuses to show us film footage of the destroyed TWIN TOWERS COLLAPSING. It might “offend” some goatherd in Trashcanistan! Much of our media after all, doesn’t believe in what our nation hopes to accomplish in defeating terrorism. They say so every chance they get.

Much of the “assumption of peace” is generated by our partisan news media. They simply do not get it! They have for so long taken the approach that the ills of the world are due to the United States. All fault in the world lies at our door. Even in their description of Muslim TERRORISTS, you hear the use of “militants, insurgents, activists,” and yes, even “freedom fighters.”

The partisan media in our nation and Europe as well, has completely failed to comprehend the insidious threat that Islamic TERRORISM poses in our world today. The threat posed upon the United States and other nations is the most shocking destructive force in the world as I write. We as a nation are not facing this threat realistically. The biased media assumes that “engagement,” or pacification is possible with the Islamic movement. IT IS NOT! Political correctness, careless assumptions, unfounded emotions and the desire for peace at any price, all serve to obscure the reality of the situation in a smoke screen. Assuming that Islam is a religion of love, peace, understanding and learning is dangerous beyond description!

The “disloyal opposition” in our Congress is more concerned with maintaining the status quo on abortion rights, promoting “gay” ideals, concerned with “animal rights” and other liberal causes that they are completely deceived and blinded to the reality at hand. They fail to realize that in an Islamic country, their heads would be the first brutally chopped. So much for Islamic tolerance.

Iran will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Nuclear Iran will soon be the new “tough kid” on the block. The destruction of the United States is the primary goal of the Mullahs, Imams and Ayatollahs of Iran. If you think otherwise, you are living in a dream world. There is no hope of “engagement, negotiation or settlement.”

Muslim clerics look at the United States in disgust. Why shouldn’t they? Our nation has sunk to unbelievable lows in morality, honesty, courage and conviction. All one has to do is to watch television during “family hour,” and it’s obvious why the Ayatollah’s hate our nation and our way of life.

Rampant homosexualism, women’s rights, animal rights, greed, dishonesty, adultery, murder and political intrigue and corruption are all routinely depicted on American TV every night. OUR MOVIES, OUR MTV AND OTHER FORMS OF MEDIA, ALL CELEBRATE THE LOW LIFE! Why shouldn’t the Ayatollahs and other “holy men” hate us as “The Great Satan?”

It will not be too far off, that ISLAM IS UNITED against all others. Daniel, writing long before the birth of Jesus, said that a “king of the south” would rise up in the latter days. This prediction has not yet occurred, but it will soon. Chances are that a Grand Ayatollah in Iran will come to power and unite the Shia, the Sunni, the Kharijite and other lesser sects of Islam, for the coming battle with Europe and the Infidels. A renewed CALIPHATE or successor to Mohammed, will “push” at the “king of the north.”

Our Islamic enemies already know how to destroy the United States. They can never meet us on the battlefield and prevail; yet they can defeat us ECONOMICALLY. Coordinated nuclear or chemical attacks in multiple populated areas can in one day, devastate our economy, remove us from the world as an economic player and reduce our nation to poverty, desperation and hopelessness. You can bet that plans to accomplish just those Islamic goals are in the offing now.

Your Bible does not present a rosy picture for the United States, Great Britain and the other “Israelitish” nations of this earth. God told us long ago that He would punish us seven-fold for our iniquities, our arrogance, and our disobedience to His Commandments. Leviticus 26:3-13 tells us exactly what we can expect IF we walk in God’s path and follow His orders. Yet Leviticus 26:14-39 explains in great detail what will happen if we DO NOT obey the Eternal God’s Commandments and instructions.

Is it possible that the current WORLD WAR WITH ISLAM will be the curtain call for us? If we are attacked, can we as a nation expect aid and assistance from the French? Or maybe the Germans? Realistically, the answer is no. The entire purpose of the European Union is to supersede the United States in all aspects. If it comes to pass that America falls victim to a major terrorist attack, there will be dancing in the streets in Cairo, Amman, Riyadh, Baghdad, Tehran and others. How do you think Western Europe will react?

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