German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, center, blesses the casket of Pope John Paul II during funeral services Friday at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

As we move further along into the times we call End Times, many prophesied events in the world are unfolding at a more rapid pace than ever before. Many scoff at the idea that the Pope and the Roman church can ever again hold a place of prominence in Europe. Are they right? Is the Roman church a “dead” organization? Or will it come back, roaring with the power, glory and a renewed fierceness that may well result in a renewed, if not continuation of an old institution called THE INQUISITION.



 by Michael Burkert


Could Josef Ratzinger, now known as Pope Benedict XVI, the first German Pope in 1,000 years eventually become known as “The Pope of popes?” Some erroneously gave this title to the late Karol Wojtyla or Pope John Paul II, yet during his papacy, the Roman church lost hundreds of thousands of members and suffered one of the worst scandals of it’s long and scandal ridden existence. That scandal was the infiltration of homosexuals into not only the priesthood, but into the upper echelons of church leadership as well. BISHOPS, EVEN CARDINALS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS CHILD MOLESTERS AND RAPISTS.


Much of the “homosexualization” of the Roman church was due to Wojtyla's refusal to believe the information provided to him from his very own intelligence service, the Vatican’s own “Office of Information Security,” more commonly known as the VATICAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.


Wojtyla didn’t have much faith, trust or confidence in the intelligence wing of the Vatican. He had spent the majority of his life in Poland, where communist intelligence organs routinely denounced enemies of the communist regime as “homosexuals.” Accordingly, Wojtyla didn’t want to hear ANY intelligence summary regarding a candidate for the position of Bishop or Cardinal, when it involved the allegation of homosexual activities.


The Vatican’s Office of Information Security is one of the most effective, professional and active intelligence organizations in the world today. Regarding the issue of homosexual priests, bishops and cardinals, for the Roman church’s sake, it’s too bad that Wojtyla turned a deaf ear to the reports of his operatives. During the course of the past 27 years that Wojtyla was pope, THOUSANDS of young children were molested, raped and abused BY THE ROMAN CLERGY, in worldwide locations.


The new pope, Josef Ratzinger has plans to rectify the homosexual problem. In a bold move, that has angered and incensed the “homosexual crowd” in both Europe and the US, Ratzinger has lashed out at the homosexuals. He has vehemently denounced Spain’s recently passed law that allows homosexual marriage, and adoption of children.


Ratzinger has stated that Spanish liberals are dismantling the family and that [nominal] Christians have the duty to oppose such iniquitous legislation. There has been a tidal wave of liberal condemnation of Ratzinger, not only in Germany but also in the rest of Europe as well. Liberal condemnation and disdain of the Catholic Church as a result of his outspokenness regarding his disgust for homosexuals, is widespread.


Yet Ratzinger’s stated policies, his stated opposition to homosexuals has not had the effect that liberals had hoped for. Catholic churches in Germany report that since Ratzinger became Pope, “took on” the powerful homosexual crowd, and has launched a new morality for Catholics everywhere, “the pews are filled for Sunday mass.” Millions of Catholics would like to be able to trust their priests and nuns, and not have to fear that their kids will be molested while at church! More people at mass, makes for more donations into the collection basket! Money is power, and the Roman church knows it.


Ratzinger has made another unthinkable move, and that’s to reach out to protestant denominations as well as Jews. In his first homily, Ratzinger said, “Do not be afraid, open the doors to Christ.” He reached out with “great affection” to “our brothers and sisters of the Jewish people, to whom we are joined by a great shared spiritual heritage.”


Ratzinger failed to include Muslims in his homily, and liberal socialists across Europe have condemned him accordingly.


For most of the twentieth century following World War I, nominal Christianity, and the Catholic Church in particular receded exceedingly. The millions who died in the First World War, and even more millions who died in the Second World War, stretched peoples’ ability and willingness to believe in a God who would allow such suffering and mind-boggling destruction and misery! Of course the peoples of Europe as well as the rest of the world have been utterly deceived as to who is responsible for wars, suffering, death and misery.


After World War I, liberal socialism was rife in Europe and other places. It created a moral wilderness in Germany. Homosexuals began to come out into the open, and this sickened many Germans. Although the Nazis under Hitler initially accepted them as members of the SA and into party leadership positions, Hitler came to the realization that he had to purge the homosexuals from his ranks.


Germans voted for the Nazis in 1932, and Hitler’s Chancellorship was cemented by the votes of millions of Germans who wanted a clean, moral and straight society. Hitler set about to give them just that. Indications today are that Germans are tired of the “anything goes” attitude of the liberal socialists.


Germans are growing tired of living in a “moral wilderness.” In a recent poll, a staggering 96% of Germans would vote down the EU Constitution, if they had the opportunity to do so. No mention or recognition of nominal Christianity is a common angst among Germans. That they look toward Josef Ratzinger as THEIR POPE is not lost on some of the more extreme elements of the political spectrum.

Josef Ratzinger, also known as Pope Benedict XVI may not live long enough to be the “Pope of popes,” but he may very well set the stage for the one who will ascend to that status. Continue to keep your eyes on Europe. The last chapter of European history is being written now. End Time events are stacking up at an ever increasing rate.


The European Union is coming apart at the seams. British Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to become the EU President for the next rotation of EU leadership. Already there is a great deal of opposition to his ideas for improving Europe. The leadership of both France and Germany are lost in a time warp, and most likely will never accept the reform proposals that Mr. Blair will attempt to introduce into the union.


Old warn-out slogans will not create jobs and improve the lives of continental Europeans, yet both Chirac and Schröder seem unable or unwilling to accept the necessary reforms that might keep their nations’ economies from inevitable meltdown.


Jealousy of the United Kingdom’s relative affluence may well set the stage for Great Britain either leaving the EU voluntarily, or being forced out by the Germans and French. At any rate, Great Britain will not be a member of the final 10-nation coalition that will result in the final rendition of the Holy Roman Empire, or the United States of Europe.


Watch for a new, dynamic leader to rise-up in Germany. This man will offer the soon to be destitute German nation a new deal that they will not be able to resist. Whether or not this new leader emerges on the scene during the papacy of Josef Ratzinger remains to be seen.

Many deluded individuals believe that the next pope will be an African, or a Latin American. He will not! He will be a European. The church of Rome has ALWAYS been a European church, and a European church it will remain!


The Bible tells us of a final 10-nation coalition cemented together by the leader of a powerful church. That leader will NOT be a Baptist or a Methodist! He will not be a Muslim, or a Jew. Read for yourself what Jesus said concerning the False Prophet. Read for yourself what He said about the Beast Power.


As we move toward the prophesied GREAT TRIBULATION, no doubt a tool of compliance used by the False Prophet will be a renewed and enhanced INQUISITION. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24, that we will face an unbelievable period of existence and if that time were not cut short, “no flesh would be saved.”


Continue to watch for the TWO KEY PROPHECIES. We may be closer to their fulfillment than most care to think. Remember when the Eternal decides it’s time, events will happen quickly. Pray always, “Thy Kingdom come Father, and soon!


Photos: left: Pope and cardinals, right: Inquisition

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