by Michael Burkert


That there are severe problems in Iraq and the Middle East is no revelation to our nation’s leaders and people. We watch sadly as almost daily more of our young people (and some not so young) are killed by terrorists bent on destroying any hope of establishing even a semblance of democracy in war-torn Iraq.


Despite the rhetoric of our “disloyal” opposition in Washington, our president and the armed forces have good intentions and have executed a very good plan toward the goal of democracy in Iraq.


Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough to overcome the unseen forces that serve to undermine our efforts. The disloyalty shown by liberal socialist members of congress in both the House of Representatives and the Senate is unprecedented in wartime!


Never before, in the history of our nation have members of congress aided and comforted our enemies as they have in the War with Islam. Not even during Vietnam did leftist opposition to the war effort rise to the sickening levels of disloyalty we are witnessing today.


Every time a U.S. Senator publicly expresses his opinion that our troops are no better than Nazis, or Pol Pot Khmer Rouge thugs, the uneducated, deceived masses in the Arab world go nuts! Al-Jazeera publishes such comments world wide, as FACT.


Recent comments made on the Senate floor, by Senator Richard Durbin are beyond the pale. Senator Durbin accused our US soldiers as being no better than Nazis, communists or Pol Pot murderers!


However, the partisan press and gullible liberals everywhere now believe that Guantanamo Bay is on a par with “Auschwitz,” and that our young men and women serving as Military Police soldiers are no better than the Nazi SS butchers who murdered MILLIONS of innocents during the 20th Century Holocaust.



Just who is incarcerated at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba? Are these innocent men, arbitrarily picked up on the street, or arrested in their homes in the middle of the night, after some thug kicked down their door? Are they innocent victims of “George Bush’s war” against the poor, innocent and unassuming Muslims of numerous nations? Hardly!


The majority of inmates at Camp Delta are HARD CORE MUSLIM KILLERS. These are men drunk on koranic verses that espouse the torture and murder of innocent men, women and children. These are hardened killers who would have absolutely no difficulty at all, slitting your throat, and the throats of every member of your family! Despite our very partisan press, we are not talking about “Jizbah the goatherd,” somehow victimized by “George Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton”!


Every inmate detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is a hardened, dangerous prisoner. Most would not hesitate to harm or kill any American soldier or American citizen that they could. They would murder without hesitation or reservation. We are talking about the nastiest, meanest, hate-filled enemies of our nation ever assembled in a single location.


Yet our partisan media, our liberal representatives and senators in congress are concerned about the rights of the very people who have sworn to destroy America and either convert or MURDER our people! These same politicians are not so concerned with the security of the United States however.


 They want to flood America’s court system with ACLU lawyers representing the largest collection of our nation’s mortal enemies ever assembled. They want to put America’s enemies, captured on battlefields far from our shores, on trial in the United States. The idiocy of this is absolutely mind-boggling!


When German saboteurs were caught in New Jersey and Florida in 1942, they were incarcerated and tried before a MILITARY TRIBUNAL. All but two were sentenced to hang, and those so sentenced were hung. These were men who were trained to carry out missions that had they been able to do so, would have killed countless Americans. There was no sympathy for them. They were ENEMIES OF ALL FREE PEOPLES. Our nation was, as it is now, at war, with a mortal enemy.


Today, things are much different. In 1942, our media, our congress and the vast majority of our people did not side with our enemies. The American people had little if any sympathy for German and Japanese butchers. Yet today, the disloyal opposition would rather see us defeated in this war, if only to bring down the sitting president. The disloyal and moral corruptness of many of our so-called leaders is serving as another means by which Satan is influencing our national downfall. As the Eternal God withdraws more of the protections we have enjoyed for so long, moral decay as well as downright disloyalty to the United States will deliver us into the hands of our enemies without so much as a whimper.


The War with Islam is only winnable if the people of the United States are willing to stay the course. However, the rot from within may prove insurmountable. Look for the following events that may begin to unfold soon:


- A super effort by congressional democrats to IMPEACH President George W. Bush.

- Armed Forces will continue to fail to meet recruiting goals, as the death toll in the War with Islam continues to grow.

- The American media will step-up coverage of military deaths in the war zones, emphasizing that women are dying at an alarming rate.

- The 2008 elections will usher in a new Selective Service Law that requires national service of 18-35 year old men and women.

- More and louder calls for “trials” in the United States of our Islamic enemies.

- Massive civil disobedience as a result of the new Draft.
- Congressional action to “end the war” and bring the troops home.

- A weakened and demoralized America will be suddenly and viciously attacked by Islamic terrorists, using some form of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

- A continuing break in our national pride, to the point where there is virtually no national pride.


The United States is facing its biggest national threat in years. However, we are not facing up to that threat. The lack of support for defending our nation and a haphazard non-committal attitude toward fighting the Islamic threat that faces us threatens our very existence.


God judges nations! The Eternal God is not pleased with the way our nation has been heading for some time. Homosexuality, abortion on demand, adultery at record levels; ALL HAVE CREATED A STENCH IN THE NOSTRILS OF THE ETERNAL.


Micah Chapter Five tells us, And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples as a dew from the Eternal, as the showers upon the grass that doesn’t wait for man, nor waits for the sons of men.


And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the animals of the forest. And it shall come to pass in that day, says the Eternal, that I shall cut off the cities of your land, and cut off your horses and destroy your chariots.


I will cut off the cities of your hand and destroy all of your strongholds. We have been warned. Our time as a nation is about over. Already, powerful, unseen forces are beginning to influence End Time events around the world. National repentance could change the course of events. However, national repentance is simply not going to happen. The War with Islam will be won. Your Bible says as much. However, it most likely will not be the United States who celebrates the victory.


left: Senator Richard Durbin

center: US Soldiers in Iraq 

right: Guantanamo Prison

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