A fireman tries to put out a burning car 05 November 2005 in the Cite de l'Europe, a neighborhood in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a northern surburb of Paris, on the tenth straight night of unrest

Europe's Reward by Mark Armstrong  
Saving Private Chirac by Michael Burkert   

Europe's Reward

by Mark Armstrong

Over the past week and a half, the world has become aware of a frightening and growing problem in France, one that threatens to engulf the continent.  French police are shown attempting to maintain a defensive posture as angry Islamic mobs riot in the streets firebombing buildings and automobiles at will.  Last night (Sunday) it is reported that 1400 cars were torched amid violence that is moving almost methodically toward Paris.  What will this mean for the already stagnant, overburdened French economy?  This is definitely not the kind of news to make tourists anxious to visit. Already there have been reports of outbreaks of similar rioting in Belgium, Holland and Germany. 


Europe’s leaders have traditionally been sympathetic to the plight of Arabs in their hostility towards Israel.  Whether the European political tilt has been motivated more by economics than ideology has long been the subject of debate.  Recent history shows that they have profited handsomely from the business they’ve done with the Islamic world, even with rogue regimes in defiance of UN sanctions they themselves have signed on to. 


What is clear is that over recent decades, Europe has allowed virtually unrestrained immigration from Islamic nations into its midst, weighing down the already overburdened welfare states.  In France, the Islamic population has reportedly swollen to comprise ten percent of the entire French population.  Despite government programs designed to integrate and employ the foreigners, Islamic populations remain in ghetto-like enclaves where unemployment is over 40%. 


Regardless as to how kindly Europe’s leaders choose to regard Islamic nations and the religion itself, the fact that the main tenet of Islam is to populate and eventually rule all nations has not changed.  How will Europe, and France now in particular, handle the growing unrest that has escalated into night after night of violent destructive rioting?   Can law and order be reinstated among increasingly angry Muslim populations by leaders attempting to maintain a pacifist posture?   Or will this be a catalyst to begin driving a wedge between Europe and the Islamic world?


Saving Private Chirac
by Michael Burkert


The Muslim uprising in France is now causing concern throughout the European Union.  Riots, civil unrest and open rebellion have so far advanced into over 300 French cities and towns.  The French, have for the most part, reacted in an unusual manner.  Instead of bringing overwhelming combat power to bear, the French in most cases have restrained the Police and other authorities from a serious and brutal crackdown that is normal for French authorities under such circumstances.


Political correctness, and the desire “not to offend anyone” has no doubt played heavily in Jacques Chirac’s liberal socialist mind.  After all, France hosts the largest Muslim expatriate population in Europe, second only to Germany.  Additionally, the French economy is dependent upon the billions of euros in trade with the Arab and Islamic world.


It’s difficult not to savor this moment, considering that the French have repeatedly scorned the United States, thwarted our international efforts at every possible opportunity, yet continue to pretend that they are our allies.  What a farce, and our domestic press continues to go along with, and support our enemy…the French!


So you say, the French were our allies against Hitler.  Sure.  Have you ever been to Omaha Beach?  Have you visited the vast American and British cemeteries, which were a result of the Battle for France in 1944?  You will find thousands of American and British Commonwealth war graves in Normandy.  It’s an emotional experience, to imagine the thousands upon thousands of our soldiers who gave their lives so that the French could be free of Hitler, and the thousands of families who were shattered by the loss of a father, husband, brother or son.   


So what of the French cemetery at Normandy?  If memory serves me correctly, there are less than 200 graves of French soldiers who died to liberate their nation.  It’s not my intention to belittle the deaths of those brave French who did work diligently to free their nation from Nazi tyranny, but it speaks volumes, that there was so little French participation in the Battle of France.  What the liberal press will never tell you is that the French were very much into collaboration with the Nazi occupation.  The occupation was good for business for many French companies. 


The Germans may well have designed and planned the West Wall in the 1940s, but it was French construction firms who were contracted by the Germans, to build much of the defenses that our soldiers had to overcome in 1944.  It was French steel companies, who made the rebar that reinforced the concrete that French workers poured into the vast bunkers and pillboxes that the Germans used to defend Normandy.  It was also French cement factories that produced the untold tons of concrete that can still be seen today along the French coast.


Because the French were our “allies,” we refrained from bombing the very French industries that produced war materiel used by the Germans under the guise that those very industries would be needed in the postwar era.  While we did bomb some French targets, we did not bomb the steel works, nor the cement works as well as other strategic targets that no doubt prolonged the war. 


The French also benefited from their liberation.  Billions in Marshal Plan funds went to some of the same French companies who built the West Wall, to tear it down and dismantle it, in the post-war era.


The Muslim uprising that is currently in progress is France’s latest “invasion.”  Will the French be able to overcome this threat, or will they once again wave the white flag and surrender to their enemies without much of a fight?  This remains to be seen.  Will Jacques Chirac call out his vaunted French Army to put down the rebellion, or will he continue to pussyfoot with his enemies?


Will the United States and Britain, once again have to intervene to “Save Private Chirac”?


Your Bible doesn’t predict any victory for Muslims in Europe.  Quite the contrary!  What is likely to happen is a European wide crackdown on Muslim immigration and Muslim immigrants.  The French no doubt will be loathe to combat the French Intifada and deport the millions of Muslim invaders who are already in place in France. 


However, it appears now, that the Intifada is moving into Denmark and possibly already into Germany.  It can’t be long before there’s an uprising in Holland as well.  Indications are that the “enlightened” liberal European governments will attempt to settle these uprisings with velvet gloves.  They may succeed for a time.  Yet until they admit to themselves that “multi-culturalism,” and “diversity,” liberal mantras in our country as well, are not strengths but are actually “miry clay,” the problem will not go away.  It will simply simmer awhile until it once again reaches a boiling point.


Watch for the pope to weigh in on this issue soon.  He will no doubt call for unity among the continent's Catholics.  It may well come to pass, that the Catholic church soon will begin to flex her muscles with thousands of European Catholics returning to the church, and the gain of new converts that see the “mother Church” as the only means of surviving the Muslim onslaught that began with Mohammed, and continues to this day.


Already in Denmark, Islamic youths are proclaiming that Denmark “is our land.”  In the not too distant future, many or most of the young thugs rioting today in European nations, may well be either dead, or returned to the countries from which they departed in order to “spread Islam.”


The Day of Reckoning for the Islamic World, the ummah as the Islamic “holy men” like to say, is on the horizon.  The final 10-nation coalition that becomes the Beast Power of Revelation will not be Islamic.  By that time, Islam may very well be a dead and forgotten religion, already cast into the “fires of Gehenna.”  No doubt the universal church will not allow, nor tolerate any religion in Europe except that of the “mother Church.”


Islam will not triumph over all!  Soon the chant of Deutschland Erwache or “Germany…Wake Up” may well be heard proclaimed again, on the streets of the German fatherland.  The weak, liberal European governments have a short time to overcome Islam.  They will not however, succeed. 


It will take strong NATIONALIST governments to defeat Islam on the soil of Europe.   However, in the meantime, the U.S. and Britain may once again face the need to mobilize and intervene to save the French. 

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