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Election of Evil


The landslide election of the Hamas terrorist organization to lead Palestinians toward statehood is the ultimate demonstration as to why democracy in the Islamic Middle East may not be the solution to bring about peace.  Iran’s leadership is ecstatic.  Hamas is largely funded by Iran, and shares its urge to annihilate Israel. 


The U.S., Israel, even Europeans appear to be saying there can be no diplomatic dealings with Hamas unless or until they renounce their foundational creed that calls for the destruction of Israel.  Arafat pretended to do that.  Of course the local media, schools and preachers continued calling for the eradication of Jews.  Suicide bombing remained the highest calling of Palestinian school children, and is to this day.  Arafat learned to speak out of both sides of his mouth.  The blatant contradictions drew little outrage, lest the whole charade collapse.


The peace process has been a sham from the start, as far as its chances of creating an environment where Israeli and Palestinian states could live side by side in harmony.  As far as the Islamic holy men are concerned, it would be an affront to Allah to allow Jews to live there in peace.  And they haven’t let it rest.  The tired old peace process may have forestalled another all-out Arab-Israeli war, but just look what’s happened instead.  Its failure has become an excuse and justification for the worldwide terror movement. That has become ever so much clearer since September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorist attacks all over the world. 


The Downside of Democracy


Yesterday’s democratic election of the extremist terror-promoting entity of Hamas destroys any chance that this time-buying charade can continue.  The pretense of “step by step” progress toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians just crashed and burned, incinerating the “roadmap to peace.”  It illustrates the unpalatable truth no one wants to face, or even breathe out loud!


Radicalism is not a fringe element in the Islamic world.  It is mainstream.  And not just in the Middle East.  Don’t believe it?  Try striking up a friendly conversation the next time you’re at the mini-market, mom and pop motel or kiosk in the mall.  Polite, helpful and otherwise friendly people will immediately begin justifying the radical view.  And why not?  It’s become politically correct in the USA to recite apologist rhetoric for the actions of Islamic extremists!  Some politicians, entertainers and filmmakers are making careers of it.


Prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians have never been good.  The United States has sponsored “peace negotiations,” coercing and basically bribing the antagonists to make a pretense of progress over several decades.  Israel has played along.  Palestinians basically have not.  The recently disabled Ariel Sharon shocked Israel supporters the world over, and significantly complicated his own domestic political situation by forcing Jewish settlers out of communities they’d been urged to develop decades ago, handing the property over to the Palestinians for their future “state.”  The “land for peace” idea has been promoted as the ideal solution since the early 1970’s. 


And yet, every inch of progress in the peace process has been bought and paid for by the United States and to some degree Europe and the UN under the guise of “international aid.”   So now the Western world is going to ask this Hamas organization, founded on the ideology of terror, committed to the destruction of Israel and ideologically at war with the U.S., to renounce terror, or at least pretend to so the song and dance of the peace process can begin once again. 


This should serve as a reminder here in the U.S. and elsewhere that majority vote, particularly when the majority has been brainwashed by propaganda over a long period of time, does not necessarily produce sound leadership.  In this case, even before statehood can be conferred, the Palestinian movement has openly shown its intent to be an enemy not only to Israel, but to the U.S. and the entire Western world.


Mark Armstrong

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