Has the West Capitulated?



Late last week the world strained to digest the reality that the terrorist organization Hamas won the democratic election to lead the government of a future Palestinian state in a landslide.  The immediate reaction from Washington and, surprisingly, the European Union was that there would be no further international aid, and no negotiations with the murderers of innocents unless they chose to accept Israel’s right to exist and renounce terrorism.  It seemed like the obvious and predictable reaction at the time.  Now, only a week later, there’s a change of tune.  It seems that for the time being, Washington will allow moneys already allocated to flow into Gaza.  The European Union has announced that they will continue financial aid, even if it is received and allocated by the terrorist group Hamas, for a period of three months according to EU foreign executive, Javier Solana.


Hamas has quickly constructed a host of ludicrous arguments to justify the continuance of a massive amount of financial aid into Gaza.  Hamas claims that it will not officially engage in managing the new Palestinian government.  The new government will be free to talk peace, while Hamas continues to plot the destruction of Israel!


Europe and now it appears America have capitulated to this Hamas entity, reportedly responsible for at least 60 terrorist bombings, killing countless Israelis.  After all, aren’t we the ones who called for democratic elections?  It would seem that the ineffective peace process would have to end now that the Palestinian people have spoken, choosing to cast their lot with the terrorists, openly proclaiming that they wish to be the enemy of the United States and for that matter, the civilized world.  After all the tough talk about tracking down and capturing or killing the terrorists wherever they hide, it is just unbelievable that the U.S. would follow Europe’s lead and continue to provide tens of millions of dollars in aid knowing full well that those funds will be used to further the cause of those who wish to defeat the west and destroy Israel.


This week, only days after it has become undeniably obvious that the terrorists will direct the affairs of any future Palestinian state, Israel has acted harshly to evict more Jewish settlers from West Bank territories designated to be handed over at some point in the future.  It is one more in a series of inexplicable moves on the part of all parties except the radical Muslims themselves.  What’s going on?  Has Europe, the U.S. and even Israel decided to cave on every single point?  Surely there must be some behind-the-scenes strategy we spectators are unable to grasp.


 Mubarak in Jeopardy


            Over the years we’ve heard the names of many terrorist groups throughout the Middle East and in Israel, usually when a statement surfaces taking “credit” for another dastardly civilian bombing.  There are signs now of a real cohesion of the various radical entities.  According to a recent article published by WorldNetDaily, “Hamas was founded as a military offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to create an Islamic theocracy throughout the Middle East and ultimately around the world.”  We’ve known for some years that President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt is threatened by the growing popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And the future may hold another democratic disaster in Egypt, signaled by the fact that the “Brotherhood” emerged as the most powerful of Egypt’s opposition parties, winning 20 percent of the parliament in recent elections.


            Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is reported to have “advised” Hamas in the run up to the Palestinian elections.  Concern is also being expressed from the Israeli and Egyptian point of view that Mubarak is losing control of the Sinai through a combination of Brotherhood, Hamas and al Qaeda cells operating in the region.


The Great Cartoon Controversy


            No doubt you’ve seen the mindless demonstrations taking place in the U.K. throughout the Middle East, northern Africa and beamed into our living rooms this morning.  The Islamic world has completely lost composure over publication of an obscure Norwegian cartoonist’s pencil drawn depictions of Mohammed.  Surprisingly, the European papers have carried the drawings (after all, they now constitute a “big story”) adding fuel to Muslim anger. The Islamists are threatening to close embassies, blow up buildings and kill people of European descent over what they consider a “great blasphemy.” 


            In our western society, the true God is blasphemed day and night throughout the entertainment media.  And yet, no one seems to notice.  It is rather a stark contrast.  The U.S. today actually issued a statement expressing understanding if not sympathy for the Muslim reaction!  No wonder radical Islam feels emboldened.


            The other major news regarding this worldwide war of culture and religion is the fact that the EU has thrown in the towel on nuclear negotiations with Iran.  It has been conclusively documented that Iran is working toward nuclear weapons, despite all the denials.  The next big step is a vote to refer Iran to the UN security council for reprimand and sanctions.  Experience has shown how slowly the UN gets around to accomplishing anything, and that it is scandalously ineffective, not to mention corrupt.  As the western world has shown weakness, radical Islam grows ever more provocative.  Right now it looks as if the world, including the U.S. and Israel, is prepared to play silly games of diplomacy while the Muslim world gathers strength. 


            As we noted not long ago, the head of the UN’s regulatory agency predicted in December that Iran might be a matter of a few months from the ability to produce a working nuclear weapon.  U.S. intelligence believes it may take longer.  Can the west afford to dither with diplomats and risk allowing Iran’s whacked out president to obtain the bomb?


            After all these years of pumping in tens of billions dollars to try to buy peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, the incredible sacrifice of blood and treasure spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is inconceivable that we would cede the Middle East, Israel and ultimately the world to a collection of demented clerics to avoid some diplomatic misunderstanding with the UN.


Mark Armstrong

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left: protest regarding published cartoons which offended Muslims
center: Hamas election victory
right: UN’s regulatory agency head, Mohamed El Baradei