by Michael Burkert


During the past few weeks, the most astonishing events have taken place since I arrived in Europe, nearly six years ago.  That is the unbelievable nonsense that CARTOONS in Danish and Norwegian newspapers have generated.  Unfortunately, the cartoons depicting the so-called prophet Mohammed have nearly led the peaceful, loving and tolerant religion of Islam to war! 


Governments across Europe have been suckered into the Danish cartoon mess, as thousands of Muslims took to the streets in frigid Europe, this past weekend.  In Germany alone, the Bundes Polizei (Federal Police) have stepped up vigilance at a number of European embassies as they fret over violence in the streets.  Hate preachers from Mosque to Mosque in the German Fatherland are calling for JIHAD JIHAD JIHAD! 


So far, four German newspapers have printed the cartoons first seen last October in Copenhagen.  Why shouldn’t they?  Although generally supportive of the government in power, German newspapers are not restricted in any way when it comes to reporting or lampooning religion.  That may soon change however, as a recent poll revealed that 42% of Germans polled thought that the government should restrict the press “when it comes to poking fun at religion.”  Think about it for a minute, the significance of that sentiment, in the German nation.


Muslims angered at “infidels” is nothing new for followers of this “peaceful, loving and tolerant faith.”  However, the Imams, Mullahs and other “holy men” worldwide, are working overtime to stir up their followers as never before.   As a result, wholesale violence might break out anytime.  Already bloated Muslim communities in Europe are not only getting larger; they are becoming more and more militant and hateful toward their European benefactors.  


Essentially, the Danes are under fire and the Islamic winds of angry vitriol and hatred are blowing their way.  Look for people to start blowing-up in Denmark soon.  The “holy men” have already shouted forth the cry that JIHAD must cleanse the Danish nation of infidels and blasphemy directed at Islam.  The “holy men” no doubt intend for the Intifada declared in France only months ago begin in Denmark once the weather improves. 


There is much more to the worldwide uprising over the cartoons in Denmark.  Cartoons lampooning Mohammed are not new.  Additionally, many cartoons depicting Mohammed have not been near as innocent or tame as what has caused this latest row.  I’ve seen the cartoons and they are really benign, in comparison to what I saw years ago in Eastern Europe.  Soviet-era cartoonists drew-up some extremely vile and near pornographic depictions of the so-called “praised one.”  Yet little if anything was said about those cartoons as the Muslims did not have the upper hand as they do today.


The result of the current “cartoon wars” will eventually limit the freedom of the European Union’s media.  Islamo-fascists can’t stand the fact that the free world’s media can actually criticize Islam.  They strive to defeat the rights of free peoples to express ourselves and question the excesses of Islam.  Of course in Islam it’s forbidden to question.  Therefore Islamics believe that they must muzzle the press and thus avoid the temptation of their own people to begin to ask questions.


Many of the cartoonists that produced the 12 offending cartoons are now in hiding.  Make no mistake about it; Fatwahs have been issued already.  Europeans, especially the cartoonists, are keenly aware of the fate that befell Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh.  Van Gogh produced an honest, truthful account of the horrible ways that Islamic women are treated in Holland, “in accordance with the Koran.”  For this, a Fatwah was issued and it was carried out.  The result was Theo Van Gogh’s brutal murder on the street of Amsterdam.   His punishment was to be shot in the face, his throat slit, and a warning sign to others who would “insult Islam,” nailed to his head!


So, a big storm is in progress over Europe.  It’s all about cartoons.  Or is it?  What we are seeing more and more on a daily basis is the rise of Islam, not only in Europe, but also in our country and Canada as well.  I’ve written time and again about unlimited immigration from the Middle East, swarming into an unsuspecting Europe, but this tragically is happening in North America as well.  The results of this ill-advised process is a soon to arrive clash of cultures on a catastrophic scale.


Apologizing for “offending Islam” is not enough for the Muslim masses of Europe.  They want blood!  They literally want the heads of the cartoonists and the laws of Europe changed to meet their demands.  The masses of Muslim immigrants living in Europe today did not come here to assimilate.  They have no intention of becoming Germans, Frenchmen, Dutchmen or Danes.  They come not to assimilate, they come to DOMINATE.


For now, the various European governments will wring their hands and publicly say, “Gee whiz.”  What else can they do?  Liberal socialist policies that created the demographic dilemma currently tearing at the fabric of Europe has created an explosive situation.  The Europeans have no idea how to solve the crisis! 


The “holy men” will play their hand and exploit the weaknesses of their host countries for all it’s worth.  Yet even Europeans have a breaking point.  As more and more Muslim perpetrated crime, violence and utter disregard for the rights of indigenous Europeans becomes reality, look for the following:


1.      Continued immigration from Muslim countries into Europe, 100,000 per year in Germany alone.


2.      Higher and higher unemployment in all EU nations.  (Germany already 5.9 million unemployed).


3.      Islamic sponsored terrorist activity and vicious attacks in European cities.  (Already Denmark is a prime target, there will be others).


4.      Economic calamity brought about by high unemployment, low productivity and staggering social welfare costs associated with paying for Muslim welfare programs, combined with fear in the streets of European cities and towns.


5.      Collapsing European governments create POLITICAL VOIDS that will be filled by strong, NATIONALISTIC leaders not intimidated by the “holy men.”


6.      A soon coming, meteoric rise of a NATIONALIST political figure in Germany, coupled with a rise in German ethnocentrism, as Germans once again take pride in themselves.   


7.      The Pope suggests a halt in “non-Christian” immigration to European nations.


8.      An election year call for the massive deportation of ALL Middle Eastern peoples and dismantling of the Mosques, at the urging of the Catholic Church.


Drastic changes are coming soon to Europe.  The status quo cannot continue for much longer.  The hiatus caused by the current “cartoon wars” is nothing like what is soon to occur on the European continent.   Nuclear weapons already exist in the Muslim world.  Soon they will exist in the PERSIAN world.  No doubt plans are already in progress to punish Europe, when the right “insult to Islam” is perceived or concocted. 


Today's “cartoon wars” are only the precursor to much larger and calamitous events that will soon take place in this world!  Nothing can unite Muslims more effectively than an “insult” to Islam and their prophet.  Don’t think that would-be Caliphs, or “Mahdis” haven’t taken notice of this phenomenon. 


Keep your eyes on Europe, but at the same time always watch Jerusalem.  Pressure on Europe may well serve to ease the world’s anxiety over Israel, Jerusalem in particular, while plans are executed to push the Israelis into the sea once and for all.  The Islamics are focused on controlling Jerusalem and the re-occupation of ALL of Palestine. 


The Islamics are fanatical about Jerusalem.  They are dedicated to the destruction of every Jewish man, woman and child.  A united Muslim world, under the command of a Caliph could facilitate such a military and political reality in the never-ending lust to destroy the tiny nation of Israel.  Everything else is a sideshow. 


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Left: The cartoons have led to angry scenes.
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