Israel Goes on Offensive


            There’s no avoiding the news of Israel’s offensive move into the relinquished areas of Gaza.  It looks as though the duly elected terrorist entity of Hamas is doing everything in its power to instigate a major conflict, for reasons that are not entirely clear.  Israel initially took action in the wake of the Palestinian kidnapping of a 19 year-old army conscript, demanding his release while amassing tanks and troops around Gaza. Meanwhile two more abductions were carried out, one of an eighteen year-old hitchhiker on the West Bank and another of an Israeli man reputed to be in his sixties.  Palestinians boasted that they’d “executed” the eighteen year-old, and Israeli forces have recovered his burned body.  They claim the older gentleman expired of natural causes.


            Initial reports told that Israeli tanks had moved only about a half mile into Gaza, and as of this writing it appears that they are holding their ground, hoping against hope that Hamas, or the al Aksa Martyrs Brigade or whoever they’re calling themselves will release the 19 year-old hostage.  However, they have probably set life in Gaza back a decade or two with the destruction of a main power station and the bombing of some bridges.  Israel’s action is reportedly being carried out with U.S. approval.


            Both Iran and Syria are reputed to have urged the Palestinians not to release the hostage.  That may have something to do with reports that Israeli fighter jets buzzed the residence of Assad of Syria, amid further reports that Syrian antiaircraft batteries opened fire on Israeli aircraft creating an implicit risk of an actual military confrontation between Syria and Israel. 


            Provocation continues on the part of Hamas.  Within the last few days, reports have been widely circulated with the Palestinians boasting that they have developed “primitive” chemical and biological weapons that can be delivered into Israeli population centers aboard improved rockets.  Now they’re claiming they’ve actually fired a rocket containing a chemical weapon at Israel!  Israel says they’ve not been able to locate any sign of it.  But what could the motive possibly be for making such a claim, or for that matter, carrying out such an act?  Support for sending a rocket with a chemical warhead into a civilian center would be in mighty short supply anywhere outside the most radical supporters of Jihad.  It looks to be an empty provocation, with scant logic to support it. 


            You might have expected to see diplomats from the UN to the EU racing to the microphones to condemn Israel’s invasion into Gaza.  So far that has not happened.  It seems that every move, every statement put out by Hamas is more outrageous than the last.  Diplomats throughout the international community appear to be at a temporary loss for words to coherently defend the Palestinians and condemn Israel.


Our military planners have shown some deference to the crafty methods employed by the architects of the terror movement.  But it may be some time before some line of logic emerges to explain why Hamas and its hooded minions have instigated an indefensible provocation resulting in the utter destruction of an already pitiful standard of living.


The anxiety this situation is producing worldwide has already bumped the price of gas up twenty cents or better.  Amazing isn’t it, that a lunatic cadre of half-baked terrorists can pull off some merciless brutal acts against a few hapless individuals and bring some of the key players in the Middle East to the brink of a real war?!?  This is after all the Middle East, where it all began and where the Bible says it will eventually end.


Mark Armstrong

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