Is it the
Solution or is it the Problem?

Look at what has been wrought by thirty-five years of diplomacy!  There is a raging fire in the Middle East, and all indications are that there is a very real likelihood that it may go out of control.  Israel is, as usual, subjected to condemnation from numerous quarters, most notably from the United Nations and the Vatican.  Only yesterday the U.S. had to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel for its “disproportionate” response to the recent onslaught of rocket attacks.  At least we’ve maintained the backbone to exercise the veto option on the floor of that useless one-ring circus. 


            Of course there were warnings about the rockets.  For months the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist entities have publicly salivated over the prospect of “raining down rockets” over Israeli population centers, while Israel continued trying to navigate “the roadmap to peace,” vacating ever more territories for the future Palestinian state.  Is it not now obvious that the wheels have come completely off the peace process?  Was it not already obvious that there can be no peace with a people who categorically reject the very concept of peace?  Has it not been obvious all along?


            Israeli civilians in Haifa (and elsewhere) are huddled in bomb shelters and “safe buildings” now that the terrorists have rockets capable of reaching them.  If there’s any humor in this situation, it might be found in the fact that the rockets being fired, while potentially deadly, are relics of World War II and notoriously ineffective.  Hitler reportedly scoffed at the ineffectiveness of Russian katusha rockets, dubbing them “Stalin’s organ pipes.”  Out of more than 100 fired over the past couple of days, only four or five have landed anywhere near their targets.  The “diplomatic world” remains oblivious when Israeli civilians come under rocket fire, but goes up in arms when Israel takes action to curtail the barrage.


            Where is UN condemnation of terrorist missile attacks?  Where is the condemnation of Iran and Syria who’ve been instrumental in supplying the weapons and the funding for the hoodlums firing them.


            Historically, every time the situation devolves into war, political calculations trump reality on the ground and the diplomatic community howls for a halt to the war. It really is synonymous with the Vietnam syndrome.  You don’t dare win a war, the world might hate you for it!  We’d hate to alienate the Russians, just when things are going so well!  Of course the Russians are busily selling untold quantities of outdated weapons to Iran, and it is a huge source of income.  Ditto the Chinese. 


            Now the stakes are high, and getting even higher.  Iran has warned a “fierce response” if Israel should do anything so “stupid” as to attack Syria.  The “fierce response” presumably means that the Iranians fire mid-range missiles at Israel.  And then what?  Diplomacy?


            Don’t forget that Iran routinely predicts the destruction of Israel.  Iran has also threatened the United States repeatedly.  If we haven’t reached a crossroads in the globe-girdling conflict between radical Islam and the civilized world, it can’t be far off.


            Israel is the only true law abiding democracy in all the Middle East.  If the U.S. clings to the lost hope of diplomacy until Islamic powers summon the capability to carry out their dream of Israel’s destruction, can the demise of our own democracy be far behind?


            Bible prophecy describes a scene leading toward “Armageddon” with “armies surrounding Jerusalem.”  But there are several other geo-political aspects included in the scenario, including a “beast power” made up of “ten kings” or countries to the north led by a great political leader and “the false prophet,” a great religious leader, and also indicates that the Arab countries will be led by a “king of the South.”  It appears that all the pieces of that puzzle have not yet come together. 


            But the fire raging in the Middle East now has the whole world on red alert.  Oil prices are surging to new record levels, gold is soaring and the stock market tumbling.  We are all affected, collectively and individually by the events unfolding right now in the Middle East.  Unfortunately, the greatest power in the history of the world feels a necessity to rein Israel in and sit tight with huddled diplomats while the problem festers.  Will our politicians continue to play this game until Iran can put a nuke on Tel Aviv?  The way things are going, this situation may throw the whole world into paralysis while the ultimate prophetic scenario takes shape.


            What? Win a war?  You’ve got to be kidding.  The UN wouldn’t stand for it!


Mark Armstrong

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Left: German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, his British counterpart Jack Straw and Iranian nuclear negotiator Hassan Rowhan in May
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