It's All Israel's Fault

by Michael Burkert

Tiny Israel has really done it this time!  If you absorb what’s presented in our partisan, anti-Israel media, it’s amazing as to what is sorely absent.  That being the TRUTH of why Israel went to war against ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and just what objectives must be accomplished before the Israeli Army returns home.


I thought that the European media was biased until I began to see what passes for news in the United States.  The daily White House briefing for accredited news reporters, the vaunted White House Press Corps, the elite of our mainstream media, is presented a daily briefing of events and U.S. reaction, policy etc.


The most recent daily briefing I witnessed turned into a barrage of harangues by biased “journalists” who are in lockstep opposition to our government, and demanding a “ceasefire” in the current Middle East war.  The terrorist organization Hezb’allah, (party of god) or “Hezbollah” as our media spells it, was well represented at the White House daily briefing.


Our mainstream media is quick to illustrate the killings of innocent Lebanese in this current war, and it truly is tragic that anyone has to suffer and die, yet the Lebanese government has done exactly NOTHING to eliminate Hezbollah and other terrorists from their midst.  Quite the contrary.  The Beirut government, under the guise of an “emerging democracy,” has aided and comforted the terrorists in their “struggle against the Zionist entity.”


So why did Israel attack Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon?  Do the Israelis intend to expand their territory?  Do they seek Lebensraum, or living space?  Is their intention to wage “genocide” against 1.5 billions of Arab peoples?  Hardly.  Israel wants secure borders.  Israel wants peace for her people.  Most of all, Israel wants the Arab terrorists in both Gaza and Lebanon to STOP KILLING ISRAELIS.  The launching of IRANIAN provided missiles and rockets, which damage and kill innocent Israelis MUST CEASE.


Why is it that the International Community fails to recognize the real enemy, the real intent of the enemy and the ultimate objective of the enemy?  The reason is much more than oil. IT’S ALL ABOUT ANTI-SEMITISM AND ANTI-AMERICANISM.


The current anti-American brouhaha being waged in our mainstream media, is over the assumption that President George W. Bush allegedly “gave” the Israelis one week to wipe out Hezbollah; presumably they must stop at that time.  This in turn has caused a “rift” with our great European allies.  What utter nonsense.


The fact is that there is already a “rift” between the United States and “our great European allies” and that rift began shortly after we invaded Afghanistan in the wake of the 911 attacks on our nation back in 2001.  The Europeans, France and Germany in particular are losing BILLIONS of dollars as a result of U.S. policy to wipe out Islamic terrorists.  That’s correct.  When I lived in Germany, I heard almost daily on German news that this company or that was being harmed excessively by the “unwarranted U.S. assaults in the Middle East,” waged against “legitimate” governments!   


The International Community is quick to condemn the tiny State of Israel in doing what she must do to SURVIVE, yet offers NOTHING in regard to eliminating Islamic terrorism.  By reading the news stories in both the United States and Europe, one quickly realizes that “IT’S THE ISRAELIS FAULT.”  Certainly that’s a major theme among our media.  The European press is equally disingenuous.


So where is the (dis) United Nations?  Has Kofi Annan rushed down to Lebanon to “negotiate” a ceasefire with the terrorists?  Has he called for the terrorists to STOP KILLING ISRAELIS?  Most certainly not!  Instead, Kofi Annan blames Israel for the current war, and demands that the United States put pressure on Israel to stop, go home and wait to be rocketed again and again!


What of the Pope?  Has the Pope called for an end to the indiscriminate kidnappings of Israelis and the launching of rockets and missiles against Israel?  Sadly the answer is no.  The Pope seems to blame Israel along with the rest of Europe.


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, criticized the growing death toll in the war, saying that the “indiscriminate shelling of cities and towns and of nearby military sites was invariably resulting in the death of innocent civilians.”  What is sorely missing is that nobody in the UN has yet to criticize Islamic terrorists for the “indiscriminate rocketing of Israel civilians” by Hezbollah.


She went on to say that "International law demands accountability."  She also hinted that the UN would bring WAR CRIMES CHARGES against Israeli politicians and military leaders.  She failed to hint of any “war crimes” charges against Islamic terrorists who have kidnapped and murdered scores of Israeli citizens as a result of their clearly stated intention to annihilate all Jews in Palestine and “push them into the sea.” 


Until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, no man, no organization and no nation will ever be able to bring about any form of lasting peace.  In the meantime however, the only way that there will be any form of even temporary peace, is for one side or the other to WIN.


That means that either Israel loses, capitulates and disappears, or the Islamics are so badly defeated, so decimated, demoralized and vanquished that they sit back and decide that war is not the way to go about achieving their goal of destroying the State of Israel.


Unfortunately, this is just another round of war in the Middle East that will serve as a precursor for soon coming future events in Europe and the Middle East.  There will be a future reckoning with the Islamic world.  A reckoning of untold death and destruction.  Your Bible does not predict the ultimate victory of Islam over all others. 


This current war is not the final one by any means.  It is only a “rumor of war” as predicted by Jesus Christ in the Olivet Prophecy (Matthew 24). 


Keep an eye on Europe.  The last chapter of European history is being written now.  Watch for continued “rifts” between Europe and America.  Watch for a growing movement in both the European Union Congress, and the Vatican to step into the holy land to guarantee peace and access to all so-called “holy sites.”


Watch for a future fulfillment of the TWO KEY PROPHECIES found in Luke 21:20 and Matthew 24:15.  When you see these prophecies fulfilled, you will know that time is very short.  Jesus Christ will then soon return and establish God’s Kingdom on earth.


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