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World of Enemies



            Israel is alone in stepping up to fight those who work to annihilate the tiny nation.  Oh sure, the U.S. is Israel’s ally, but we are her only staunch ally.  And even so, we back Israel diplomatically and help to supply her military.  But what are we doing to quell the worldwide terrorist threat to freedom?  We toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein, but have been unable to eradicate the vicious terrorists in and around Baghdad.  Our military there serves primarily as a security force in a vain attempt to keep the peace.  You are well aware that an average of one hundred people per day are being blown apart by car bombs, suicide bombers and all manner of booby traps.  Some of them are Americans.


            Following the attacks of September 11, four years ago, the Administration announced a “war on terror.”  War?  What war?  Iraq? Afghanistan?  We in the United States are being treated like potential terrorists at our own public buildings and airports, while political correctness demands that those who actually represent a threat to the public get less scrutiny than our elderly grandmothers and little children.  You heard about the incident at the airport in Houston, where a Middle Eastern man was found with elements associated with a bomb, including a clock, battery and hollowed out shoes, but was allowed to continue on and board his flight?  Unbelievable.   


            Every nook and cranny of our society has been infiltrated with Muslims who are sympathetic to the terrorist movement as a matter of their religion.  Is anybody investigating them?  Despite reports of Hezbollah agents crossing our border with Mexico, the border remains porous while the politicians play “keep away” with the political football.


The traditional allies of the United States of America have melted away.  Never mind all the convoluted justifications for it.  They all project an attitude of superiority, and it has precious little to do with practical realities. The very same sort of attitude has taken hold in most large urban centers of the United States, pushed relentlessly by the largest of American newspapers and broadcast companies.  It’s reached the point where nearly half of American citizens are angrily critical of the U.S. on nearly every subject.  That simple truth is defined by the enormous disdain heaped upon President George W. Bush. He is unabashedly hated by his political rivals.  Hated for playing the cowboy and pursuing terrorism too hard. Despite the fact that the many dangerous situations in the Middle East and throughout the world have taken shape over centuries, everything is characterized as his fault!  


            You’ve heard the discussions raging back and forth over whether or not this is World War III.  And that is mostly a matter of semantics.  The conflict now gathering strength has the potential to push the boundaries of war beyond anything the world has ever seen before.  The “civilized world” has become pacifist!  Even the supposedly hawkish Bush Administration is sitting by quietly while the radical Muslim world threatens and gathers strength beyond our military capacity to respond, unless we resort to a nuclear solution.  To make matters far more complicated, radical Muslim elements have infiltrated western societies to a degree that politically correct governments simply cannot hope to contain them once they begin to attack us from within.  Our political and law enforcement leaders should remember and contemplate the catastrophe of 9-11 on a daily basis. 


            Have a look at what’s been going on with the massive demonstrations all over the Middle East, and even in Europe.  These wild-eyed fanatics are openly calling for our death and destruction.  They are sworn to jihad until Islam rules the world.  How is it that our peoples can profess tolerance, tune out the threats, and pursue the good life while the danger grows?


            The situation playing out in southern Lebanon holds some very valuable lessons to be learned, even a solid analogy. 


            Israel played by UN rules.  They pulled out of southern Lebanon six years ago under the auspices of UN Resolution 1959.  The UN inserted 2000 observers/ peacekeepers who were given the mandate of maintaining the area as a buffer zone between Israel and the radical Hezbollah.  This was touted as a great victory for the radical terror organization, and saluted throughout the Islamic world.  For six years the terror-mongers dug tunnels, constructed bunkers and stockpiled weapons under the watchful eyes of UN outposts. Did you hear any alarms of warning sounded by the UN?  Did they warn the security council of the imminence of the waves of rocket attacks we see now occurring daily?   No.  Not a peep.  Big news was made this week when Israel bombed a UN outpost.  Now we know that the grounds were being used as cover for Hezbollah rocket launchers.  Subsequently, there are reports that several other UN outposts in southern Lebanon are being used as shields for rocket launchers. 


            Radical Islamic terrorists obviously used the UN for cover for years while they prepared their onslaught, and the UN obviously allowed itself to be used!  That is precisely what we now see playing out in the larger scenario.  The U.S. continues to play along diplomatically with the UN while the radical Islamic world prepares a multifaceted, unconventional war against our way of life.  Nobody except Israel is doing anything about it, and they are only doing it because they have to stop the rain of rockets on their civilians.


            Many argue that the U.S. is already spread too thin to take on Iran, Syria or North Korea.  If we used air strikes to diminish or destroy their nuclear or military facilities the world would howl that we were violating international law.  And here we sit, watching the carnage while young Israeli boys are sent into the fire-ant hill of southern Lebanon to sacrifice their lives, women and children are killed in southern Beirut because their basements are used as missile bunkers, their rooftops as launching pads.  Does the UN have a solution?  No, the UN and the vast majority of its members hate Israel and they hate the United States.


            There was some early hope based on “moderate” Arab regimes in the region criticizing Hezbolla’s instigation of this gathering crisis.  That seems to have changed already.  Saudi Arabia and Jordan are now talking tough against Israel and the U.S., as their citizens become more inflamed by the day.  The wall to wall al Jazeera coverage of the mayhem in south Beirut is driving their populations wild, and the monarchs are chiming in with public sentiment to avoid having that anger directed at them.


            World War II was no cakewalk.  The U.S. couldn’t bring itself to believe that Hitler was actually a credible threat until it was nearly too late.  With the radical Islamic movement so widely spread, the whole of the Muslim world enraged, and Iran very close to fielding nuclear weapons, it’s getting very late again.  It may in fact be too late.  Israel, for the moment, has pulled together politically to fight for survival.  The United States is anything but united.  How long will we wait?  Do we have what it takes to defeat the threat of radical Islam?


            The President talked mighty tough in the days following September 11.  You were either with us or against us, and we were determined to hunt down and destroy the terrorists wherever they hid.  Well they’re not hiding!  Iran’s president is shaking his hairy fist in our face nearly every day, threatening Israel with extermination and promising to defeat the “great Satan.”


            The rhetoric from our side is muted as we try to argue in defense of Israel’s action in Lebanon.  Have we completely lost our nerve?  Have we totally lost the pride of our power? 


            A report just surfaced of an ancient book containing the Pslams being found this week in an “Irish bog.”  It is being treated as the Irish equivalent of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The book was reportedly found open to Psalm 83, and is being treated with great significance because of the obvious parallels to the terrible situation confronting Israel right now.  It contains a plea to God to protect Israel from those who want to erase it from the earth. Psalm 83:1 - 5 reads, “Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still O God.  For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.  They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.   They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  For they have consulted together with one consent; they are confederate against thee.”


            It is a prayer we might well make on behalf of the United States as well as Israel.  But God offers his promises of prosperity and protection to those who keep His laws, observe His Sabbaths and holy days and put their trust in Him.  Isn’t it interesting that Israel is the only nation on earth that pays national respect to the Sabbath as a day of rest and worship?  Could it be that the phenomenal prosperity of the United States might be linked to our alliance with the only nation on earth that keeps God’s Sabbath and holy days?  A relative handful in this nation pay any mind to God’s laws.  Our religious leaders are foremost in demanding that His laws are not binding.  Where will we turn when the first Islamic detonation hits our soil?  To Kofi Annan?


Mark Armstrong

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