Armies Surrounding Jerusalem
Land for Peace: The Prelude?

 By James and Natalie Ricks


Christ told his disciples that one crucial sign of the time of the end would be armies surrounding Jerusalem, “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh” (Luke 21:20).  Could it be that the Jewish nation will allow these armies to surround the city as part of a peace-keeping buffer force?  Many analysts are saying that Hezbollah’s attacks can only be prevented by a strong buffer force on the northern border of Israel.


The Jewish State has indicated that they would consider a European military force on their northern border similar to the one that is in Afghanistan.  Surprised? Well, consider this.  The UN Peace-Keeping Forces have proven unreliable all over the globe.  America is preoccupied with many other military commitments.  A European army is the next logical choice.



A European peacekeeping force could cause Israel to begin to become comfortable with the dangerous concept of allowing foreign troops to be responsible for Israeli protection and security. The Jewish State might next see a need for such a buffer force in the south to ameliorate the Gaza Strip terrorist problem. Later, it is foreseeable that a similar military force could be allowed in the West Bank area to guard the Eastern or Jordanian frontier of Jerusalem.   If these events occur now, even if at first, these armies are helpful, Israel would be completely surrounded by foreign armies.  Prophecies imply that these armies will someday betray tiny Israel and desecrate the future Temple of God.  See Matt 24:15.  Read also 2 Thessalonians 2:4 and Revelation Chapters 13:14-15.


These armies would have to increase in strength and become a threat, to fulfill Bible prophecies.  Allowing them in position to provide a buffer zone could be the first fatal step toward the take-over of Israel. These armies, if in position, could suddenly be turned inward, toward Jerusalem, by the command of a future evil leader in a reconstituted Holy Roman Empire in Europe.  They would no longer protect Jerusalem from terrorism and extremist activity, but, instead, with lightening like speed, attack the city. 


Who among the European powers is likely to have the strongest army contingents; France, Italy, Spain or Germany?  Germany will be the strongest!  Ironic isn’t it!  The nation that indirectly uprooted the successful Jews of Europe by horrifying persecution, and forced them, out of self-defense, to form the Zionist State, will be their future chief protector and betrayer.  The current crisis in Lebanon could be the prelude to these future events.


The past has shown that “buffer zone thinking” has been very dangerous.  When Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of England, at the beginning of World War II, he became a victim of appeasement and well as buffer zone thinking. The Prime Minister believed that if the Europeans could give in enough to Hitler, that he could become placated, peaceful and would have no more reason to wage war. Giving him a piece of Poland, that was not his, in effect, creating a buffer zone of protection for the rest of Europe, certainly did not work.  Some wealthy British leaders and politicians feared the spread of Communist ideology so much that they were willing to allow a criminal monster like Hitler to, in effect, become a buffer state to protect them from the vast Soviet Empire during the prelude to WWII. These British leaders feared that Communist ideology might topple their upper class positions, and cause them to lose their wealth and influence.



Many Westerners believe that if the Jewish State gives land back to the Palestinians that they too, will become placated, peaceful and have no more reason for terrorism. (Do you see a historical pattern here?)  Sharon tested the concept.  He gave back the Gaza strip. We all can see how successful that plan has been. What did Israel receive as a result of giving back the Gaza Strip? Did they receive peace and good will from the Palestinians and other Arabs?  No, they just got more terrorism and ill will.  Land for peace will not be successful.


We, in the West, do not want to believe the goal of the Palestinians and Arabs. Their goal is to drive the Jews out of Israel and into the sea.  They continually let us know what their goal for Israel is, but we refuse to believe it.  Hitler wrote Mein Kampf to explain his goals and plans for world conquest, but we didn’t believe him either. We can pretend that most Palestinians and Arabs want land for peace and can be bought off with other benefits, but we might as well realize what they really want and stop playing diplomatic games.


In 2000, President Clinton moderated Arab, Israeli talks that were known as the Camp David Negotiations. Yassar Arafat, Palestinian leader, was offered 97% of his demands. Did he accept the agreement? No, it was rejected.  He probably realized that if he had accepted the terms of the accord, he would have been killed or driven out of office. Peace is not what the Palestinians want. (Remember that the Arabs and Palestinians want the Jews driven into the sea.) No other solution is acceptable to them.


Yassar Arafat’s mentor, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husayni, who began his tenure in the late twenties, was an open NAZI Arab. Husayni, went to Germany and met with the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop. Hitler also received the Mufti. Amin al-Husayni, and Hitler were in total agreement about the annihilation of the Jews as the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem,” both in Germany and in the Middle East.  The pressure for the destruction of the Jews has not abated. It has inspired hatred and will remain until the Messiah comes again.



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