WAG the Dog


            It’s a term I first heard during the Clinton administration.  It is in essence to create a diversion in order to focus attention away from some impossible predicament.  In the mid to late 90’s the “dog” was the mainstream media, which to a large extent was able to determine the issues of the day unopposed.  Given today’s reach of alternative media, national cable and maybe most importantly the Internet, the maneuver is now almost impossible to pull off.  Unless, of course the diversion involves hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli towns and cities (thank goodness they can’t aim those things!), the aerial bombardment of Beirut suburbs and photos of dead and mangled children…


It is now widely accepted among the most knowledgeable of the military analysts that the provocative moves by Hezbollah terrorists, (ambushing an Israeli patrol, kidnapping two soldiers, firing a barrage of rockets at Israeli towns) were undertaken on the eve of the G-8 summit on orders from Iran in order to deflect attention which would otherwise have been focused on Iran’s nuclear buildup


It worked.  The world’s attention, and apprehension is focused on moment by moment developments as probably the most comprehensive team ever of “live via satellite” reporters bringing us real time video from northern Israel and from Beirut, showing us incoming rockets, outgoing shelling and bomb explosions.  The question now on everyone’s lips is, “When will the UN pass a resolution demanding a cease fire?”  Whose soldiers will make up the “international force” to keep the terrorists from operating in southern Lebanon?


            The track record on these peacekeeping missions is not good.  Assuming rocket attacks were to commence once some international force is installed, then what?  The peacekeeping force would become the terrorists’ human shields.  And you know by now that it is the French who are trying to intervene with a cease-fire, and take the lead in the discussion of the peacekeeping force.  Do we really want to see blue hats exchanged for limp wrists?


            The Israeli – terrorist war has also taken attention off Iraq, where murderous exchanges between Sunnis and Shiites are at record levels.  Today’s news tells of tens of thousands of Shiites in Baghdad chanting “death to Israel and America,” and burning and trampling U.S. and Israeli flags. 


            As they look at what is transpiring in the Muslim nations of the Middle East, the mass hysteria, the outpouring of hatred and the near worship of venomous terrorists, U.S. strategists surely must be wondering if “democracy” is the answer.  Amid populations of brainwashed lunatics, it obviously is not.


            Nobody seems to want to talk about the inevitable conflict, the one to deprive Iran of nuclear weapons.  Or might we stand down and risk consequences much more severe than expensive energy?  For now, the dog has been wagged.

Mark Armstrong

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