by Michael Burkert


The most current Middle East war, imposed on the state of Israel by Hezbollah terrorists, is continuing much longer than originally thought possible or necessary.  There are many reasons why the war hasn’t ended rapidly with the usual Israeli victory.  It has much to do with secular liberalism and the rapidly dwindling public support in the west.


Israeli politicians, not generals, are making tactical decisions as a result of unprecedented Hezbollah propaganda successes entailing the never-ending parade of bodies of dead civilians, propped up and photographed by willing western accomplices of Hezbollah for anti-Israel and anti-American purposes. 


It’s mind boggling, when you examine events that have occurred during the past five or six years regarding the so-called “Peace Process,” and its utter failure.  With a liberal government in power in Israel, the normal expectation would be for love and peace to break out throughout the Middle East.  Sadly, this has not been the case.  Hezbollah, acting on behalf of Syria and Iran, is actually at war with the United States, through Israel.


Israel is the first great battleground of the WORLD WAR OF ISLAMIC EXPANSION.  That war of expansion is gathering momentum and will soon encompass the United States, the British Commonwealth nations and Europe.  The majority of our citizens throughout the western world simply have no clue as to what is soon coming their way.


The sword of Islam is being sharpened again for the next round of world conflagration.  This time, the Islamists have a number of things going in their favor, as never before.  First and foremost, our Islamic enemies have the partisan press in the United States as a staunch ally!  OUR MEDIA, IT SEEMS, WOULD SACRIFICE THE ENTIRE NATION in their quest to destroy the Bush presidency.  That certainly appears to be “job one,” for the majority of our esteemed “journalists.”


The second device our Islamic enemies have in their favor is the lack of a strong Christian binder.  That’s right.  Despite the millions of Americans who go to church each and every Sunday morning, there is really no “religious opposition” to the Islamification of our nation, and the soon to come catastrophic culture clash with Islam.  No church or religious foundation exists to bind our nation together, so that we might fight Islamic expansion together as the American nation. 


Even the Catholic Church, has no backbone for the fight that lies ahead.  However, that will change.  In the past, Christendom united to fight Islamic expansion at every turn.  The past two wars of Islamic expansion resulted in clear defeats for Islam, and a few centuries of relative peace.  Unfortunately, our western world is no longer even a nominal Christian world in any sense of the word.


Secular liberalism has replaced nominal Christianity along with its mistaken views of the inconsequence of religion in the world.  Secular liberalism doesn’t see Islam as a threat.  Most could care less about combating Islam, either on our home soil or abroad. 


Our modern day secular, liberal-socialist United States is no longer structurally capable of resisting Islamic expansion.  We suffer from demographic disadvantages and philosophical and moral weaknesses.   The ayatollahs, mullahs and imams in Iran are keenly aware of our moral weakness and our lack of resolve in this ongoing war.


The tiny state of Israel has in effect been at war for 58 years.  The current war launched in July ‘06 is simply another battle in the never-ending Islamic goal to destroy the state of Israel and push it into the sea.   ISRAEL DID NOT START THIS WAR!  Yet to listen to Kofi Anan and his dis-United Nations cronies one would think that the Israelis are fighting a war of conquest, as opposed to A WAR OF SURVIVAL.


Things are different this time.  For one, Israeli politicians are calling the shots instead of allowing the generals to prosecute and WIN this war.  Second, this is more than a war between Hezbollah terrorists and Israel.  Syria and Iran, truly strange bedfellows, are pulling the strings for Hezbollah. Hezbollah will wage war against Israel to the last drop of Lebanese blood! 


Islam may well yet defeat the United States of America!  Not on the battlefield, but in the arena of public opinion, as facilitated by our partisan media.  This “proxy war” in the Middle East may well be the first campaign of a war that results in our rapid decline and dissolution as a nation.  Certainly, this is the stated goal of our Islamic enemies.  Make no mistake about it; the United States is ENEMY NUMBER ONE to the Islamics.  They fully understand that to defeat the United States is an absolute essential task in their quest for Islam to triumph over all others.


The United States of America may well lose the war with Islam.  Don’t think for a moment that Iran is the only Islamic nation to seek nuclear weapons.  There are others.  Also, never doubt that WHEN an Islamic enemy such as Iran acquires nuclear weapons they will use them against the United States and the British Commonwealth nations.  Why wouldn’t they?


If it comes to pass that the United States is attacked with nuclear weapons, we will rapidly decline as a nation and cease to be much of a threat to Islamic expansionists.  Iranian nut job Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is keenly aware of the benefits a NUCLEAR first strike on the United States would present for the expansion of Islam.  Especially, if the US is either unable, or more likely too timid to retaliate for such a strike.


With the United States out of the picture, Europe will have to stand up and do what we failed to do.  You think that unlikely?  Guess again.  When the Europeans are FORCED to defend themselves from expansionist Islam once again, they will unite as never before.  That union will result from the collapse of the current 25-nation European Union and the establishment of a more streamlined, more controllable and much fiercer 10-nation coalition most likely to be called the United States of Europe, or maybe the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.


Clearly, a victory of overwhelming proportions for Israel would be a setback for the Islamists.  However, it is looking more and more like another UN sponsored “cease fire” which will accomplish very little in the way of peace and serve only as a respite for Hezbollah to recruit and train NEW TERRORISTS.  In that case the Islamic terror war will continue, with Syria and Iran’s support and approval.


Before this war ends it will be known and felt by us all.  The measure of Islamic resolve is unfathomable.  This war will ultimately not be fought on some distant battlefield but on our own soil!  Among our homes, in our towns and cities.


Your Bible does not predict the ultimate victory for Islam.  Neither does your Bible predict that the United States of America will continue as the leader of the free world.

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