Whistling in the Dark


            You are aware that the news is coming at us fast and furious right now.  Israel is reportedly (finally) launching a massive ground offensive into southern Lebanon while reports out of the UN claim that a “deal” to stop the fighting has been reached, or at least almost.


            If a deal to halt the hostilities goes through under the current circumstances, Israel has lost.  The Muslim world will celebrate what will be promoted as a tremendous victory for Hezbollah, and continue to call for “DEATH TO ISRAEL” and “DEATH TO AMERICA."  It looks as though we are bowing down to the French philosophy of surrender, and are prepared to wait “vigilantly” while the terrorists hatch one scheme after another to bring the west to its knees.  As I interact with people in society, I get a sense of resignation that the world’s greatest superpower is headed for catastrophe and it’s already too late to do anything about it.  World opinion and domestic politics being what they are, that assessment may well be accurate.


            We are still trying to digest the news of the foiled terror plot to bring down as many as ten U.S. aircraft scheduled to depart London.  More on that in Murray Allatt’s comments to follow.  But once again, even though the plot failed, we are the losers.  As if airport security wasn’t already a ridiculous charade, it's being taken to a higher level.  Security measures are directed at “things” such as fingernail clippers, and now liquids, rather than being directed at potential terrorists.  Never in the history of the world has an aircraft been hi-jacked or blown up by an elderly Caucasian grandmother or a toddler or a fourteen year old American high school girl, a mother with a baby or…  But due to the insanity of political correctness, the authorities are forbidden to engage in terrorist profiling.  It seems to me that a tremendous amount of good will would be generated if abusive government security were directed at people who fit the terrorist profile, and not at patriotic citizens who love this country and used to appreciate the freedoms it afforded.


            The radical Islamic movement is chipping away at our freedoms, and there is no sign that we are prepared to identify or specifically scrutinize those who might actually be inclined to commit an atrocity against innocent civilians.  At least not at the airport.


            The theme promoted by the anti-war, anti-Bush movement all this week has been unmistakable.  Have you ever noticed the phenomena of people of a certain ilk showing up on all the radio and television discussions saying the same thing?  How does that happen?  The theme this week goes something like this.  If we could just get rid of George W. Bush, then the Muslim radicals would turn peaceful and leave us alone.  The premise is blindly naïve to the point that it’s hard to imagine anyone retaining any degree of credibility after standing on such an idiotic premise.  You’d have to have no recollection whatever of the past fifty years to retain such a belief. 


            Israel and the United States are in grave danger, more so due to the many attempts to appease the bloodthirsty factions in the Middle East.  Those who want to destroy us have now (and apparently accurately) identified the United States as being weak, unable or unwilling to risk the ire of Europe and the UN in order to eliminate the gathering threat.


            As a former PLO member said this week, these people will stop at nothing to bring down the United States.  He indicated that they are planning and working toward a “grand finale” that will grind our nation to a halt.  How do you make deals and treaties with organizations or individuals who prove time and time again every week that they are brazen and extravagant liars, knowing they are calling for and working feverishly toward our destruction? 


            Mike Wallace of CBS’s 60 Minutes just concluded an exclusive interview with Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, and found him to be extremely charming and oh so smart!  The man who denies the holocaust and calls for Israel’s annihilation several times weekly, who presides over wild mindless demonstrations in Tehran is such a nice guy!  Why wouldn’t we want to negotiate and make agreements with a man who preaches the destruction of the U.S. and Israel all the time?  Iran’s nuclear threat is real.  Israel is in grave danger, and the diplomats are trying their best to “stop the killing” which will only allow the danger to grow and intensify.  The U.S. is in grave danger as well, whether or not a majority of the population can bring themselves to accept it. 


            If this nation can’t bring itself to make use of its massive military might to preserve our western freedoms, it had better turn to God Almighty in repentant prayer.  I hope you’ll read on, and consider the following report sent in by Murray Allatt, the director of the GTA Evangelistic Association in Australia.


Sydney, Australia - This week has brought some extraordinary news of which everyone will be aware in the apparent attempt by Al-Quaida related terrorists to bring down up to 10 US passenger aircraft mid-Atlantic. Apparently, an MI5 operative was able to infiltrate the plot and mass arrests occurred just days before implementation. The Australian broadcaster, the ABC, "Lateline" news review program earlier this week, after the news broke, interviewed a British academic "expert" on terrorism, just returned to the UK from Australia.

Extraordinarily, this academic suggested that we in the West need to look at redressing the issues (whatever they are - he did not say) that turn middle class, otherwise respectable British citizens of Pakistani/Muslim background into terrorists. In other words it may just be all our fault. For an "expert" to make such comments is almost beyond belief. He even tried to distance Islam from the problem. It is this kind of mealy mouthed reasoning, from "experts" no less, that give oxygen to left liberal politicians bent on appeasement, for example those now opposed to Israel, of all countries, in it's war on the terror organization Hezbollah. They ignore that fact of Hezbollah's stated aim is to wipe Israel off the map. No, if only Israel would cease it's "oppression" of the Palestinians all would be well.

Just suppose this plot had succeeded. Imagine the howls of joy that would have risen from every Arab capital from gyrating mobs of otherwise "decent," "moderate" Muslims. No, the so called “experts” peddling the “maybe it’s our fault” line, need to use their common sense and stick with the facts. Those facts point to a plain agenda of destroying the West, not because of supposed wrongs committed by the West against poor, oppressed Islam, but because they seek to impose Islam wherever they spread, and they have spread wide and deep.

This coming Sunday in Sydney, another anti Israel march has been organized. The newspaper ad in today's Sydney Morning Herald screamed "Israel Out of Lebanon and Palestine." No pretence here of this being a "peace" march. These people would claim "Palestine" covers and includes the entire area now forming the territory of Israel. In other words, they will be calling for Israel to cease to exist. No doubt we will see more vision in the Saturday night News of wild eyed, shrouded and tea towel wearing "moderate" Muslims in the streets of Sydney calling for the effective destruction of Israel. Websites for these people are:


With all this recent death and carnage in the news you would hope more people would be interested to know the Truth concerning the “hereafter."


Mark Armstrong

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