By Michael Burkert


The UN has done it again!  With a unanimous vote of the UN Security Counsel, including the United States, the UN has once again condemned Israel (and the world) to yet more war!


Clearly, the 35-day war between the State of Israel and Syria/Iran backed Hezbollah did not result in a victory for Israel.  Quite the contrary!  While neither side was devastated nor defeated on the battlefield, Hezbollah and allies are the clear winners in this latest round of Middle East war.


Iran, especially, can claim triumph for a variety of reasons.  For the first time a Muslim army stood its ground under the onslaught of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Although Israel brought heavy forces to the battle front they (1) failed to destroy Hezbollah; (2) they failed to destroy Hezbollah’s ability to launch missiles at Israel; (3) they failed to gain the freedom of the three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah in July 2006.


The Islamic expansionists on the other hand won a clear victory in this latest battle.  Weapons, provided by both Iran and Syria worked well.  Iran gained vast practical and technical data regarding the effectiveness of their tactical missiles and no doubt will be able to fine tune and perfect their weapons for the next round of conflict.


What Iran gained the most however, is the now solidly PROVEN knowledge that the West will not REALLY fight!  The West, including Europe, the United States and the State of Israel have proven once again, we have no stomach for war.  This is the same signal we telegraphed to Hitler and the Nazis, time and time again in the 1930’s, up to the point where the battles of World War II in Europe actually began!


Instead of identifying the true culprits behind this latest battle of Islamic expansionism, we erroneously continued with the façade of a “war on terror.”  Liberal politicians around the globe scurried to the UN in order to foment a “peace plan.”


The UN never stated the obvious, that Hezbollah, acting as a proxy for Syria and Iran had started this war.  Instead they appeared at every turn, to support the Islamic expansionists.  Our very partisan anti-Israel, anti-American news media jumped on the propaganda bandwagon and attacked the “aggression” of Israeli forces in Lebanon.  This was very much a media war and it was not spun favorably for Israel!


For the first time, Israeli forces won no victory in war.  From day one, the war was never controlled by the Israeli military leadership, who know how to fight and win.  THE WAR WAS CONTROLLED BY POLITICIANS more bent on re-election than victory.  Politicians, who are more afraid of a biased anti-Israel western media, than they are of Iran.


From the beginning, the IDF Air Force was hobbled by a committee of politicians who voted on each and every phase of the operation.  Strategic and tactical target lists were provided the committee.  It was THEY WHO DECIDED what targets to bomb each day, what missile launchers to destroy each day and how many Sorties the IDF Air Force could and would fly!


IDF ground forces were hobbled as well.  Trained to fight the last war, which ended in Israeli victory in 1973, the infantry and tank forces met a different enemy this time.  The IDF Army was not up against a uniformed, organized army as had been the case in past wars.  This time, the IDF fought civilian clad terrorists, hunkered down in reinforced, camouflaged bunkers. 


Israel lost many of her Merkava main battle tanks, to modern anti-tank weaponry furnished by Russia and China via Iran.  The Merkava was one of the most formidable battle tanks in the world.  That was ten years ago however, and anti-tank technology has improved vastly since then.  Israel failed to update their armor and failed to update their tactical doctrine as well.  Many Israeli lives were squandered as a result of poor planning, improper training and a lack of battlefield intelligence.


Israel failed to overrun all of Hezbollah positions to include zones north of the Latani River.  This was the same mistake the United States made in 1950, by not pursuing communist North Koreans or the Chinese north of the Yalu River.  Thus Hezbollah was GIVEN A SANCTUARY and they took full advantage of it.  


Overall, it was a poor showing for the Israelis.  However, it revealed mountains of information that will no doubt be especially useful to our Islamic enemies in the near future. 


With no victory, Israel, the United States and Europe should ponder the results of the failed campaign.  The essentials are as follows:


  • The UN did not bring about any form of peace in this conflict.


  • UN meddling will result in additional conflicts breaking out in the region.


  • UN meddling has EMPOWERED Iran and their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.


  • Islamic expansionists will continue their drive to obtain NUCLEAR WEAPONS.


  • The UN will do NOTHING to stop Iran, and Iran knows it.


  • Failing to take the war to both Syria and Iran provided a POLITICAL VICTORY of untold proportions.


  • Recruiting for Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide will rise exponentially.




It’s only a matter of time before the United States and Great Britain, is once again attacked by Islamic expansionists, using the tactics of TERROR.  That our great BRITISH allies were able to thwart the latest attempt by Islamics to commit MASS MURDER is clearly a temporary blessing! 


We no longer have the will to do what has to be done in order to defeat Islamic expansionism.  Our western liberal democracies simply are unable and unwilling to destroy our enemies in battle, IF there is any chance of harming an innocent bystander. 


During World War II, our armed forces did what they had to do to achieve VICTORY.  That meant fighting a very dirty and horrible war.  We as a nation didn’t worry about some goatherd in Trashcanistan and what he would think about the United States if we bombed Japanese cities and killed civilians!  Our media, in those days didn’t wring their hands in sympathy for our Nazi and Japanese enemies.


With NO VICTORY comes NO PEACE.  Think about this and ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t the Islamics think they won this latest round of Middle East WAR?  Can the rest of us sleep at night and really think we are safe?  Sadly, the answer is no.                                                               

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