By Michael Burkert


While we here in the United States and Canada enjoy our summer, watch sports, drink lemonade and even pay heed to the World Cup extravaganza in Berlin, disturbing events are shaping up rapidly in Asia.  The intransigent North Koreans, led by nutcase Kim Jong il have really stirred up a hornet’s nest!  The little general, Kim, has fired numerous missiles, some landing in and near Japanese territory.  This has rocked the Empire of Japan, as nothing else has done in decades!


General Kim’s “missile tests” are amazing in that they have occurred at all.  North Korea is a starving nation of 16 million robotic skeletons who daily praise the “dear leader,” or face extermination in one of the many communist-run concentration camps.  Some in North Korea have actually been carted off to a death camp for not cheering “with enough enthusiasm” when political commissars endlessly exclaim the tired old communist slogans supposedly written by dictator Kim himself.


The North Koreans are content to allow their long suffering people to starve to death, yet they miraculously have BILLIONS of dollars to spend on the development of NUCLEAR weapons and the missiles to attack nations that harbor them no threat whatsoever!


Do the Japanese have cause for concern?  Does North Korea pose a clear and present danger to the Japanese home islands?  Most certainly.  So what of the United Nations?  In 1950, the U.N. came to the aid of South Korea when the North invaded.  Would the U.N. come to the aid of Japan in a serious crisis?  Can the U.N. stop Kim Jong Ill from actually ATTACKING Japan with NUCLEAR MISSILES?


Despite resistance from China and Russia, Japan has pushed for a U.N. Security Council resolution that would prohibit nations from procuring missiles or missile-related "items, materials goods and technology" from North Korea. A vote is unlikely to be pressed by the Japanese, as they realize that the resolution will go NOWHERE in the deeply fragmented and virtually worthless U.N.


"It's important for the international community to express a strong will in response to the North Korean missile launches," Imperial Cabinet Minister Shinzo Abe said. "This resolution is an effective way of expressing that."  However he admitted the futility of gaining a strong response from the Security Council. 


China and Russia, both nations who hold deep and lasting animosity toward Japan have veto power on the council.  Both have voiced opposition to the measure. Kyodo News agency reported, (citing unnamed Chinese diplomatic sources), that China may use its veto on the Security Council to block the resolution.


The United States, Britain and France have expressed support for the proposal, while Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso has said there is a possibility that Russia will abstain.


South Korea has not publicly taken a position on the resolution and rebuked Japan for its outspoken criticism of the tests.


"There is no reason to fuss over this from the break of dawn like Japan, but every reason to do the opposite," a statement from President Roh Moo-hyun's office said, suggesting that Tokyo was contributing to tensions on the Korean Peninsula.


Abe said Monday it was "regrettable" that South Korea had accused Japan of overreacting.  "There is no mistake that the missile launch is a threat to Japan and the region. It is only natural for Japan to take measures of risk management against such a threat," Abe said.


Japan, saddled with a constitution written by General Douglas MacArthur in the post World War II era is forbidden from solving international problems with military force.  However, she is not forbidden by her constitution from defending Japanese soil.


Although our western liberal democracies have more or less given Japan a “pass” for the horrendous war crimes committed by the Imperial Army during World War II, Asian nations have not been so benevolent.  Memories of Japanese atrocities are clear and vivid in both North and South Korea.  China also continues a contemptuous attitude toward the Japanese. 


Make no mistake about it; the 1937 “Rape of Nanking” weighs heavy on the collective Chinese mind!  There is, and will remain little sympathy for the concerns of Japanese security amongst Asian nations.


So what are the Japanese to do?  Will they sit by idly while the vicious “crankcase” Kim either fires a NUCLEAR MISSILE in their direction on purpose or by incompetence?  The threat of Japanese cities once again being destroyed by a nuclear firestorm may well be the “wake up call” that alters the course of Japanese society for the foreseeable future.


There is today in Japan, a minority faction which calls for a renewed MILITARIZED Japan.  A Japan that’s strong economically, industrially, and militarily.  Since the Japanese doubt any serious U.S. protection when it comes to actually protecting them from aggressors such as North Korea, they may soon do the following:


Find a legal “loophole” in their Constitution, which will allow them to strike at North Korean missile sites when launches are detected by satellite.  If no such “loophole” can be found, they will either “find” one, or amend the Constitution to allow for their military needs.


Build new and sophisticated attack aircraft or guided missile systems to carry out OFFENSIVE attacks on North Korea and beyond.


Build up the Japanese Imperial Fleet once again to a “Blue Water” navy.


Increase the size and sophistication of the Imperial Army in order to cope with the threats both North Korea and (ultimately) China pose to the Japanese Empire.


As we enter further into the End Times, the world is going to become more tumultuous and unstable.  Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:6, "You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.  Don’t be troubled by this.  All these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet, for nations and kingdoms will wage war against each other.”


Jesus also warned us against great “affliction” that is soon to be upon this sinful, hate-filled and filthy world we live in.  That “affliction” is identified in your Bible as the GREAT TRIBULATION.


Japan, BOTH the Koreas and China may well be on course for a military conflagration of monumental proportions!  War with Japan quite possibly, could reunite the two Koreas as nothing else possibly could.  Hatred for the Japanese is deeply ingrained in the Korean psyche, going back centuries.


The same holds true with the Chinese who have fought countless wars over the course of history with their Japanese antagonists.  The fact remains that no Asian nation that suffered under the vicious, iron heel of the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II, has much love-loss for Japan.


Japan is on her own.  The U.S. will most likely not overly involve our forces in the defense of Japan.  Certainly, a leftist president and congress, if elected in 2008, will distance the U.S. from any such commitment.  Once reality sets in, look for historical and rapid changes as to how Japan conducts herself in foreign affairs.     

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