Islam Wins America

by Michael Burkert


There is now no doubt that the Democrats have recaptured the U.S. House of Representatives, the majority of U.S. state governor races and possibly the United States Senate. The question, on the minds of many Americans is: What are the ramifications on the war with Islam? Can the Democrats defeat the Islamists, in this, the third war of Islamic expansion?

What are the penalties we face by losing the war with Islam? Can we simply tuck our tails in tight, withdraw our forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and return home in shame, as we did with Vietnam, then go on living as if nothing ever happened? Can we ever return to a world of pre-9/11?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Muslims attacked our nation, in the first place. It’s not the fault of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or really, any U.S. president or either political party. Instead of pointing fingers and accusing each other over the war, we should instead understand that this war was inevitable. It didn’t begin with 9/11. It really began in the seventh century when imperial Islam began to spread across Arabia, converting all infidels either by the sword, or killing them.

There were essentially two wars of Islamic expansion that predate the current war. The first spread Islam across all of Arabia, North Africa, Southwest Asia, Central Asia and into China! The second war of expansion, Islam spread into the Iberian Peninsula and into France. There was also an Islamic push from the east, as Turkish armies invaded Europe and were finally defeated in Austria. Islamic armies were defeated in 732 AD, yet remained on the European continent until 1492 when they were finally expelled by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The Turks remained in Eastern Europe until 1683!

But wait, isn’t Islam a religion of peace? Even the President of the United States sticks to this concept. If that’s the case then how is it that between 1981 and 2001 when our World Trade Center was attacked, there were over 7,500 terrorist attacks worldwide, each and every one perpetrated by Muslims?

Aren’t Muslims peaceful people? Many are. How about Germans? Aren’t they peaceful people as well? Over the many years I lived and worked in Germany I knew countless Germans who are friendly, warm and want nothing to do with violence and certainly not terrorism. No doubt the vast majority of Germans during the Nazi era wanted nothing to do with war or the Nazi expansion doctrine espoused by Hitler, yet they went along and did as they were told to do. Today’s Muslims are no different in this regard.

However, dark forces in the Islamic world have clearly initiated the third war of Islamic expansion. This time they have BILLIONS of petro-dollars at their disposal to prosecute this war. The intent is nothing short of Islamic domination and control of the entire world.

One of the main reasons that the shift in power has now changed in Washington is due to the American people distrusting the Bush Administration and the stated goals in Iraq. Although the United States has all-volunteer armed forces, the American people have grown war-weary and are tired of hearing about losses on a daily basis. This is a major reason why incumbent Republicans were voted out of office and the reins of the House of
Representatives now lie in the hands of liberal socialist Democrats.

The Bush Administration never defined the actual enemy we face having succumbed to the idiocy of Political Correctness. It will ultimately cost the American people dearly that our leaders are too wimpy and weak to tell it like it is regarding the evil we face, an evil that will now up the butcher’s bill in casualties, both domestic and abroad.

Before this, the third war of Islamic expansion ends, countless graves will be filled in multiple international locations. Islamic aggression is extant in 99 countries today. Regrettably, this war will go nuclear and soon.

Liberals don’t believe in the concept of a war with radical Islam. They have proposed to withdraw U.S. Forces from Iraq and redeploy them to Afghanistan, Okinawa or some other location. They believe that we can negotiate with terrorists and somehow come to an accommodation with them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So how does the American election of 2006 benefit the Islamics? Does the political shift constitute an Islamic win? Simply put, what losing this war would mean is this: No longer will the United States of America be the premier nation in the world. Attacks against the U.S. and our allies will not stop. Quite the contrary. Islamic pressure will intensify to an unbearable degree. Since we as a nation are unwilling to destroy our enemies to defend or pay the price in blood up front for liberty, the bloodletting will begin in earnest.

The Islamics will continue to attack us until we are beaten into submission. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. With a “change” in Washington and the ultimate withdrawal of U.S. Forces from ALL Middle East locales, Islam wins and wins BIG.

Islamic expansionists can be expected to take on all moderate Islamic governments one at a time and destroy them. Sharia Law will once again prevail in the Islamic world and a new Caliphate will be declared. At the same time, non-Islamic nations will fall, one by one. After all, if the United States can’t defeat Islamic expansion, how can anyone else do so? Look at how pathetic Spain is. The Spanish people handed over the reins of government to a liberal socialist clique that bows down to any and all Islamic demands.

France is in deep trouble as well. Unchecked immigration from Muslim countries has created a serious problem for the French who continue to stick their heads in the sand hoping that the Muslim threat to the very existence of the French nation will simply go away. The French, who have never supported U.S. efforts in the war with Islam, will soon realize just how badly they need us. By then it will be too late.

Our own nation needs to recognize the consequences. Our Muslim enemies are fully aware of the victory they achieved in the 2006 U.S. elections.

They know now that the “Great Satan” is in its death throes as a world power and an antagonist against the Islamic dream of world conquest. They fully know that the way to beat America is a two-pronged effort. First defeat American will, then destroy the American economy.

Once the power shift in Washington becomes reality look for the following:

The Bush Administration will be inundated with subpoenas, committee hearings and investigations beginning in early 2007. Congressional shenanigans will cripple the Bush White House with every form of harassment they can concoct. The goal is to hobble the president and to make the last two years of his administration irrelevant.

Impeachment proceedings may even be drafted and implemented in the House of Representatives.

Will another generation of disgruntled and demoralized military veterans return home to a hostile and uncaring nation? History does repeat itself.

Look for an accelerated effort in the Islamic world to build and field NUCLEAR weapons. Certainly the United States will no longer have any credibility in efforts to deny Iran or to defuse any other Islamic-led nuclear procurement effort.

Scripture clearly tells us that the Eternal God will break us of our pride and our power. Read it for yourself in Leviticus 26:14-33. God tells us what the penalty for disobedience is. The United States of America and the British Commonwealth nations are the most prosperous, wealthy and powerful nations to ever exist on this earth. Yet we have rejected God and His ways. We are already reaping what we have sown. Only it’s going to get much worse than anyone can imagine.

Keep an eye on Europe. Although the Muslim problem in Europe seems overwhelming, a new government in Germany will rise and deal with Islamic expansion once and for all. Continue to watch for the establishment of a new European superpower, not the current unwieldy European Union, but a new order never before seen in this world, one that will awe everyone.

Continue to watch the Middle East, particularly Jerusalem. All biblical prophecy centers on this very crucial city, and emboldened Islamic expansionists will begin to take the tiny nation of Israel apart, brick by brick. Don’t forget however, that although the Islamics may well destroy the United States and Great Britain, they will ultimately succumb to the final rendition of the Roman Empire, which will emerge on the European continent.

The American people have voted. Islamic victory is at hand. America’s defeat is imminent. Only by national repentance and by seeking forgiveness can we, as a nation, survive. Unfortunately, Scripture makes no such prediction. On the positive side however, all these things must come to pass. End time events are coming to pass as never before. Prophecy will be fulfilled. Jesus Christ will return to this earth, establish God’s Kingdom and end, once and for all, this evil, rotten and satanic world.

Pray always, “Thy Kingdom Come Father, and soon.”

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