By Michael Burkert

Once again the news regarding the status of Jews in Europe is not good.  Anti-Semitic acts perpetrated by “enlightened, peace loving Muslims,” as well as right-wing sympathizers are driving out Jews in France.  Already, over 2500 Jewish families have departed France in the past year.  Their destination is Israel.  The Jewish families that have left France believe that their safety and security will be better in Israel.  Despite the reign of terror currently being waged by the Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmood Abbas, French Jews actually think that their safety will be better served in the Middle-Eastern war zone created by the Muslims.

Incredible!  How could this happen?  Isn’t France a “liberal democracy"? Aren’t the other European democracies tolerant of the many religions represented in their countries?  Didn’t they learn anything from the intolerance and bigotry of the 1930s and 40s, that led to the murder of over six-million Jews, people murdered simply because they were Jews?  Events that are unfolding daily in Europe tend to indicate that no one learned anything from the last Holocaust.  Where’s the UN in all of this?  What about Human Rights?   

Jews were once a thriving minority in Europe.  In 1933, the year that Hitler came to power, there were 520,000 Jews in Germany.  The Nazis put an end to that.  Over 180,000 German Jews were murdered in Hitler’s camps.  The others either fled Germany, or survived the nightmare of the Holocaust either in one of the camps or in hiding.  A small number of Jews survived by pretending that they weren’t Jewish.  After all, most German Jews looked just like any other German.  This was the reason that the Nazis required Jews to wear the yellow star.  Otherwise, how would they be able to identify a Jew out and about in the cities and towns? 

Despite the fact that during World War II, the Petain government, better known as “Vichy France” happily deported thousands of Jews to concentration camps, some to camps inside France itself, the largest Jewish community remaining in Europe is in France.  Over 500,000 Jews live there today.  For most, life has been good.  Jews have worked hard and earned positions of prominence.   Since World War II, the French nation has accommodated their large Jewish community.  France has no doubt reaped the rewards and benefits of Jewish ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and plain hard work!  Whatever you think or say about our Jewish brethren, they are hard working, industrious people!  They give to the community much more than they receive. 

There is a slight problem in France however, and the same problem permeates Europe as a whole.  The problem is the massive migration of Muslim peoples to Western Europe.  As a result of latent anti-Semitism in Europe, and the massive introduction of hostile Muslims, it’s only natural to witness a rise in anti-Semitic attitudes and incidents.  Simply put, Muslims have a deep-rooted hatred for Jews and anything Jewish.  But then so do many Europeans.  The Palestinian Arab cause has been successfully exported to Europe, with every intention of opening new battlegrounds in every European nation possible.  The inherent anti-Semitic attitudes extant in Europeans makes Europe a fertile ground for spreading anti-Semitism, anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment.

Despite the overwhelming defeat of the Third Reich in 1945, and the complete destruction that Germany suffered as a direct result of war brought on by National Socialism, many Germans today believe that it was the Jews who “ruined” Germany.  I have actually been told this by Germans on more than one occasion.  I have yet to hear a German tell me that the destruction and defeat of Germany was a result due to the National Socialists.  Indeed, the Hitler government instituted many laws, policies and practices still enforced in Germany today.   

The rise of anti-Semitism is once again problematic.  Right-wing political movements, who encourage anti-Semitism, are gaining strength in numbers.  The largest right-wing party by far, is the National Democratic Party, (NPD) recently joined by the National Volksunion or NVU.  The so-called National Democrats are headed by Udo Voigt and realizes its strongest support in Saxon-Anhalt, a German Lander, or state in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany).  The NPD holds about 17% of the seats in the Saxon-Anhalt State Assembly.  The NPD distributes millions of pages of literature each year, mostly advocating the expulsion of foreigners, and minorities.  “GERMANY FOR GERMANS,” is their motto.  NPD membership increases every year, as more and more Germans assume this attitude.  Donations to party coffers are also on the rise.  Money is coming in from around the world, including money from sympathetic right-wing groups in the United States.

The economy in Germany, while having improved some in 2006 remains rather stagnant.  The government is projecting half of one percent growth for 2007.  Immigration from the former communist countries and the Middle East is on the rise.  The real threat is a merger of all right-wing neo-Nazi parties.  If this occurs, the neo-Nazis will assemble a large voting block, which will make its impact felt in the national political scene almost immediately.  A major failure of the economy, a collapse of the banking system, a collapse of the European currency the “Euro” could rapidly bring about an amalgamation of all right-wing elements.  The Federal Republic would most likely go the way of the Weimar Republic.  A “new order” would descend upon Germany, as it did in 1933.

Anti-Semitism is the oldest form of bigotry and racism.  It is certainly nothing new, and has followed Jews wherever they migrated to during the entire period of the Diaspora.  Bias against Jews has always been a blight on civilizations wherever they have migrated to and prospered.  Anti-Semitism is the most illogical, irrational phenomenon imaginable!

Throughout the 19th Century, and up to the end of World War I, Jews enjoyed a unique existence in Germany.  Everywhere else in Europe, Jews were subjected to severe discrimination, anti-Jewish sentiments and pogroms.  Nineteenth-century pogroms in Russia were famous!  Death and destruction were commonly inflicted upon helpless innocent Jews.  The least provocation was all that was required to cause riots, mob violence and mass murder of Jews, not only in Russia, but other European nations as well.

However anti-Semitism was at an all time low in Germany during this period.  Jews had come into their own, in the fields of engineering, medicine, banking, business, and general academia.  The German people knew and understood the benefits they reaped as a result of Jewish accomplishments.  Jewish manufacturers hired non-Jewish labor.  Jewish businessmen created wealth that benefited non-Jewish workers and their families.

Jews were prominent in the trades as well.  Trade Guilds in Germany benefited from the numerous skilled machinists, metal fabricators, millwrights, foundry workers and other skilled members of the Trade Community, who happened to be Jewish.  In 1914, the number of Jewish Tradesmen, possessing Meisterbriefs, or established “Trade Master” credentials, rivaled those of the Catholic or Lutheran communities.  Jewish artisans were known for their skills in the design and manufacture of high-quality goods.

The defeat of the German Empire in 1918 and the subsequent collapse of the Hohenzollern Monarchy brought an end to Jewish prosperity and dominance in many fields of endeavor.  The Kaiser and his government had welcomed Jews as essential human resources.  Even in the German Armed Forces, recognition of the importance of Jewish service members was recognized.  Accordingly, there existed two distinct oaths of enlistment.  There were sufficient numbers of Jewish men serving in the Army and Navy, that a Jewish version of the oath of allegiance to the Kaiser and Empire was deemed appropriate. 

The oath that Jewish recruits took was not designed to offend or discriminate.  Quite the contrary, it recognized the difference between Jews and Christians, and served to unify the armed forces for a common purpose, that being the defense of the German Empire.  Over a hundred thousand Jewish men served their nation in World War I.  That was more than 20% of all German Jews extant. 

They fought on every front, served on vessels at sea, and fought the air battles over France.  Some even earned the Pour le’Merite, the highest medal Germany could bestow upon her heroes.  Jews most certainly did not, as the Nazis were quick to claim, “stab Germany in the back” during World War I.  The vast majority of Jews were Germans first and Jews second.       

This is not to say that anti-Semitism had been eradicated during the period of the German Empire (1871-1918).  Anti-Semitism abounded in university clubs and organizations, as well as political parties that existed during that time.  The Catholic Church served to perpetuate anti-Semitism even in Germany, where the Catholic population was second only to the Lutherans.  At the inception of the German Empire in 1871, Pius IX was the Pope extant.  Among his many anti-Protestant “Bulls” and decrees, Pius IX also issued strong anti-Jewish sentiments and decrees.  He declared the Jews as “Christ Killers,” and openly opined that Jews had no place in “Christian” lands.  He advocated expelling Jews from Europe. 

His successor was Leo XIII, who declared Jews “enemies of all Christians,” further declared that the Jews were the “source of all evil.”  Leo continued to issue strong anti-Semitic statements, which were most certainly taken to heart by his millions of followers.  He advocated renewing the Inquisition during his reign. 

There existed in Germany, secret organizations that advocated various and sundry issues.  One of the secret groups was the Thule Society.  Thulists were heavy into the occult, and anti-Semitism.  The Thule Society provided many of the ideas later developed and refined by the National Socialists.  Nazi ideology borrowed heavily from the Thule Society.

Jews in other countries in Europe did not benefit from a benevolent Monarch, as they did in Germany.  Most everywhere else in Europe, Jews were forced to live in ghettos.  They were restricted from farming, owning farmland, and not allowed to participate in the trades reserved for Christians.  Consequently, they were forced into work that was considered demeaning to Christians.  The medical profession was actually looked down on for centuries in most European countries.  Jews were allowed to become doctors for this reason.  Other trades included barbering, as barbers were required to participate in the preparation of the dead for burial, this profession was considered fit for Jews.  The operation of undertaking parlors, tanneries, and pawn brokerages was considered beneath the dignity of Christians, but okay for Jews.  There were many other trades and professions that were relegated to the Jews, depending on what country set the rules. 


Most people never bother to learn history.  The subject of history is probably one of the most loathed subjects in American schools.  After all who really cares what “old Joe Smith” did in 1845?  Or why does anybody care what some Roman guy did in 31 AD?  Unfortunately, those nations and peoples who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it.   The Holocaust is no exception.   The first Holocaust or mass murder and destruction of Jews was perpetrated from 610 to about 670 AD.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed, enslaved, tortured and relentlessly harassed during the initial spread of Islam.  The first Holocaust occurred because the Jews refused to recognize Mohammed as a prophet.   Mohammed was so incensed by the Jewish refusal to embrace Islam that he saw to the complete elimination of all Jews from the Arabian Peninsula.  Mohammed decreed that Jews and Muslims could not live together in Arabia.  Consequently, there are no Jews in Saudi Arabia today.  They aren’t allowed to live there.  Mohammed’s pogroms and his effort at “ethnic cleansing” was thorough and complete.

The hatred and anti-Semitic beliefs and attitudes are a direct result of the first Holocaust to befall the Jews, as well as the subsequent Papal decrees, the Inquisition, and the continued anti-Jewish stance of many nominal Christian churches.  It’s not only the Roman Catholic Church that taught its followers that the Jews were “Christ Killers.”  Most all nominal-Christian churches have at one time or the other held to the belief that the Jews were responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ.  This belief is still prevalent in Europe. 

It makes no difference whether the church is a “reformed” church, a “Baptist” church or a “Presbyterian” church, the common belief is that the Jews are responsible for the murder of Jesus.   I remember hearing this in the Methodist Church, when I was a boy.  How many believe this today is good question.  A well known televangelist recently proclaimed that, “God does not hear the prayer of the Jew!”  Oh really.  What if a Jew were to repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands?  The televangelist would probably still insist that his prayer would not be heard.  I wonder if this famous Sunday morning guy believes that the Jews are “Christ Killers.”  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Not only has hatred of the Jews been confined to hating “Christ Killers.”  Jews have been hated out of jealousy as much as anything else.  Wherever Jews have migrated, they have prospered.  They have done so because of ingenuity, tenacity and hard work.  When a European Jew was forced to live on a tiny, sparse piece of land yet was able to grow food and feed his family, when nobody else had been able to do so, jealousy set in.  Maybe the Jew used witchcraft.  Maybe the Jew is in league with the devil. How else could he have grown a crop, where crops won’t grow?  Superstition, distrust, envy and a little “Jew-baiting” from the local church went a long way in perpetrating anti-Semitic feelings that often led to the murder of innocent men, women and children.

Every day, more news of anti-Semitic crimes is reported in the local media.  Synagogue burning, desecration of Holocaust memorials, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, harassment of Jews on the streets is increasing.  Crime perpetrated against Jews in Europe continues to climb.  In some cases, the local police more or less turn the other way.  Not much effort goes into solving crimes against Jews. 

Many Muslim clerics in Europe are advocating the expulsion of all Jews from Europe.  With millions of Muslims in Europe today, and just a few hundred thousands of Jews, the expulsion movement may gain momentum.  The neo-Nazis are aligned with the Muslims for convenience.  These groups are virulently anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.  They are also anti-Muslim but play this down.  Most neo-Nazis would like nothing better than to expel the Turks, the Lebanese, the Syrians, Iraqis and other Arabs just as soon as possible.  They see the expulsion of the Jews as a first step.    

One of the recent anti-Semitic policies to resurface in Europe, is the banning of kosher food preparation, specifically kosher slaughter.  Five European nations now have imposed bans on kosher slaughter.  The reason given is that kosher slaughter is inhumane.  Some countries are considering banning the import of kosher meat products.  Banning kosher meat was one of the first laws passed after Hitler took power in 1933.  The Nazis said it was for “humane” reasons.  The interesting thing is that five years ago in January, 2002, Germany lifted the ban on Halal slaughter, so that pious Muslims can eat ritually slaughtered meat products.  Halal ritual slaughter is very similar to Kosher.  It was one of the many practices from Judaism that Mohammed incorporated into Islam.

Middle East immigration is exploding in Europe.  There are no signs that it will taper off any time soon.  The more Muslims, the more anti-Semitism.  Nominal Christians will embrace more and more anti-Semitism, as throughout history, they always have.  The next European Holocaust may be upon us sooner than we think possible.  History will no doubt, once again repeat itself.           

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