And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. -Jesus Christ, outside Jerusalem 27 AD (Mark 3:25)

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." -Abraham Lincoln - Springfield, Illinois, June 16, 1858


A House Divided
Cannot Stand

by Michael Burkert           


An age-old axiom of warfare is to divide your enemy whenever possible.  A divided enemy on the battlefield is much easier to defeat than an enemy whose forces are united.  The ancient Israelites knew this.  The Greeks, the Romans employed this method of warfare any time it was possible.


Even in this age of modern warfare, where so-called smart bombs, GPS navigation, surgical strikes or what have you are the norm, dividing an enemy continues to be a strategic and tactical goal of any combatant commander.


A divided nation cannot stand for long.  Jesus warned us of the consequences of a divided nation.  He told us in Matthew 12:25,  “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”


Centuries later, Abraham Lincoln firmly convinced of this divine Scriptural advice, applied it toward our American nation.  We could not have survived for long had we remained divided.  Preservation of the Union, was President Lincoln’s goal, and he never gave up in achieving victory over the Confederacy.


One of our most cherished American mottoes is: United We Stand Divided We Fall.  Think about this for a minute.  The great divide in our nation, which led to civil war, was a catastrophe of human suffering and incalculable material and property losses.


There are some today that firmly believe that the United States would have been better off had the cotton states been allowed to secede from the union and establish a separate southern nation.  This was not God’s plan for the (Manassehite) Americans.  God knew that for His plan to work out, a strong and UNITED America was necessary.  God decides the outcome of wars and He certainly decided the outcome of our American Civil War.


Although a bitter struggle was fought between north and south, the war succeeded in saving the union and stamping out, the national blight of slavery.  It took time to heal the wounds of war, yet only a generation later a UNITED country fought the colonial empire of Spain and freed enslaved nations.  The Cuban people and others were able to throw off the yoke of Spanish tyranny, only because of the help of a UNITED AMERICA!


Sadly, our days of national unity are over.  The same holds true in Great Britain.  There is a homegrown self-loathing that is tearing our two nations apart.  I saw this when I was in Britain, and I see it every day in the United States.  We are two peoples who have been deceived by dark forces into believing that the world’s ills are our fault.


We are now bent upon the destructive idea of “multiculturalism” as a national goal.  E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) is now a national joke.  We will most likely never be a united nation again.  Our replacement of God’s rules and regulations with those concocted by carnal humans will guarantee the national disasters we now see in the making.


In the last century, our British and American nations were united in our common cause to end German and Japanese tyranny.  Make no mistake about it.  It wasn’t the French who liberated the European continent from Hitler!  It wasn’t the Iranians or the Saudis who “SET THE RISING SUN.” 


It was the allied nations of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and all the other Commonwealth nations along with the UNITED States of America, who won the Second World War.  Together and with the HELP OF GOD, we totally defeated the free world’s enemies!


The Eternal God bestowed material blessings on both Great Britain and the United States as He has never done before or since.  Due to our subsequent march toward liberal decadence and debauchery, our stiff-necked disobedience of God is rapidly catching up with us.  Both the British and American peoples are risking national disasters the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Many prophecies describe what we face.


Leviticus 26:1-18 lays out a scenario applicable to us.  Read it for yourself.  Scripture clearly states that IF we keep the commandments and do them God will give us bountiful crops and our land will make us a wealthy people.  However, the Eternal also warned us that if we fail to walk in His statutes and keep His commandments He will break the pride of our power, send pestilence among us and DELIVER US INTO THE HANDS OF OUR ENEMIES.


Read on from verse 19 through 39.  Unless there is a great national repentance, a collective appeal to God for forgiveness of our national sins as well as our personal sins, A GREAT CORRECTION will befall us. 


You say it can’t happen?  You think that in a world with NUCLEAR weapons, such a war is unthinkable?  Guess again.  Britain and the United States have multiple enemies around the world.  We have vicious enemies who are already re-writing the standards for cruelty and barbarity!  Even Canada, with her national liberalism and extreme tolerance for anything and everything will not escape the coming nightmare.


In abandoning God there is an extreme debt in the making.  The sum of this debt will be national disaster.  The Bible warns of this and whether or not you believe it makes no difference.   


A segment of our American populace is intent on our defeat in Iraq.  Certainly one of our political parties is invested in our defeat.  They believe that VICTORY would not benefit them in any way.  They see DEFEAT of our troops in the Middle East, as their road to power. 


A leading politician and presidential candidate recently opined that Iran has a right to self-defense and the United States cannot deny any nation, including Iran, nuclear weapons since both the U.S. and the Israelis have them.  Unfortunately, this lady speaks for millions of deceived and foolish people in our country.  If she is elected to the presidency, a NUCLEAR Iran is inevitable!


You didn’t hear this from our very partisan news media.  Her proclamation has only been heard momentarily on talk radio.  It was a seemingly inconsequential comment made to a gathering of Islamic clerics and members of a leading Islamic lobby group in Washington.  Yet she made that statement.  It should have IMMEDIATELY SENT SHOCK WAVES throughout our nation, yet her comments were hardly noticed.   Our liberal media paid it no mind.  They simply don’t “get it.”


The economic infrastructures of both Britain and the United States are fragile.  Our Islamic enemies know this.  They also know that they can never defeat our military forces on the battlefield.  They know that the way to destroy us is to destroy our economies.


Dark forces are hard at work to assure a humiliating surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire Middle East.  These same insidious forces are working diligently toward ending the unique relationship we have with tiny Israel.  So far, our INTERNAL ENEMIES are reaping successes on a daily basis.


The growing anti-Semitism of the left is shocking!  Liberal politicians are bent on withdrawal of support for Israel.  The hard-line Islamic factions have deceived so many on the political left wing, that the world’s problems with Islam will go away if Israel does.  Millions are deceived by Islamic propaganda and believe that Israel; not Islam is the problem. 


Some of our politicians may bring about our defeat in Iraq and succeed in “bringing home the troops.”  Nevertheless, the WORLD WAR WITH ISLAM will not end.  The war will simply shift gears and move into a new, more destructive phase. 


Once our effort to win victory over Al-Qaeda and other terrorist elements stops in Iraq, THE REAL KILLING WILL BEGIN.  When the troops come home, so will the war.  Peace follows victory.  Without victory, there can be no lasting peace.  Unless we are united in our cause, there can be no victory or peace.

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